How to Check to See if Email is Valid or not!?

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Purposes of email

Study.com mentioned an example about the purpose and content of email in which “Valarie is a busy real estate agent who must communicate with different people both inside and outside her real estate brokerage firm on a daily basis and she uses e-mail as her primary communication medium.”

It added “Email is a very flexible medium and can be used for a variety of purposes. Valerie uses her email to send directives or instructions to members of her sales team. She uses a brief email as a cover and attaches important documentation to the email like listing agreements and purchase agreements. She also uses email to send her advice or recommendations to her clients and to provide a status report on things like a pending offer or an upcoming real estate closing. If a client gives her instructions to do something, such as accept a counteroffer, that email will provide documentation and confirmation that Valerie has permission to do it. She also receives reports from her firm, such as her sales and commission report, and receives notices of sales meetings and other events via email. Her firm will often send new rules and procedures to her by email as well. Finally, email is one of the best ways for her to ask questions of clients, other agents, subordinates, or the management at her firm.”

“While many personal email messages can be very informal, emails sent for business purposes should be structured in a professional manner. This doesn't mean the email cannot have an informal or casual tone; however, an email doesn't give a business writer permission to ignore the structure and rules of professional business correspondence” according to Study.com

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Email’s advantages

Since people have started using email, their job has changed and become significantly easier. Although some people believe emails as a boring process of communication, most of email users do not think so. Some advantages of email are mentioned bellow extracted from toppr .

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  • Ease of use: toppr wrote “One of the first advantages of email that comes to mind is the ease with which you can use email. With the increasing use of smartphones emailing anyone has become a lot more easier. You can manage all the correspondences of your email and related work from a small screen itself. Same is the case for customers.”
  • Filtering: based on the subject of each email and the first sentence of it that can be seen in inbox, the email user can distinguish important emails from unimportant ones. It is a good way for email filtering.
  • Security: “Emails are generally the transmission of a business message from one firm to another. Thus, it also requires a form of security so that the messages can only be sent to the other concerning the organization. This makes the emails more secure and private. The other modes of communication like the telephone and fax are not very secure to use. A lot of credit goes to the emails for all its advantages. These advantages help in the productivity of an organization as well. However, there are some negatives to email as well” according to toppr
  • Rapidity: needless to talk about the high speed of email. Anyone working with email knows the high speed of email transformation. As soon as the sender of email clicks on send button, the receiver gets it!
  • Inexpensiveness: according to toppr “When you compare email to other delivery systems, it is basically free. You can compare it with fax, telephone, and the other courier services. But no system is as cheap as email. There are some business plans which might cost you some money, but the personal email is everywhere free of cost.”

Significance of having a valid email address list

How do you make sure that the company emails you have are true and real? Do you have long lists of company emails and are not sure whether they are correct or not? Can you verify email address without sending email?

False emails or any untrue contact mislead you. You send a message to a list of company emails with over three hundred email addresses but many of them return as their email address does not exist!

False emails or any untrue contact mislead you. You send a message to a list of company emails with over three hundred email addresses but many of them return as their email address does not exist!

You cannot check to see if email is valid without sending an email and that’s really embarrassing. It is recommended to use automatic tools, described in next part, to verify email address without sending email!

Mail-Scraper checks to see if email is valid automatically!

Mail-Scraper is a pioneer in designing and creating business enhancement tools. One of the perfect services of Mail-Scraper is the tool created to check to see if

email is valid or not which is known with all following names:

    • Email verifier
    • Email tester
    • Email Checker
    • Email validator
    • Email verification service and etc.

Email Verification Service and etc. Email tester is one of the three main services of Mail-Scraper which automatically checks to see if email is valid and accurate or not. It converts an unreliable email list to a valid email address list.

Email verification service of Mail-Scraper is a reliable helper for any person dealing with emails every day and night like email marketers. An email marketer knows the difficulty of working with emails better than any other one as every day she faces many wrong email addresses.

Bulk email verifier of Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper gets as many email addresses as the user upload in a spreadsheet excel file, checks them by a thorough investigation in its vast email database and web pages in real time to check to see if email is valid or not.

The result which contains the correct form of false emails is ready and delivered to the user in a matter of seconds. It is the most reliable and rapid way of making a valid email address list in seconds.

However, users requiring limited number of emails to be checked can also apply Mail-Scraper’ email tester. One email address or thousand ones, all are verified in two seconds.

How does Mail-Scraper check to see if email is valid?

email tester, email checker, email validator
    • Syntax check: Mail-Scraper checks for syntax errors in each email.
    • DNS lookup: Mail-Scraper finds out any error in domain part of emails.
    • SMTP verification: Mail-Scraper provides a full interface to test and check

    your Mail server.

    Mail-Scraper is not only an email verifier!

    Bulk email verifier is only one of the three services of Mail-Scraper, helping users to verify a large volume of email addresses. Arguably it is the most reliable and a prompt method to check to see if email is valid and exists or not.

    Other professional tools of Mail-Scraper support users to convert company names or company URLs to company emails. It is worth mentioning that all collected emails are also verified. Wrong emails have no place in Mail-Scraper!

    We also can detect the emails of company employees just by getting corporation name and the name of the person whose email is required. It is an outstanding way to talk with managers, CEOs, and any decision maker in a company instead of sending message to unrelated or less important employees.

    Try Mail-Scraper & enjoy!

    Mail-Scraper enriches your marketing and makes your business easy. You can sign up and use 25 free requests to see the high quality of Mail-Scraper.

    Where we stand today is the consequence of hard working, an educated team, and precise long term plans. We continue to unlock more and more restrictions in the field of email marketing , find more professional and creative methods to check to see if email is valid, lower prices and increase speed.