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Email Checker, also known as email verifier, email tester or email validator is a worthy tool to check the validity of email addresses. Anyone wishes to check the accuracy of an email or a list of emails can use email checker. Email (electronic mail) is a fast and reliable way of sending and receiving messages. What you need is an electronic device like computer or mobile phone and internet connection.

Although history of email is related to over 50 years ago and many new means of communication like social media and messengers have become popular today, still email has many advocates across the globe. Especially it is an excellent method of exchanging bids and offers in business.

The use of method as a tool to send private and family messages has become limited but instead it becomes a well-known method of exchanging business messages.

Due to the great and ascending use of email in business especially by marketers, sellers and buyers, finding a way to check the reality and existence of clients’ emails is more important than any time.

This caused email checker to be designed and created. Today many bulk email checkers can be found by a simple search in Google. Hence choosing the correct email verifier among a variety of email checkers is not an easy job. This article helps you to be familiar with a famous and excellent email checker of the market.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Mail-Scraper; the professional email checker

Email Verification Service is one of the expertise features of Mail-Scraper. Mail-Scraper helps clients to have a valid email address list. It allows clients to verify email address without sending email.

Our email address spam checker saves your time and ensures you that you are sending emails to the right individual or company. It enhances email reply rate and leads you in the correct way.

The technical sophistication and creative minds of Mail-Scraper’s engineers assist us to update our email checker constantly and use the latest technology to minimize error rate and boost credibility.

We know the market needs perfectly and are very adept at quickly finding solutions when we come up with new expectations and market requirements. A simple new expectation of one of our customers may become the concern of many of people in near future! That’s why we do not lose clients’ feedbacks, comments and suggestions

  • Mail-Scraper is a rapid email checker. Quick email verification matters for many of our customers so we endeavor to meet this expectation and provide the valid email address list in the shortest possible time.
  • It works across the globe. Whether you are living in New York or a small Asian city, no difference! You only need an internet connection to benefit from our extraordinary email checker.
  • It is a Bulk Email Checker. You can ask the correctness of a single email from Mail-Scraper or upload a long list of emails and verify them. Both jobs are done perfectly and promptly.
  • Mail-Scraper’s email checker is practical and easy to work with. Our email verification service has a simple website design. A complete tutorial helps any user with limited knowledge of computer.
  • Mail-Scraper has competitive pricing offers to help startups. As a customer-focused email checker, we want to lower the marketing costs of clients.
  • The result of our email checker is 95% true! One time use of our email verification service shows that it is not only a claim, it is the reality! A professional email checker MUST be high quality and has a high accuracy rate. Our first priority is to become and remain a reliable and trustworthy email checker.
  • Mail-Scraper has a complete database of emails. It also checks web pages in real time to double check the correctness of emails.
  • The strategies our email checker use are updated constantly to reduce error rate.
  • Sign up process in Mail-Scraper is very fast and easy. Only in two minutes you can be a member of our email checker.
  • We have provided various kinds of packages that all are lifetime and have no time restriction.
  • New hesitant clients can test a free email validation to ensure the premium quality of our email checker before any payment.

Other features of Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper is not only a bulk email checker. Mail-scraper has other exceptional and fabulous tools as famous as its email verification service. It has an incredible email finder tool that is also known as email extractor in the market which can:

  • collect business email addresses by getting only the name of a company. It is a single and bulk email finder.
  • verify all gathered emails before sending them to clients

The sound, effective and creative insights of our experts as well as their excellent knowledge of computer have helped us to build an organized, on schedule and purposeful community, first helping our customers to improve their business and second help Mail-Scraper to win the competition.

Do not waste time; sign in Mail-Scraper

Both our email checker and email extractor have the experience and ability to raise your business benefits and make sense of success. Tried and correct methods of email verification made Mail-Scraper a wonderful tool every old or new business engaged in email marketing can benefit from.

Mail-Scraper promises to deliver premium quality emails on-time and within your budget. It has attracted thousands of companies over the years. Mail-Scraper helps companies to:

  • have extra time for more important tasks rather than email verification and email finding
  • keep their energy for other important parts of email marketing, focusing on content of emails, word choice, intonation and etc., instead of detecting emails and checking their accuracy
  • save company marketing budget. An email finder and email verifier allow your employees to concentrate on more important jobs. Also it reduces error rates.
  • save company marketing budget. An email finder and email verifier allow your employees to concentrate on more important jobs. Also it reduces error rates.
  • make an enjoyable and amazing work environment which motivates employees and grows their energy.