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Mail-Scraper B2B Email finder, a business MUST-HAVE

Are you a B2B establishment? Have you made up your marketing strategy and plan? Are you benefiting from a reliable database of partners’ emails? If not, you may lose a lot of time and employee efficiency, as you certainly are aware of the long sales cycles B2Bs face. Mail-Scraper is here to facilitate your marketing procedure fast and secure. Today the modern world is on a non-stop fast train in which procrastination is not approved. Being armed with a trustable database of B2B email collection is a vital necessity. Therefore, Mail-Scraper email finder is exactly what you NEED!

B2B email marketing is a major part of B2B sales process. This claim may be certified with more than half of all B2B marketers (59% specifically) saying that email is the most effective channel they use for revenue generation. Another data backing up the foresaid, claims 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business. In conclusion, there is an enormous potential in using B2B email service and missing it would be uncompensable.

B2B or business to business email marketing is the concept including exchange of information on products and/or services between two or more companies through emails. As this marketing method consists of a relatively longer sales cycle, it may be quite more challenging to influence a customer to make their buying decision.

Why has B2B company email finder become a MUST?

  • In B2B emails, marketers can nurture and educate their leads at scale.
  • Among B2B audiences, email is the third most influential source of information as it comes after colleague recommendation and industry-specific thought leaders.
  • The CTR (Click Though Rates) as a defining index is 47% higher for B2B emails than B2Cs.
  • As emails are flexible to be sent and read at most convenient time and place, they are highly welcomed.
  • According to Hubspot, 86% of business professionals benefit from email as their communication medium which means prospects are more likely to be reached through emails.
  • Approximately hundred five billion emails are being sent daily, accordingly marketers can assume this medium as a necessity for their strategies to apply and improve.
  • Analyzing B2B campaigns of email marketing indicate that in 90% of the Call to Action link text “more info” wins from the text such as “try me now” or “buy me now”. That is why the slogan telling before selling works in most cases, especially if data provided is following the B2B recipient interests and profile.
  • In most B2B cases, the target business needs to be informed of available options, read helpful content and maybe relative information of similar real cases.
  • As of any other email marketing, businesses can stay focused and target their intended business using correct collection of B2B emails.
  • Information technology advances has enabled users to add colorful and appealing content, links, spreadsheets and every type of computer file to emails, even multimedia. This shall improve emails to more than plain solid piece of information.
  • Finally, email has been discovered to be 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter to help improve the business and discover new customers.

Company Email Finder

You can search any company name and get the company's list of emails.

Believe it or not, B2B company email finder WORKS!

B2B email marketing enables you to keep in touch with your business partners consistently. Simply, cheery and sincere words of “Thanks for subscribing”, “Welcome on Board” or even a simple but charming “Happy Birthday”, emails are the most simple but effective tool to remind your business partners you value them. They enjoy being treated as an individual not one of all.

  • Green!!!: Consider all the trees been saved by you not using papers and other energy sources.
  • Aim personalized content to target customer: Using B2B company email finder allows you to segment audience into different lists according to their expectations, interests and needs to deliver highly personalized content. From attracting their attention with their perfect subject to indicating images which resonate with them and beneficial content that may be of great help to them, email IS the perfect medium to motivate and engage.
  • Content Driven Impacts: With emails that contain tailored valid information for the recipient, you will simply improve your company recognition. Consider some of the most recognized brand globally, those who have become synonymous with their industry. If you ever study one of their emails thoroughly their relevant and brilliantly curated content would be inevitable. An adjusted email message for the target audience is always engaging if the marketer ignores the impulse to push recipient in the process. This needs a process and plan. You need to consider whether the recipient will be engaged enough to read more? To reply? To follow? To make an inquiry?
  • Boooooom sales instantly begins!: Email is undoubtedly one of the best marketing tools for Return on Investment (ROI). Thousands of target recipients can deliver your content with a click costing only few dollars. As Direct Marketing Association report in 2015 stated, email campaigners had an average ROI of USD 38 for each USD 1 spent. This may be even for free with some other providers. All in all, if optimized properly, the outstanding engagement results will be visible.
  • Trackable metrics for precise study: Sales process starts from the moment you hit SEND button and you can start seeing feedbacks. The entire process may take place in a matter of seconds. This is the privilege emails have over direct mail campaigns, which may take from days to never to be delivered to customers. Having the ability to monitor and track the sent emails, you may know as soon as recipient opens your email and study their behavior in detail.
  • Time and Location optimization: With emails factors of the time and place will fadeaway. Both sender and recipient shall do their emails at their convenient time and place. This certainly helps the sender to create best and most appropriate content to transfer and the recipient get the message intention when and where appropriate for them.
  • Increase website traffic: Using relative website links where applicable can be helpful in two ways. First the email content will not become too long and boring. In case the reader is interested they would refer to the provided link and attain the exact information they are interested in. Secondly, by clicking on the website link you may increase your company website traffic and improve your SEO.

Mail-Scraper, the life-long partner for your database of digital marketing

Emails and their significant role in today’s business is undeniable. They are crucial for building relationships with prospects, current customers and even churned customers as they provide the chance to communicate with them directly in their email inbox, at their convenient time and place. To achieve this, Mail-Scraper’s email finder service provides companies’ email addresses to save time and energy and only focus on the emailing procedure itself. We never take Quality for granted. In Mail-Scraper we provide our hours of group efforts and expertise extract to customers who we DO care about. Out data base includes invaluable classified data which is not found everywhere. They are sorted according to the type of company and other details. The data does not include duplicates or unverified details and are just ready to be used instantly.