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Today’s bulk of information has made data verification more necessary than before. Every employed person may face lots of information every day like market analysis, banking information, offers, customers’ contacts and etc. Are they all correct? How can data brokers and marketers trust them? What are the reliable ways to check their veracity? One of the places where data verification is so important is company contacts. Before you call any company or send an email to them, you need to be sure of the correctness of their telephone number or email address that you have. And if you do not, your time may be wasted and you may be misled.

Email is still a popular means of business communication and most of marketers, sellers and buyers every day are engaged in the process of email marketing. A fast and reliable method of sending and receiving messages if be connected to the right person! Email sending may take lots of your time, especially the time you need to wait to get response. So it’s necessary to ensure that gathered email addresses are true and receivers will get the emails. This will:

  • Minimize errors
  • Save your time and energy
  • Stop or at least pull down business scams
  • Help you be connected with true person faster

Mail-Scraper is not a simple email finder!

Most of common email finders or email extractor s of the market mainly focus on compiling emails; little or no attention is paid on email verification. Mail-scraper is a leading email finder tool which has various features including:

  • single or bulk email finder which first collects emails and then verify them
  • single or bulk email verifier (email list verification) that checks the veracity of any email list

Mail-Scraper as a bulk email verifier gets a single or thousands of email addresses from the client and test them one by one with the help of artificial intelligence to understand whether they are real and true or not.

Imagine a salesperson that has a list of emails including 2 thousand email addresses of buyers in Asia. He wants to send an introduction about his company and offer their products. After a week, only 5% of customers have replied. How can he ensure that the email addresses are right and purchasers get the message!?

The best way is to use bulk email verifier of Mail-Scraper. Email verifier also known as email checker, email tester or email validator, allows users to upload the excel file of emails and in two seconds get the result which shows the real and true emails.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Our email verifier protects your business!

Mail-Scraper’s email verifier is the most professional tool to verify the trueness of your email database. Not only the emails of new potential customers should be checked before usage but also the old emails of customers in your databases if you are not sure how long it has been since you have verified them. Our email verification service is more expertise than similar email verifiers as:

  • It is a bulk email verifier , do not restrict users in number of emails and can be used for an unlimited list of email addresses. It verifies all your emails at once to see whether they exist or not!
  • Email verification cannot be 100% sure but we certify that over 95% of the result is valid and accurate.
  • High speed email verification really matters for users so we do our best to perform our job in the shortest possible time. Your valid email address list is ready in two seconds!
  • The reasonable prices of our email verifier help clients to save their marketing budget significantly.
  • The techniques and trends of our email verifier are updated and improved constantly to enhance the accuracy percentage.

Mail-Scraper is a must-have international email verifier for anybody involved in email marketing ; an absolutely brilliant tool every person working with emails needs.

You will be surprised by the incredible value Mail-Scraper deliver. The expertise, reliability and thoroughness of our email verifier ease a lot of your stress. Mail-Scraper helps you to have not only a precious experience but also an enjoyable one!

Arguably you won't find a better email verifier! Easily sign in Mail-Scraper in two minutes and test our free email validation to feel the difference. Our free email verification service is created for potential clients to see the quality of Mail-Scraper before any payment and subscription.

All you expect from an email finder gathered in Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper is flexible to adapt to new customers’ needs and expectations. As mentioned before email verifier is one of the popular services of Mail-Scraper. It is worth mentioning that the most famous ability of Mail-Scraper is to extract emails from its complete email database and web pages, a single and bulk email finder.

You only need to write the name of a company or upload the list of hundreds or thousands of company names, Mail-scraper turns them to company emails, no need to mention company URLs unlike many other similar email finders. Even it can find the emails of company persons by getting their names and the company names.