Email Verification Service

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Wide world of email application

Email is used more than ever for business purposes. Needless to say that email is NOT the superior tool for private communication among families and friends as social media and many messengers have replace it today.

But still email is a unique means of communication for business and education purposes. It is the formal way of communication among two companies, student & instructor, two universities, two hospitals and etc.

A salesperson may use email to send offers for new potential clients or old customers. It helps many companies to stay connected with each other and be aware of new opportunities fast.

Price inquiry email helps businesses to request a quote fast from many companies, compare prices and choose the best one. Email can be used to send product’s pictures, films, technical data sheets, analysis and any other file that the client asks or sender prefers to deliver.

Cold email marketing has also become very popular nowadays. According to Wordstream, “A cold email is an email that’s sent without prior permission from or contact with the recipient.

In many respects, a cold email is the same as a cold phone call – it's just much less intrusive. This means it’s almost unanimously favored by both the sender and sendee.”

It adds “Cold email shouldn’t be confused with spam emails, which are sent to countless addresses at once, without researching the relevancy of the recipient or confirming that the email address itself even exists.

In contrast, a cold email is generally sent to a qualified prospect, meaning that at least some research has been done on whether the recipient is a fit – and that email address has been confirmed.”

Why is it essential to use email verification service?

Email verification has become more meaningful while email is widely used across the globe by many businesses. Generally data verification (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_verification) matters significantly due to the bulk of information available on the internet.

Techopedia (https://www.techopedia.com/definition/32381/data-verification) explains data verification as “the process of checking data for accuracy after a data migration.”

It adds “When data is migrated from a data warehouse for use in a big data processing system, the data needs to be checked to ensure that it is accurate. Everything from spelling errors to inaccurate numbers to data loss could jeopardize a big data project.”

Techopedia (https://www.techopedia.com/definition/32381/data-verification) mentions “Administrators must weigh the tradeoff between keeping the time and expense of data verification down while ensuring accuracy.”

Is there any way to verify email address without sending email? Can you manually evaluate email and at the same time keep time and costs of email marketing down? Isn’t it better to trust automatic tools created for this purpose?

Email verification services (email verifier, email tester, email validator, email checker and etc.) are created to solve the incomplete puzzle of email marketing.

It is a reliable way of real time email validation for the people who are concerned of time-wasting and business scams. Next part of this article introduces one of the most trustworthy and popular email verification services of the market.

email verification service of Mail-Scraper: the best choice!

Mail-Scraper is a terrific and remarkable service of various tools in service of email marketing. One of its greatest tools is email verification service which is arguably the best email verifier software of the market today!

It is an easy way to provide a valid email address list and verify email address without sending email manually. Trust Mail-scraper and do not lose many fabulous opportunities that Mail-Scraper can provide for you.

email verification service, email checker, bulk email checker, checker email, bulk checker email

Quick email verification

Mail-Scraper promises to provide high quality results in the shortest possible time. High speed service without quality is not helpful! However premium quality with low speed is not enough too! Our email verification service endeavors to increase the speed of real time email validation while keeping quality as high as possible.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Free email verifier online

the email verification service of Mail-Scraper permits 25 free requests for any user. Our free email validation is a good opportunity for hesitant users to test and try Mail-Scraper’s email verification software before any subscription.

Globally available

Mail-Scraper’s email verification service is available for any interested person worldwide that have an internet connection.

Valid email address list

Mail-Scraper guarantees the 98% accuracy of results. Send any email list and get a reliable one! Remember that most email validation tools especially free email verification services do not certify the high accuracy rate of the result.

Free unlimited email verifier online

Mail-Scraper’s email verification service is a bulk email verifier. It can check the veracity of many emails simultaneously. It only depends on the user to ask evaluation of one email or thousands. The significant point is that it there is no difference in quality and speed of verification of one email or thousand emails in Mail-Scraper.

Affordable rates of email validations

Three pricing plans are available in Mail-Scraper for clients to choose one of them based on their needs. The first one is the personal plan which allows free email validation of 25 emails as explained before.

The second and third plans that are known respectively as small team and enterprise allow 5,000 and 15,000 requests only by paying 29.9$ and 99.9$. All packages are lifetime!

API request

You can use our API endpoint to integrate with your services.

Updated & advanced email verification algorithms

Our email verification service updates its algorithms continuously to add any new method to grow the speed of our email verification software.

Easy to work with

Mail-Scraper website is designed with respect to users’ convenience! The user friendly and well-designed website of Mail-Scraper allows users to find and do anything they like easily and fast.

Other great services of Mail-Scraper!

Email verification service is only one of the excellent tools of Mail-Scraper. Other popular services of Mail-Scraper are:

Company bulk email finder

this service is a reliable way of collecting emails of corporations based on company names or company website URLs. The whole process of finding company emails in Mail-Scraper that is performed approximately in few seconds is as follow:

  • Getting company names from the user in a spreadsheet file
  • Checking all company names in Mail-Scraper’s complete database of emails and web pages in real time
  • Using the powerful email verification service of Mail-Scraper to evaluate emails
  • Delivering the valid email address list to the user

Person email finder

employee email finder or employee email extractor is a reliable way to find email s of people running a company. Many clients prefer to talk directly to decision makers of companies instead of sending email to public emails of firms.

The public email of a company which usually is available on the home page of their websites mainly is read by the company secretary or any other employee except the company decision makers! Hence there is a filter among your message and the person running a company!

If you find the emails of the related person, you can connect with him directly and without any latency.


Mail-scraper’s Email Verification Service provides users the best coverage due to access to a comprehensive database of emails and web analysis at the same time. Latest verification algorithms that are updated continuously have helped Mail-Scraper to improve to a first rank email marketing tool.

Mail-scraper’s talented experts are responsive and eager to answer any kind of question, solve errors and add clarity and extra information for new potential users. Also a complete and in-detail tutorial helps users at any age and with any amount of knowledge to benefit from our email verification service.

Mail-Scraper is your knowledgeable tool providing value and quality results at best competitive rates. Sign in Mail-Scraper and use your free 25 search requests to try and test the quality and speed of our website. The result will make you astonished and encouraged to become a premium user of Mail-scraper!