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What is Mail-Scraper?

Mail-Scraper is pre-eminent tool designed with the purpose of simplifying email marketing process. Mail-Scraper has various supreme email enhancement tools.

This tools designed to simplifying email marketing processess for all companies and agents. This tools include:

  • Mailtester that is also known as an email Verifier, email checker, email validator or email verification service. Mailtester is used to check the veracity of emails to save your business from unreal bulk of information and contacts.
  • Company email finder or email extractor is the only automatic way of email compiling. It finds emails and verifies them and finally delivers a valid email address list.
  • Person email finder is a new but very helpful tool to find email s of any person you like in a company, helping you to connect directly with the person you like and do not have to talk with insignificant individuals.
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What is mailtester? As mentioned, Mailtester is one of the prime services of Mail-Scraper in which user can enter an email address to be checked and verified fast. It tells you whether an email exists or not to assist user in the time-consuming process of making a valid email address list.

Our Mailtester is a professional, outstanding, well organized, and supportive tool in service of any person who deeply believes in the value of time and the effect of speed in winning or losing a competition.

Mailtester is one of the famous services of Mail-Scraper, checking the existence of business emails. It helps users to understand which of the emails mentioned in their list are real and true and which are not.

Our mailtester gets your email list, checks it and separates false emails from real ones, an easy and creative method to verify email address without sending email.

We do believe in helping you build genuine connections by helping you discover real and valid email addresses of any company you like.

Company Email Finder

You can search any company name and get the company's list of emails.

Main features of mailtester

  • Bulk email verifier
  • Provides valid email address list in a matter of seconds (quickemailverification)
  • Accuracy rate of 98%
  • Updates the strategies used for email deliverability test daily
  • Checks email domain
  • Prepares a professional email testing with latest verification algorithms
  • Provides free email testing for new customers
  • An affordable way of email deliverability test
  • Available globally
  • Mailtester is designed with respect to the convenience of users. It is a simple to use tool.

What are the aspects of email check in our mailtester?

  • Syntax, checking the arrangement of words
  • Domain Name System (DNS) lookup
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) verification

Company email finder

What is an email finder? It is a tool for compiling company emails. Most of email finder tools ask company URLs to find their emails. However Mail-Scraper is different. It only needs company name to detect its emails.

Mail-Scraper can detect thousands of company emails (bulk email finder) based on company website URLs, phone numbers, URL of company profiles on B2B sites and social media. Whatever company detail and contacts you give us, the email can be found!

The necessity to use email extractors has encouraged Mail-Scraper to hire professional, innovative, expertise and experienced engineers and use the latest and updated technologies to meet any new expectation of clients.

Why to use our email finder? What has made Mail-Scraper to be an authority in email detection is not only the matter of finding bulk emails in a matter of seconds. Its capability to check the veracity and trueness of emails also has made it superior. Mail-Scraper is arguably the best and most reliable email finder of the market which certifies to provide emails with the accuracy rate of over 98%!

Mail-Scraper’s company email finder benefits from a reliable, comprehensive, and updated database of emails. But it is not adequate for our team! We develop our email extractor in a way that can also check web pages in real time to enhance accuracy rate.

Person email finder

What is a person email finder? Person email extractor lets clients to detect the emails of any person working in a company. It can collect emails of company leaders, members, decision makers and managers or the email of any simple employee, accountant, secretary and etc.

First of all our company email finder was launched but soon we found out another essential requirement of the market to find emails of company employees. Hence we used all our knowledge and experience to establish a new service with the name of person email finder.

Why to use our person email finder? It is a useful way to be connected directly with decision makers of a company or any person that can help you better than others.

With Mail-Scraper, you can both find company’s emails and emails of employees which are all verified and checked.

High quality at low prices!

Our mailtester and email extractors have the experience and ability to raise your business benefits and build a million dollar business.

Quality services are what Mail-Scraper has prepared. We added premium quality services to low competitive prices and that’s the reason of our incredible success!

Mail-Scraper promises to deliver premium quality emails on-time and within your budget. It has attracted thousands of companies over the years. If you want to enjoy our high quality mailtester and email finder, send a message to us!


Mail-Scraper is not a simple collection of email marketing tools. It gathers together 3 main and must-have services that any email marketer needs, mailtester, person, and company email finder.

  • Mail-Scraper helps users to focus on more significant parts of marketing rather than email validation and email detection.
  • It saves employee’s time and energy. Email marketing becomes an easy and enjoyable task by Mail-Scraper which many of marketers have never experienced before!
  • The committed and supportive team of Mail-Scraper is eagerly ready to solve any error and reply questions as soon as are mentioned. Clients are always in close contact with our team.
  • It lowers marketing budget and increase business profits.
  • It enhances your business success by getting correct and real emails and takes you to the next level of business improvement.
  • It helps you to focus on real customers instead of fake ones.
  • It prepares well-organized, clean and classified email lists.