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Mail-Scraper Email Extractor, a business boomer

Buying, selling, marketing, trading, negotiating, notifying and quickly exchanging information can all be done through emails. Today, with the significant information technology advances, emails are impressive tools to be used for all the above purposes as they are at the same time quick, simple, free and convenient. In the world of communication which we live in, emails role and place are inevitable especially in business communication which requires to be fast and easy. Also, emails are one of the primary tools in digital marketing to share information, reply questions and enquiries if the prospect, new and stable customers. Presenting promotions and notifying business parties are also done through emails way more effectively.

Emails are vastly used in today’s communication. According to statistics of 2017, 2.8 million emails were sent each second. Approximately 43.5 million customers checked their email daily and eventually 3.1 billion email accounts were reported in 2011 which 75% of them were detected to be customer’s account. Considering all mentioned above, individuals and entities need to be equipped with a trustable database of emails to save time and energy. Mail-Scraper Email Extractor is the tool which derives email addresses of companies from online resources and collects them in the database which is easily searchable. This email extractor helps users manage their time on collecting data and just spend the least time to contact their target people, communicate and reach to their desired result.

Modern email services are not only providing the possibility of sending text messages. Nowadays, emails may contain multimedia messages, tailored contents with colorful design, almost any type of computer files less than 25 MB volume and even adds. Hence, through a simple but well-tailored mail many information may be targeted to a recipient which can highly be impressive at the same time.

Person Email Finder

You can search any person name in any company.

Why is Mail-Scraper Email Extractor a necessity?

Being equipped with a powerful assisting tool in business is a must. It is important to make relationship with target people neither they are previous customers nor prospect ones. Therefore, extracted emails which have been collected in Mail-Scraper email extractor can be that. Today emails are key communication medium as:

  • They are widely used in business communication all around the world: Due to emails being fast, free, simple, widespread, public, easy referring, accessible and environment friendly they are widely applied in world’s everyday business communication. This is to the extent that one may rarely find a business which do not use emails as a basic communication tool. Hence no successful business may be able to operate without an active use of emails.
  • They are used in almost every type of business and profession: Again, emails’ being publicly used with all its convenience has made it a key tool in all kinds of businesses and professions. They may be used with different targets, but they all have one in common: cheap quick communication.
  • They can be accessed through any kind of public application on the net such as social media websites: As long as the user has access to a proper internet connection, they can reach their email inbox in a matter of seconds through personal computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. From the other point of view, emails have the potential of containing unlimited data through being linked to a website of attached by files.
  • Emails are used in website subscriptions or membership to verify the user: When trying to become a member of a website or subscribing to a newsletter the first and sometimes only must-have is an email account to be initially verified and later notified of the updates and account information. Consider you need to receive a newsletter’s daily updates regularly. Email would be the best option to receive the update or its notification fast and reasonable.
  • They can be used to manage business communication in a network: As business communications are always important and mostly, they are better to be supervised by managers or top administrators, emails are the best option. They can be supervised and archived easily, be accessed as necessary and searched for in a matter of moments.
  • Emails are notification mediums to inform customers of products and services promotions: Old tools of informing customers of goods and services’ promotions are now outdated. Those methods do not comply with the fast-changing world today. Imagine you manage a Tech company. Is it possible to spend funds on physical promotion tools such as fliers and brochures every day for something that may be updated in a few days? Absolutely NO. through emails all the promotion messages may be updated in seconds and information be renewed.
  • Sharing and collaborating all types of digital materials through emails. With the information technology advances all types of picture, audio and music, video and moving pictures, and all different types of files may be shared and sent through emails.
  • Sharing and collaboration can be carried out through email messages: Modern emails are capable of containing almost any type of computer files. Music, videos, pictures, text and pdf files, special software output files, and etc. can be attached to an email message as long as they are not totally more than 25 MB. Moreover, the message itself may be fully designed in custom font, color, text and include website and/or social media links.
  • To inform target audience of notifications and important updates via Email: Emails are the most convenient and reasonable tools to deliver notifications and updates of the business to customers both cost-effectively and environmental-friendly. Using emails, one do not need to consume paper for correspondence which consumes lots of fund on stationery and also large amount of paper is spent which is not GREEN.
  • Emails are an initial for online stores and online marketing businesses: To use online stores or in online marketing, data needs to be shared privately for the customer in many situations. To be fast and simple, to be recorded and referable, to be easily accessible, emails are vital. They must be available to make the online purchases fast and applicable.
  • Emails are the base of the popular and effective approach of marketing which is email marketing: In email marketing, commercial messages who have been carefully tailored are sent to a group of target audience through email. Hence, the marketing approach would be highly cost-effective, efficient and reasonable. That is why nowadays email marketing is highly popular among marketing strategists.
  • Emails; the recorded private communication: Emails are trustable sources of information. They can be recorded and archived very easy and have the possibility of searching through different criteria such as date, subject, context, sender, etc. choosing the recipient(s) and using the CC and BCC recipients option makes emails a flexible way of communication for target people.

What competitive advantages Mail-Scraper email extractor provides?

Our email extractor in Mail-Scraper offers all ranges of companies and businesses the chance to discover new customers and partners, get in touch with them and improve significantly, As they are:

  • Free!: Neglecting the internet charges and sometimes email hosting costs for the non-free email accounts, email services are often free, or their cost is neglectable. Hence, they can be considered as a free communication, business and marketing medium.
  • Quick!: Email messages have the absolute capability to be sent and received as fast as possible. In the rushing world we live in, time management is a MUST. And emails are the trustable verified sources for communication which are not only quick but also recorded and referable.
  • Simple …: Emails are simple to be provided, written, designed and attached with all the information the sender is intending to offer the recipient. They can also be easily managed in who, when and what is going to receive.
  • Easily referable!: As emails are archived and kept safe and secure in the email host’s servers, they may be allocated anytime in seconds, they may even be searched for according to their sender, date sent/received, subject, context and even by a general keyword. As the sent/ received email message is unchangeable, they can be considered as reference documentation either.
  • Accessibility: As long as the user has access to a proper internet connection and an electronic device which is capable of processing emails, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Green!: Using emails means using information technology, which consists of digital tools which process binary systems. That is, no paper or other stationary and no such wastes. Accordingly, there would be no stationary charges on this, and all can be saved, both economically and environmentally.

Mail-Scraper, your life-long partner in digital marketing database

Emails and their significant role in today’s business is undeniable. They are crucial for building relationships with prospects, current customers and even churned customers as they provide the chance to communicate with them directly in their email inbox, at their convenient time and place. To achieve this, Mail-Scraper’s email extractor service provides companies’ email addresses to save time and energy and only focus on the emailing procedure itself. Quality shall never be taken for granted. In Mail-Scraper we offer the hours of group efforts and expertise extract to our customers who we care about. Out data base includes precious classified information which may not be found everywhere sorted based on company types, details and etc. The information does not include duplicates or unverified details and are just ready to be used instantly.