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Needless to say that e-mail (electronic mail) is a prompt and trustworthy method of sending and receiving messages with the help of an electronic device like computer or mobile phone and also an active internet connection. It is really cost effective as both email sender and receiver should only pay for internet services; no payment is required for the email service itself. All email services are free of cost including Gmail , ProtonMail , Outlook , iCloudMail , Yahoo Mail , HubSpot and etc.

Although history of email is related to over 50 years ago and many new means of communication like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Wechat, Skype and etc. have become well-known today, still email has many advocates across the world. Especially it is an excellent method of exchanging information in business like sending bids & offers, attaching images, videos and any other file less than 25 megabytes.

The use of email as a tool to send private and family messages has become limited but instead it becomes a well-known method of exchanging business messages.

Due to the great and ascending use of email in business especially by marketers, sellers and buyers, finding any way to extract company emails faster and check the reality and existence of clients’ emails is more important than any time.

Mail-Scraper is a pioneer establisher of tools for email extraction and mail validation. It is an automatic and fast way of finding company or individual’s emails and verifying email addresses without sending email to eliminate the boring, time-consuming and unaffordable process of manually mail validation and extraction.

email tester, email checker, email validator

Mail extraction

Mail-Scraper is the automatic solution for detecting emails of companies and individuals. It is a supreme email extractor or email finder that can find company emails based on name in a few seconds.

The whole process of email extraction in Mail-Scraper that is done in only two seconds is as follow:

  • First of all, the user uploads an excel file of company names in which names are written in the first columns of the file in our email extractor. User can also send the company website URLs if he doesn’t have their names. Two options are available:
    • Company names
    • Company website URLs

    Consider that almost all other email finders are dependent on company URLs and cannot work based on company names! This drives many customers’ attention to Mail-Scraper’s email finder tool that accepts both of them.

  • Mail-Scraper searches each company name in its complete database of company emails with over 450 million emails. Also it investigates web pages in real time to double check the result. It is astonishing that all the searching process is done within a few seconds with the help of artificial intelligence!
    • Complete database of emails
    • Web pages
  • Mail validation is then performed quickly to ensure the veracity of emails. We do believe that having no email address is better than a wrong one! Mail validation is done in 3 aspects:
    • Syntax mail validation
    • Domain Name System (DNS) mail validation
    • SMTP mail validation
  • After a thorough mail validation, last step is forwarding the verified list of company emails to the user in which company names are written near each email in the second columns of the excel file.

It is worth mentioning that Mail-Scraper can discover emails of company employees too! Many of you may prefer to talk directly with a company manger instead of sending message to the public email of companies which usually are read by company secretaries to be referred to the related person.

Today the companies that manage to benefit from the power of technologies to improve their business and increase the speed of their performance win the competition. It is important for employers to be aware of the current wave of technologies in business.

Imagine how effective it will be if you send an email directly to the person you want! You can send an email to a company’s manager, CEO and any other person playing a major role in company decisions.

Mail-Scraper’s employee email finder connects you with anyone you wish in a matter of seconds. You only should mention the name of the company and the person that you need his/her email!

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Mail validation

Mail validation helps to find out the reality and trueness of email addresses. Any tool which can verify email address without sending email is known as email tester, email verifier , email checker, or email validator.

Mail-Scraper’s email tester increases the chance of receiving email by the receiver efficiently as it provides:

  • Bulk email validation: Mail-Scraper’s Email Verifier software assists users to find out the correct form of false email addresses of their list whether it is long or short. It is a reliable way to make a valid email address list. No matter how many email addresses are mentioned in the list, hundreds or thousands, all can be verified within a minute!
  • Cost effective email validation service: Both our single and bulk email validation tools are provided at best rates for our honored customers. Mail-Scraper is working hard and endeavors to help startups and new marketers; so has solved the matter of price for them. No need to worry, see our different packages at different rates in Mail-Scraper.com, choose any of them you prefer and enjoy your lifetime credits.
  • 98% accuracy: 98% of the results you get from Mail-scraper’s email tester are true. Trustworthy result is the most crucial feature that a high quality email validation service MUST meet and the driving factor to attract more customers. We aim to enhance the accuracy rate of our email validation tool from 98% to near 100% which is not far from mind and is possible in near future due to the expertise and knowledge of our engineers and the daily technology enhancements!
  • Quick email verification: The speed of our mail validation tool as well as our email extractor is not comparable with other similar email testers. All customers’ expectations are met in the blink of an eye!
  • Lifetime credits: Your credits in Mail-scraper’s mail validation tool as well as its email finder are valid for always! The life time packages of our services help users not to be worry about losing their remained options and use them anytime they prefer.
  • Checking emails in various ways: A comprehensive database of emails and also checking web pages both assist our mail validation tool to improve accuracy rate.
  • Simple to use website: Working with Mail-Scraper’s mail validation tool is very easy and anyone with the minimum amount of computer knowledge can simply use it! A complete tutorial is also ready in Mail-scraper website which explains the whole process of working with our services clearly and precisely.
  • Free email verifier online: Free mail validation is also prepared for any newcomer. 25 free mail validations is a gift to all new clients to control their marketing budgets!

Success is not far away!

Mail-Scraper has not become the most professional mail extraction and mail validation service of the market by accident. This follows many years of hard work! The talented and educated team of Mail-Scraper by using the latest technology tries to make the most of their creative minds and create innovative solutions to solve any error and find faster ways for mail validation and extraction.

Mail-Scraper keeps email marketing afloat and beyond any marketer’s expectations and dreams. The success rate of email marketing is increased significantly if you trust the gathered emails and the mail validation result of Mail-Scraper.

email tester, email checker, email validator