Email leads are a good opportunity for brand amplification

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What is email lead? What is email marketing? How effective is email lead? How much do you use email to introduce your business to new people? Do you believe that email is still a useful channel for marketing? How to do email marketing? Have you ever heard email lead generation? Is email marketing really of great importance? Do you have any information about email lead generation techniques? How to generate email leads? What is the best email lead generation company? What are the lead generation tools for small businesses? I do believe that email is the best affordable and safe way to show your business to numerous people around the world if you chooseemail addresses properly! This article answers all above question by explaining email lead, email marketing tips, email marketing benefits and email marketing tools.

What is email lead?

To define email lead, let me first explain “lead”. Leads are the companies or individuals who are interested to buy your products or services. In other words, any potential client who is interested in your company’s services and products and may become a buyer of your services/products in near future is called “lead”. Leads show interest to your business and brand through different actions. Usually leads show their interest by sharing their profile address in social networking websites, sending their email address and phone number to you or asking your contacts and your company email and URL. They may ask for price or any other detail related to your business or even share their target price with you. Any question they ask can show their interest in your business! As soon as a lead gives his/her contacts to you, it is the right time to share your company information and achievements with them to change him from a lead to a persistent client! Keeping in touch with leads and following them can be done through email marketing. Finding email leads, sending messages to potential clients by email, answering and following them through email are some parts of email marketing. Email lead is the individual whose email was given to you through an opt-in form or any other way. The potential client may himself sends his email to you via a message in messaging apps or directly by SMS .

Email leads have the potential to be your future persistent customer so it is better to follow them carefully and do your best to attract them!

Next sections of this article has helpful information including email marketing definition, email marketing tips, email marketing benefits, email marketing tools, email marketing platforms, types of email marketing and so on. Also the best free lead generation tools are introduced.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Email marketing: what is it?

Using email to send important business messages and files to any potential client and email lead with the purpose of making a long term business relationship is email marketing definition. Cambridge Dictionary has translated email marketing as “the process of using email to advertise and sell products and services” Email marketing definition in some other famous websites is as follow: According to The Balance Small Business , email marketing is “the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service”. It also has mentioned than anytime a corporation sends out an email to an email lead whose email address was sent by the lead himself or is gotten through other ways (email finders), it could be considered a form of email marketing. However direct responses to clients questions or order confirmation are not a part of email marketing.

Email marketing benefits

As mentioned before, email marketing starts from finding email lead, writing an efficient and powerful message and send it to the email lead via email services like Gmail , Yahoo Mail and so on. Sometimes the sender has to deliver his message more than one time to the email lead and wait for response. However never forget to answer email lead questions promptly and continue communication through email to finally make a deal! Why do I and many other experts emphasize on email marketing? Today almost all business people have at least one email address so emails are used widely by millions of people across the world as an environmentally friendly communication tool. It is not important your business is small or large, where it is located and what it does. All can use email! Many individuals are interested in email usage and email marketing as email omits factors of time and place in communication and are available instantly everywhere in any time zone. Due to their flexibility in shared content, emails may be one of the most effective tools in goods and services presentation to email leads, sending notifications & updates, sharing contacts and any other digital files (different types of picture, audio and music, video and moving pictures) effective to attract email leads. Emails are authorized sources which may be referred to anytime without the worries of being missed or damaged like physical materials. They are written and unchangeable unlike many messaging tools! The sender and the email lead can enjoy the inbox! Finally, a significant benefit of emails for business is their capability to be processed automatically both incoming and outgoing messages. Software can also send them on a routine basis when they are used as reminders, newsletters and statements without any need to human intervention.

The ROI of email marketing

“Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. ROI tries to directly measure the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost” as mentioned in Investopedia. Returns on email investments are increasing year after year. Every 1$ you spend on email marketing, 42$ returns back to you!

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What types of businesses have the highest ROI in email marketing?

As you see in the bellow chart, travel, tourism and hospitality businesses have the highest email marketing returns. In other words, the emails with travel and tourism content attract more email leads. The second and third columns are related to media and e-commerce. This is why many smart travel company agencies are the main users of email marketing tools like email lead generation software, email finder, email verifiers and many other digital helpers.

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What is email lead generation?

Email lead generation is to find potential clients through email. A perfect and professional email lead generation increases the email marketing ROI significantly. Email lead generation is an email marketing strategy in which first email addresses of leads are extracted and collected and then they are used to advertise a commodity, service or a brand by sending message to email leads. Detection of email addresses of target companies shall be considered a must for any business either they are newcomers or oldies. The newcomers shall boom their start and the old entities have to update their email marketing tools persistently to remain strong and beat competitors. Finding every single target company and their email address is a time-consuming thing to do and it sometimes may not be as easy as doing a simple search on the internet and finding their website and their email address directly. It becomes even more difficult and sometimes impossible to find hundreds of email leads.

What is the superior email lead generation company?

Mail-Scraper is an email finder and email verifier finding the emails of enterprises professionally with most recent and exact results. All the data provided by Mail-Scraper is classified, recent and reliable. With this company email finder service, you can get in touch with any email lead no matter where he is located and what is his field of activity. Mail-Scraper helps you to change email leads to long term clients if you write an impressive email and pay attention to email marketing tips.

Email marketing jobs have become as easy as pie via Mail-Scraper!

Mail-Scraper’s true and real email addresses have a great role on developing high Returns on Investment (ROI). Email marketers pay a little money to Mail-Scraper’ email finder and Email Tester and instead save lots of employee’s time and energy that can be used for many other important tasks.

More correct email leads, more time and more energy!

How does Mail-Scraper find email leads?

Company emails finder (link to the related part in our site) of Mail-Scraper is the first established service of Mail-Scraper that can convert company names or company URLs to their official emails. This is an extraordinary tool to find email leads automatically and on behalf of the user. The client writes or copies & pastes a company name or company website address (URL), clicks the search button and gets all emails related to that company name within a second. Moreover, the user can upload a file of company names or URLs. Mail-Scraper collects all emails related to every company names/URLs of the list in two seconds. Another service of Mail-Scraper is designed to find email s of companies’ employees. It gets the name of a company and the name of the person whose email is needed. In a second Mail-Scraper email database and web are searched to detect his/her real email address. This gadget is called “person email finder (link to the related part in our site)”.

Email verification is also possible in Mail-Scraper!

You may have received many emails of potential clients, how can you ensure that they are real and correct!? Is your message received by email leads!? How many email leads are you waiting for their response to your email? Isn’t it good to find a way to ensure that all email leads got your offer? Mail-Scraper as a bulk email verification tool gets a single or thousands of email addresses from the user and checks them one by one to understand whether they are real and true or not.

Finding real emails is really easy if you trust Mail-Scraper!

Imagine a salesperson that has a list of emails including 5 thousand email addresses of buyers in Europe. He wants to send a resume of his company and offer products. How can he ensure that the email addresses are right and purchasers get the message!? It is recommended to use Mail-Scraper’s email verifier (also known as email checker, email tester or email validator). It allows users to upload a file of emails and within two seconds get the result which shows the real and true emails.

Mail-Scraper is a wall against business scammers!

Mail-Scraper’s email verifier protects your business! It separates real email leads from fake ones. Our email tester is the most professional digital tool to check the reality of email addresses. Not only the emails of new potential customers and email leads should be tested before usage but also the old emails of customers in your databases should be checked once a while if you are not sure how long it has been since the time you had sent a message to them. Email verification cannot be 100% sure but we certify that over 98% of the result is valid and accurate. However the techniques and trends used in our email verifier are updated and improved constantly to enhance the accuracy percentage. It is a high speed email checker that supports both single and bulk email verification at lowest prices.

Which one do clients prefer to see message in: email inbox or social media!?

Do you like to receive messages via email or in social networking sites and messaging application? How about email? I myself prefer to get formal business messages by email and keep my social networking and messaging accounts for private communication. In my opinion email is the common language of business communication worldwide while messengers and social media apps are varied. In a country like China, WhatsApp is filtered while WeChat is the main public messenger. In many other countries, WhatsApp is the first app for business communications. But email was famous globally in the past, exists today and is going to be used in future too! However as mentioned before email marketing has a high ROI. Another survey shows that 59% of respondents were influenced by email when it came to purchasing decisions as mentioned in Business2Community. Moreover, a study of more than 1 billion shopping sessions in 2019 found that email marketing has a conversion rate of 2.3%, compared to 1% for social media according to Smart Insights.

Do not forget that all these packages are lifetime! Is there any other thing you expect from an email finder & tester and Mail-Scraper does not provide yet!?

Both customer acquisition & retention by email marketing !

Email is used to find prospects, a perfect strategy for startups looking for potential clients and email leads. Email marketing has helped millions of startups to pass less failure on their way to success. A well-written cold email is a good and reliable way to introduce your business to many people worldwide at the shortest time and with minimum amount of costs. Mail-Scraper’s email finder and email verifier have a great role in connecting you with real email leads. The process of customer acquisition has become simple and more efficient by our email finder and email validator! In addition to customer acquisition, email helps old corporations to keep connected with old clients. Email is the best way to update clients with information related to new services and commodities. Sometimes product advertisement through email lets clients to be aware of you. Sending special offers and discounts or even sending messages to respect them like birthday congratulation and work anniversaries are really helpful. Around 80% of business professionals believe in the strong effect of email marketing to increase customer retention.

We respect our subscribers!

Mail-Scraper’s experts always remember that the users have trusted Mail-Scraper; they deserve respect. We do our best in:

  • providing high quality email leads with veracity rate of over 98%
  • updating email lead generation strategies daily
  • reducing the rates of services (company email finder, person email finder and email verifier) to enable every small and large company to take advantage of them
  • providing high speed services
  • optimizing Mail-Scraper website for smart mobile phones
  • keeping all client’s information private
  • making the process of email lead generation as simple as possible

We do our best to convert customers to fans or even evangelists for the brand of “Mail-Scraper”.

  • Personal Plan: it contains 25 requests for all three services of Mail-Scraper (email verifier, company email finder, and person email finder). Personal plan is totally free! Subscribe now (link to the part of subscription in our site) to test 25 free requests and feel the difference!
  • Small Team Plan: the user can use three services of Mail-Scraper (email verifier, company email finder, and person email finder) for 5000 times! 5,000 requests cost only 29.9$! Isn’t it fantastic to find and check 5000 company and individual emails only by paying 29.9$!?
  • Enterprise Plan: 15000 requests are available in this package that can be used in Mail-Scraper’s email tester, company email finder and Email Extractor. It costs 99.9$!

Email marketing is the process of finding email leads through various ways, sending messages to email leads to offer products and services. A respectful and well written message sent through email can encourage clients to work with your company more than many other ways. The great and professionally designed tools of Mail-Scraper including company email finder, person email finder and email verifier insist on improving email marketing’s weaknesses and change them to great beneficial opportunities. What Mail-Scraper delivers to you and your company is incredible! It is a world of expertise, reliability and experience helping you to find real email leads and stop communication with fake and unrelated people.