How to check an Email Exists or No!?

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The world is still using email!

According to Statista 293.6 billion emails were delivered and received per day in 2019 and it is estimated to increase to over 347.3 billion daily emails in 2022! Not only email usage is not softened but also it is ascending rapidly!

Email marketing as one of the main use of email in business continues to bounce and will not disappear! Though many messengers and social media are created in which users can send audio, video and texts, still email is the most recommended tool for business communication.

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Email is the common global language of all businesses while the famous and most used social media and messengers are different in every country. Almost most of the companies across the world have an email while they may not have profiles in many social media.

In some countries like China, people mainly use Wechat as many other messengers are blocked by the government. But email is in access for the whole world and only needs an internet connection to be available.

It’s a long time email is used and will remain but what about messengers and social media? Who can guarantee that even a famous messenger of today will be available or as well-known as today, two years later?

Is it essential to find out that an email exists & is valid?

Yes, today it is a necessity to ensure the correctness of an email and see whether email exists or not.

In 2019, email users were 3.9 billion globally according to Statista (https://www.statista.com/). It is estimated to bounce to 4.3 billion users in 2023! Remember that 4.3 billion is almost half of the world’s population! That’s why email marketing is recommended by many smart experts. It is an excellent opportunity to be connected with half of the world!

This number of email users and the huge amount of emails sent and received every day make it a necessity to use Email Verification Services to find out if an email exists or not.

The message of “email not found!” will no more be demonstrated with the help of email verifiers!

Mail-Scraper’s email tester is available globally!

Mail-Scraper has a powerful tool to check email account and verify email address without sending email in php. It assists numerous users of email, especially email marketers to check whether an email exists or not very fast.

Bulk email verifier is the gift of Mail-Scraper to any person who knows the value of time and searches to find rapid and economic ways to verify email address without sending email, a gift full of accuracy, reliability, precision, speed and financial benefits.

How does Mail-Scraper’s email tester work!?

  • Write one email or thousands of emails you want to check
  • Click search button
  • Mail-Scraper makes a thorough
    • DNS lookup
    • SMPT check
    • Syntax check
  • The result is shown in a second
  • If the email was false, Mail-Scraper shows the correct form of it

Authentic emails by Mail-Scraper

  • Mail-Scraper is a bulk email verifier. Whether you enter one email or a 1000 email addresses list, it can check them in the shortest possible time.
  • The most quick email verification is possible in Mail-Scraper.
  • Free email validation is available for any new potential client.
  • It uses the most new and professional methods and email verification algorithms to make real email addresses list.
  • Mail-Scraper offers best competitive rates.
  • It can find and verify email address of any company in any part of the world, no restriction in company type and location. • It can find and verify email address of any company in any part of the world, no restriction in company type and location.
  • The committed and responsive team of Mail-Scraper always supports, answer questions, and guides clients 24 hours a day.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

What else does Mail-Scraper do?

  • Company email finder:
    • Single company email finder: Mail-Scraper has provided a professional tool to find email s of companies. The user can simply copy and paste the name of any business he is looking for its email in Mail-Scraper and click search button. All emails related to this company are collected and shown.
    • Bulk company email finder: a list of company names or company website URLs should be uploaded in an excel file in which company names or URLs be written in first columns. The number of requests is not limited.
  • Employee email finder:

    It a great tool to connect you directly with the person you want. There is no need to pass other people responsible to check company emails. Mostly people look for emails of company decision makers and managers. They enter company name and the name of the requested person and within two seconds, his/her emails are shown.


Email marketing is so much easier if you trust Mail-Scraper as the most professional way to check if email exists or not. Without Mail-Scraper’s email finder and bulk email verifier, you have a high hill to climb! It’s our expertise to eliminate restrictions and help customers to perform their business tasks easier and faster than ever.

Mail-Scraper’s commitment and expertise across the process of email marketing has opened clients’ eye to many various and numerous advantages of using email testers and email finders.

We aim to be a great help in the process of email marketing and offer an integrated approach to test emails whilst considering the essential features of creativity, simplicity, and high speed!