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Email helps users to send, manage, read, and distribute information to anyone they like in any part of the world. Email is valuable as it is a rapid, economic, easy-to-use, and safe way of data transformation.

Although email is considered an old way of data sharing compared with social networks and messengers, still many people across the world are interested in email and benefits from the strategy of email marketing.

Previously email was available only in PC and sitting behind the desk was not always possible. However, email is accessible today, anywhere through a smartphone, exactly like social networks.

In this article, we are going to talk about the methods that successful email marketers use. What should an email marketer do to make most of email!?

How to make most of email marketing?

  1. Email content really matters!
    • Know your audience:

      What to write and how to write it really matter not only in emails but also wherever you need to send a message.

      Most people scanning their emails are in search of familiar words, names, and interests. So it is important to be aware of audience’s interests, expectations and preferences. Needless to say that it is not possible in cold email marketing as thousands of emails are sent but it can be useful whenever you send a message to a certain person or company. The answer of these questions can be helpful: How old is your audience? Where does he live? How big is his company? What is his educational background?

    • Write a pure email subject:

      The first thing that email readers see is the subject! An experienced email marketer knows the significance of email subject and tries to optimize it. Subject is the shortest part of your email while it is the most influential! It introduces your email content briefly and has a great influence on the reader to open it or send it to trash!

      A brief (under 50 characters) but effective, simple and informative subject that creates a sense of importance has a great role to boost open rate. According to WordStream , the 9 best subject styles are:

      • Simple, nonsense email subjects decrease open rate
      • Humorous and funny email subject lines!
      • Shocking email subject lines to attract audience’s attention
      • Single-word subject lines
      • Email subject lines with numbers (brains are naturally drawn to digits!)
      • Email subject lines with numbers (brains are naturally drawn to digits!)
      • Questions & other punctuation in email subject lines
      • “Missing Out” & other scarcity tactics in subject lines
      • Mysterious email subject lines to give readers a little taste of something intriguing
    • Begin email with greetings:

      Choose the greeting based on the receiver. To whom you are writing matters. It is better to write the name of the receiver and if you do not know his/her name and do not know the gender, some phrases like “to whom it may concerns” or “dear sir/madam” can be written.

    • Clear email content to save reader’s time:

      It is important to write to-the-point and clearly. Refuse ambiguous content! You can use some strategies like listing and tables to organize and classify data.

    • Complete and precise content:

      Long email content is not recommended. Try to mention all important points precisely but pay attention to the email length.

    • Informal vs. formal:

      What is your relationship with the receiver? Is it the first time you are writing to him or not? What is the purpose of your email? The manner of speaking to a manager is different. Instead of saying “can you…”, it is recommended to say “I was wondering if you could…” to a company manager.

    • Mention positive news at the first lines of email:

      Sometimes you have to send negative information but you can mention them at the last lines of your email. Never write negative points in the beginning.

    • Thanks the reader at the end of the email
    • Write a closing
    • Mention your complete contacts:

      Never leave an email without writing your contacts. It is better to add your company name, website address, email address, phone, fax, and mobile number.

    Person Email Finder

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  2. Use innovative tools to make email marketing automated!
    • Email extractor

      Automatic tools which converts company URLs or company names to their emails are known as:

      Email extractor from website and web pages is a reliable way of getting company emails if you select the best email extractor of the market, not any infamous and free email finders! It is recommended to use Mail-Scraper as the first ranked provider of services suitable for email marketing to remove difficulties in the process of email marketing and make most of it. Our email extractor has the most comprehensive database of emails and also checks web pages in real time to find the correct form of emails related to each company.

      It is bulk email extractor that can find thousands of company emails in the shortest time.

      Mail-Scraper’s email extractor works according to company names or their website URLs. It means that the user enter one company name/URL or upload a list of company names/URLs. All emails related to these company names are then gathered, verified and showed in a second.

    • Email verifier

      Automatic tools which verify email addresses and check their accuracy are known as:

      Mail-Scraper is not only a great email extractor but also a perfect tool to verify email address without sending email. User enters email addresses and Mail-Scraper with the help of artificial intelligence perform a thorough syntax check, SMPT verification and DNS check to find false, fake and invalid emails.

    • Person email extractor
    • Another useful service of Mail-Scraper is the one which enables users to find emails of company persons like a company’s manger, decision makers, sales executives, secretary and any other employee that has an active email that is known as employee email extractor or person email extractor.

    The company name/URL and person’s name shall be mentioned by the user. Mail-Scraper’s person email extractor checks web pages in various search engines and its email database with over 400 million of emails to detect correct emails related to that person. A syntax check, DNS lookup, and SMPT verification also are performed on the collected emails to certify their veracity.

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