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Data verification is done to ensure that the collected data are as true as possible, and to soften human and instrument errors. It is an ongoing procedure which should begin as soon as data gathering is started and continue during data entry and analysis. Needless to talk about the significance of data verification in business so let us be content with mentioning some of its main advantages as follow:

  • Bounces profits
  • Improves productivity
  • Builds more business opportunities
  • Cools business costs down
  • Multiplies sales opportunities
  • Increases clients’ satisfaction
  • Invests time
  • Boosts chance of beating competitions
  • Makes your job easier & etc.

Email verification

Business contact verification consists of various tasks to:

  • Verify email address without sending email
  • Check the accuracy of company and leads phone numbers
  • Investigate the trueness of company website URLs
  • Verify company profiles on Social Media like linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and etc.
  • Examine any other information related to potential clients

As mentioned, email verification to provide valid email address list is one of the main things every person active in the process of finding leads’ emails should keep in mind. But can we check business email accuracy manually? How can we verify email address without sending email? Is there any automatic tool to perform it for us within seconds!? How to check if an email address is real or valid? If you look for a reliable method to check if an email address exists without sending an email that is prompt, high quality and affordable, please read the next parts of this article carefully!

Email verification via Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper is a web service provided by a professional and creative team of engineers able to find, compile and verify email address without sending email in php. It analyses emails and check their authenticity in the shortest possible time that is a big step to amplify business success. Verified email propels your business in the best way it should go. Mail-Scraper’s mailchecker is a process in which client enters company or individual emails in any domain and then our mailchecker performs syntax analysis, investigation in domain name system and SMTP verification to ensure which of the entered emails are true and which are not. It will also mention the correct form of any false email. The astonishing part is that all this process in finished in only two seconds!

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

We know our mailchecker superior as:

  • It is a Bulk Email Checker which provides professional email list verify by using latest email verification algorithms.
  • The best bulk email checker pricing is available in our mailchecker.
  • Quick email verification is one of its vital features.
  • 25 free email validations is possible in our mailchecker service to remove concerns of new prospects.
  • Mail-Scraper’s mailchecker removes any false, invalid and inactive email from your list of company emails.
  • It has developed an updated, simple to use, mobile friendly and well-designed website.
  • 98% of the result provided by our mailchecker is correct! We do not claim the accuracy rate of 100% as nowadays it is not possible (maybe in future it becomes possible!) but we certify to do thorough email verification with over 98% of accuracy rate!
  • Mailchecker service of Mail-Scraper is lifetime.
  • Clients can use Mail-Scraper’s API endpoint to integrate with their services.

Mail-Scraper is not only a mailchecker!

Mail-Scraper is beyond a mailchecker service. It has other fabulous tools including company email finder and employee email extractor.

  • Mail-Scraper’s company email finder gets the names of a list of companies or their website URLs, converts them to company emails and checks their veracity. Imagine a broker has a list of 200 chemical producing companies in China and wants to find the emails of these corporations to inquire sulfuric acid price. If he searches these company names in web pages, it will take a very long time to find their correct and real emails and also he cannot verify email address without sending email. Instead he can use Mail-Scraper’s email finder to upload his file of company names and get all verified emails related to these companies in a few seconds. It is an easy and rapid tool to make a valid email address list.
  • Employee or person email finder enables you to write the name of a company and the employee working in that company whose email you is required. Again the result is verified and prepared within a few seconds. For instance you need the email of a company’s manager to send an email directly to him instead of the official email of the company which usually takes time to be sent to the authorities and even may not be sent to them! Easily you write the name of the company and its manager’s names to get all available valid emails related to this person in one second.


The extremely knowledgeable experts of Mail-Scraper go an extra mile to discover new technologies for email verification and extraction. We try hard to know clients’ goals and go above and beyond to help them in the process of meeting their aims. We strive to detect and test new solutions and strategies and adapt our services with the latest technology of the day. The most thoughtful, intelligent, and responsive specialists with deep knowledge came together to find limits that email marketing has made and do their best to remove these restrictions. The result is a website with the name of Mail-Scraper that has three main services of:

  • Mailchecker
  • Company email finder
  • Employee email finder Though we have clients from different countries across the globe, we have the strongest client management to advise any doubtful prospect, reply questions and solve potential errors. Mail-Scraper’s users are consistently impressed by the level of professionalism, courteousness, and responsiveness of our services. Our mailchecker and email finder are instrumental services in assisting customers to grow their business. Mail-Scraper is explicitly focused on how to check if an email address exists without sending an email in php in the fastest way today and certifies to add new creative features in very near future.