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Valid Email is at Your Fingerprints with Mail-Scraper

Email which stands for electronic mail is a way of transforming information (texts, jpeg, audio and video files), through electronic devices. On 1960s when email was created, its usage was so limited. But now it has become an eminent tool, especially great for business purposes. Marketers and salespersons can:

  • find real customers through email
  • attract clients by sending well-written messages, pictures and resume of company
  • communicate and keep connected with clients
  • and send market analysis, product discounts, advertisements, achievements and updated product prices any time they like

Email is simple to work with, affordable and fast. All these have made it popular in business as far as it has become an undeniable tool in marketing. Although messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Line, Wechat and etc.) and social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and etc.) are famous to use in business, still Email Marketing has its own advocates as it is a formal way of communication and enables us to keep and record messages and files.

Email finder

As mentioned before, email is a reputed tool for marketing. This encouraged many company information providers to focus on providing email finder tools. Email finder also known as email extractor is a tool for compiling company emails. Most of email finder tools ask company URLs to find their emails. However Mail-Scraper is different. It only needs company name to detect its emails. Even finding emails of company persons is possible through Mail-Scraper.

However Mail-Scraper can find company emails based on company website URLs, phone numbers, URL of company profiles on B2B sites and social media.

Mail-Scraper provides business emails only in two seconds so it has a great role in saving time. You can use your precious time for more important tasks. Mail-Scraper performs a long and time consuming part of your job for you and relives your stress.

It is also a bulk email finder. As soon as you subscribe in Mail-Scraper, you can upload your excel file of company names in which the names of companies are written in first columns and submit it. In two seconds, the result is shown in a table. The first column contains company names and the second one is their emails. Isn’t it fantastic to get thousands of company emails only in two seconds!?

What has made Mail-Scraper to be an authority in email detection is not only the matter of finding bulk emails in a short time. Its capability to check the veracity and trueness of emails also matters. Mail-Scraper is arguably the best and most reliable email finder of the market which certifies the accuracy rate of 95% of the provided emails.

Mail-Scraper’s email finder benefits from a reliable, complete, and updated database of emails. But is not adequate for us! Our email extractor also checks web pages in real time to develop accuracy rate.

The necessity to use email extractors has encouraged Mail-Scraper to hire professional, innovative, expertise and experienced engineers and use the latest and updated technologies to meet any new expectation that users may have from an email finder. That’s why we established an email validator that many of our clients require. Read more about this email validator in next parts of this article.

Email validation; the expertise of Mail-Scraper

A business improvement tool that can check the correctness and accuracy of any email list is called:

Email validator is one of the famous services of Mail-Scraper, checking the existence of business emails. It helps users to understand which of the emails mentioned in their list are real and true and which are not. Our email validator gets your email list, checks it and separates false emails from real ones, an easy way to verify email address without sending email.

It is a bulk email validator allowing clients to check the trueness of as many emails as they want, one, ten, hundreds or thousands! Nothing is limited in Mail-Scraper!

Our highly professional email verifier software is your best digital partner aims to remain the best for always.

Why Mail-Scraper is a super email validator?

  • It is a bulk email validator, helping users to find real and correct emails of their lists. No matter how many email addresses are mentioned in your list, hundreds or thousands, all can be verified.
  • Both our single and bulk email validator are provided at best rates for our honored customers. Mail-Scraper is working hard and endeavors to help startups and new marketers; so has solved the matter of price for them. No need to worry, see our different packages at different rates in Mail-Scraper.com.
  • 95% of the results you get from Mail-scraper’s email validator are correct. Trustworthy result is the most crucial feature that a high quality email validator MUST meet and the driving factor to attract more customers. We aim to enhance the accuracy rate of our email validator from 95% to near 100% which is not far from mind and is possible in near future due to the expertise of our experts and the daily technology improvements.
  • The speed of our email validator as well as our email extractor is not comparable with other similar email finder tools. All customers’ expectations are met in the blink of an eye!
  • Mail-scraper’s email validator as well as its email finder, all are valid for always! The life time packages of our email validator help users not to be worry about losing their remained options.
  • A comprehensive database of emails and also checking web pages both assist our email validator to increase accuracy rate.
  • Working with our email validator is very easy and anyone with the minimum amount of computer knowledge can simply use it. A complete tutorial is also ready in Mail-scraper website which explains the whole process of working with our email finder and email validator though it is very clear and simple.
  • Free email validation is also prepared for any newcomer and also old customers. Every month you can search 50 free emails in our email verifier app. A free Email Verification Service helping you to control marketing budgets better.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Success in your backyard by different tools of Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper is constantly searching for new market expectations and tries to meet them one by one. The most important services of Mail-Scraper are as follow:

  • Email finder: our bulk email finder detects business emails based on company names, phone numbers, website URLs and verifies them. It gives clients a reliable and correct list of company emails. Our email extractor can supply both official company emails and emails of company persons and decision makers, helping you to be connected directly with true persons who have a great role in company important decisions.
  • Email validator: as explained before, our email validator is a good and reliable method to understand the existence and accuracy of business emails. A super email validator with two main features:
    • Single email validator
    • Bulk email validator

Don’t waste time, sign in Mail-Scraper

A powerful bulk email validator and a super email finder, what else do you expect? Mail-Scraper helps you to:

  • focus on more significant parts of marketing rather than email validation and email detection.
  • save employee’s time and energy. Email marketing becomes an easy and enjoyable task which many of marketers have never experienced before!
  • enjoy a committed and supportive team of Mail-Scraper’s experts, eagerly ready to solve any error and reply questions as soon as are mentioned.
  • lower marketing budget and increase business profits
  • enhance your business success by getting correct and real emails and take you to the next level of business improvement
  • focus on real customers that really matters compared with unrelated and fake ones
  • have organized, clean and classified email lists