Scrape Emails from Linkedin

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Linkedin is a community created on 2003 in USA. First it was supposed to be a network for connecting job seekers and employers with each other.

It allows the users looking for a job to post their CVs and employers to post new job opportunities. So many companies across the world sign up in LinkedIn to find the best employees and many individuals also used LinkedIn to be aware of any corporation requiring an employee in their location faster.

Email Tester is a reliable way to verify email address without sending email. Email tester protects your business and lets you have access to true and real emails. Wrong emails are not only the emails that do not exist! Some emails exist in reality but are not related to your intended company or individual!

Many people, as soon as they lose their job, update their LinkedIn profile. Wise recruiters check LinkedIn precisely to discover talented, experienced and ingenious employees whenever they need.

However the story doesn’t end here. As time passed, LinkedIn’s application was expanded. Today LinkedIn is not only a place for job seekers. It has become a perfect and professional community for companies and businesses to demonstrate their company to the whole world.

It can even act better than a company’s website. Linkedin helps businesses to:

  • Find talented employees
  • Introduce their business
  • Mention company achievements
  • Offer products
  • Post product and services’ pictures & films
  • Share company contacts including website URL, phone & fax number, email, address and etc.
  • Comment on other company and individual posts publicly or send message to them privately to make a deep work relationship.
  • Post product discounts
  • Find new buyers and sellers
  • Share products’ articles, analysis, specifications and other interesting facts

Person Email Finder

You can search any person name in any company.

Why to scrape emails from LinkedIn?

linkedin with over 690 million registered members in May 2020 has become a trustworthy community not only to help companies in the process of recruitment but also to paint a picture of their organization in any way they like. To the extent that today company LinkedIn profiles and company websites have somehow the same degree of significance.

“No matter your profession, we're in it together” mentioned on the home page of LinkedIn shows that LinkedIn is not limited to a certain genre.

No difference in which industry a company is active, construction, education, agriculture, telecommunication, news media, energy, computer, pharmaceutical, music, manufacturing, transport, food, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, electronic, mining and etc., all can benefit from the expertise network of LinkedIn!

The widespread types of companies and individuals of LinkedIn located in various continents have caused LinkedIn to be a comprehensive database of company contacts. Most of the profiles of companies and the persons running them include contacts like email, website, address, phone number and etc.

Email as the official way for business communication still has many advocates. Many people prefer to be connected with their clients by email, not through messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Wechat, Skype and etc.

Hence it can be a good idea to scrape emails from LinkedIn. Imagine a Turkish dried fruit producer wants to find importers in UK. Among various ways to find potential buyers, scraping emails from LinkedIn is an excellent suggestion.

He can manually search in LinkedIn to find related companies and then extract their emails by a thorough investigation in their LinkedIn profile or their website if its URL is mentioned in LinkedIn. This process is very time consuming and also if you are not a premium user of LinkedIn, you may be restricted after a while.

A better and faster way is to use LinkedIn email finder. If you want to know how to get email address from LinkedIn profile automatically, please read the rest of this article.

Scrape emails from LinkedIn by LinkedIn email finder?

Instead of manual search to scrape emails from LinkedIn, you can benefit from automatic tools to find email from LinkedIn URL. It is a fast and easy to use tool that can eliminate any restriction in using LinkedIn.

The automatic tool created to scrape emails from LinkedIn in the blink of an eye is known with all following names:

  • LinkedIn email finder
  • LinkedIn email extractor
  • LinkedIn email scraper
  • Email linkedin crawler

It is the best service for LinkedIn email search, extraction and gathering. Many LinkedIn tools have been created to simplify use of LinkedIn by finding company emails, phone and WhatsApp numbers, website URLs, company URL on other social media and etc. The more popular LinkedIn becomes, the more tools and services are created to help its users!

The best LinkedIn email finder of the market

Mail-Scraper is the most professional method to scrape emails from LinkedIn. It gets company names or company website URLs from the user, investigates LinkedIn website with the help of artificial intelligence to find any email related to that company name.

Mail-Scraper with numerous users across the globe is a superior LinkedIn email finder with following features:

  • The fastest LinkedIn email scraper: Mail-Scraper is a rapid way to scrape emails from LinkedIn. All the process of LinkedIn investigation and email collecting is done within a minute without any latency.
  • An affordable way to scrape emails from LinkedIn: Mail-Scraper has provided various pricing plans. Clients can select any of the plans they like based on their needs and budget. We respect customers and try to offer the best competitive rates for our LinkedIn email scraper.
  • Professional algorithms: LinkedIn email search is an easy process for Mail-Scraper because of the latest algorithms it uses to scrape LinkedIn posts and profiles fast and precisely in search of emails.
  • Free LinkedIn scraper: users have 25 free LinkedIn email search which can be used for other services of Mail-Scraper too (company email finder, person email extractor and email verifier).
  • Globally available: any person in any part of the world can extract email addresses from LinkedIn with the help of Mail-scraper. It gets email from LinkedIn profile of any type of company in any country.
  • Bulk linkedin email search: Mail-Scraper can scrape emails from LinkedIn profiles of as many company and individual as the client wants. Our LinkedIn email extractor is able to get thousands of company names or URLs and convert them to company emails.
  • 98% accuracy: Mail-Scraper’ LinkedIn company scraper certifies to provide correct and reliable emails with 98% of accuracy. Declaring that 100% of the collected emails from linkedin are true, is just a claim! It is not possible at least today! Nevertheless 98% of the collected emails are correct.
  • A simple to use LinkedIn email scraper: Mail-Scraper has provided an organized and simple website for users enabling them to scrape emails from LinkedIn in the easiest possible way.
  • Providing company & individual emails: our LinkedIn email scraper can provide emails of both companies and their persons.
  • The most supportive LinkedIn email scraper of the market: Day and night, the experts of Mail-Scraper are available to answer questions, ambiguities and solve any potential error as soon as the user asks. We do our best to provide an excellent and promising method to scrape emails from LinkedIn.

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Other services of Mail-Scraper

  • Company email finder: it finds emails of companies in one click as many as the user asks (bulk email finder). Using the latest technology has helped us to verify and check the existence and accuracy of all emails before sending them to the client. It works with both company names and company URLs.
  • Person email finder: it is a good way to detect the emails of the persons running a company or it’s better to say any person working in a company that has an email. You may like to send a message to a company manager and decision maker or to a sales executive, no difference, all are available. You only should give the name of the intended person and the company to our email finder, his/her emails are provided in a few seconds.
  • Email verifier: it allows user to check email of leads. It is an email tester that certifies the accuracy of 98% of the provided information. Today email verification is more necessary than ever helping marketers to verify email address without sending email.


All Mail-Scraper’s services (Email Checker, email extractor and LinkedIn email scraper) are provided professionally to assist clients in the time-consuming process of email marketing.

Mail-Scraper arguably is a fabulous tool to scrape emails from LinkedIn in a matter of seconds, a wonderful tool every old and new business engaged in email marketing can benefit from.

Our development engineers are continually working on more efficient solutions to reduce error rate and update the company database of emails daily to meet all new requirements.

Around 98% of provided emails by Mail-Scraper are accurate but it doesn’t meet our expectations! We aim to improve our position as a business technology leader and expect to see an increase in number of correct gathered emails from 98% to near 100%.

Professionalism, quality services and good price are not the only things that matter for us. We tend to be always responsive. As soon as a question is declared by a customer via email, telephone call or as a Ticket, our experts reply fast and solve any potential error. We do believe in talents and experiences of our team and endeavor to achieve our goals faster.