Bulk Email Checker

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What is an email checker?

Email Checker is what a marketer MUST have to be able to improve email marketing process and make competitive moves! Email checker is also known with the following names:

What an Email Checker does is to get an email, checks its existence and accuracy to find the correct form of it if it was not true.

The superior email checker of the market

Mail-Scraper lets you verify email address without sending email, an email verification software which cannot be found anywhere else! Mail-Scraper’ email address checker is what many data brokers, sellers & buyers are searching every day. They are tired of untrue contacts and looking for the fastest ways to provide correct information.

We know the market needs and try to quickly find solutions when we come up with new expectations and market requirements. We do not lose clients’ feedbacks, comments and suggestions to understand market needs and find the best solutions for them.

Over 50 years ago, when Email (electronic mail) was first created, it was not very popular but today it has become one of the most useful means of business communication. As the time passed, more and more people were started to use email to the extent that it is difficult to find a company website without an email address in the section of contacts.

The popularity of email caused many new requirements to appear. Many companies and individuals need companies’ emails to officially send bids & offers, ask questions, and keep connected with them. This increases the necessity to have access to true and real emails.

Not only false emails but also any untrue contact can:

  • Mislead you
  • Keep you away from your goals
  • Provide a good opportunity for your competitors
  • Lose your time & energy
  • Make a boring and tedious process for email marketing
  • Waste your email marketing budget

Bulk email checker of Mail-Scraper

Most of people are looking for bulk email checkers. An email verifier which is suitable for checking the veracity of a single email is not helpful. You have to write or copy & paste each certain email in the related box, click on the search button to get the result.

Bulk email checkers are more practical. Mail-Scraper’s Bulk Email Checker allows users:

  • to upload any long list of company or individual emails
  • our bulk email checker investigates web pages and its comprehensive email database
  • the result is prepared within a few seconds with assistance of artificial intelligence
  • the result indicates which emails are correct and which are false. Also the true form of wrong emails will be provided.

Our bulk Email Checker is the fastest way to verify email address without sending email. Valid email address lists are prepared within a second! A quick Email Verification Service for the people to whom the value of time really matters!

Mail-Scraper was always among the best top 10 bulk email verification tools of the market but today it has become the first email address checker worldwide with the help of educated and professional team of experts, trying days and nights to offer easy to use bulk email checker with the best email scalability and deliverability rate.

Mail-Scraper’s wide world

Mail-Scraper is not only a bulk email checker. It is a great email finder or email extractor that collects company and employees’ emails rapidly.

The main services of Mail-Scraper are:

  • Bulk email checker: as explained before, our bulk email checker verifies email address without sending email. It is the best Email Verification Service of the market that can convert the long process of checking emails to a quick email verification process.
  • Company email extractor : it finds emails based on company names or company website URLs. User can upload a list of company names and get the list of emails in one second.
  • Person email finder: it gets company name and the name of any of its employees that we want his email to prepare his verified email fast.

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Benefits of using Mail-Scraper’s bulk email checker

  • Bulk email checker: Our bulk email checker lets you verify as many email addresses as you wish. You can check one email address or upload thousands of emails in an excel file to see which of them are true and which are false.
  • Quick email verification: Mail-Scraper’s Bulk Email Checker is very fast and provides the result only in two seconds. It is not important how many emails you ask to be checked, one or thousand, all are done fast!
  • Free unlimited email verifier online: We have provided free bulk email verifier software for the potential customers who want to be sure of the quality of our bulk Email Checker.
  • High reliability: The result of our bulk email checker is 98% true! One time use of our email address checker shows the premium quality of our business improvement tool! Our first priority is to remain a reliable and trustworthy bulk email checker.
  • Various methods: Mail-Scraper’s Bulk Email Checker investigates both its complete database and web pages simultaneously to double check data veracity.
  • Latest verification algorithms: Mail-Scraper tries hard to use the latest technology for quick email verification.
  • Lifetime pricing plans: All our pricing plans are lifetime and valid until whenever your credit is finished.
  • Responsible team: All our experts are highly educated and also are committed and responsible to solve any clients’ problems.
  • Affordable pricing plans: Mail-Scraper has competitive pricing offers to help startups. As a customer-focused email checker, we aim to lower the marketing costs of clients.
    • Personal: this plan is related to our free email verifier online. It allows 25 free searches.
    • Small Team: It provides 5,000 requests by paying 29.9$
    • Enterprise: It lets you search 15,000 names by paying 99.9$

Subscribe in Mail-Scraper today, tomorrow is very late!

All our three services (bulk email checker, company email extractor and person email finder) are provided professionally to help users enjoy from our tried and correct methods of email verification that have made Mail-Scraper a wonderful tool every old and new business engaged in email marketing can benefit from.

Our development engineers are continually working on more efficient solutions to reduce error rate and update the company database of emails daily to meet all requirements.

Around 98% of provided emails by Mail-Scraper are accurate but it doesn’t meet our expectations! We aim to improve our position as a business technology leader and expect to see an increase in number of correct gathered emails from 98% to near 100%.