Email Verification Services, What Email Marketing Is Difficult Without!

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This article is a good source of information about the email verification services and the necessity to verify, test and check not only contacts and emails of clients but also any other kind of information you achieve in any field!

It introduces the latest tools created to test and evaluate contacts like email verification services, phone number testers, URL checkers and so on. I decided to investigate the necessity of information verification because of the huge mass of data we read, hear and use every day! Especially I as an email marketer am always tired of the wrong and fake emails misleading me and preventing me from reaching my goals! To solve this problem and find real emails is to solve half of the difficulties of email marketing for me! However the significance of accurate information is not related only to the job of email marketing! What are the preferable news channels you listen to? Do you trust what your colleague says about the covid 19 prevention tips? Do you believe anything you hear or do not accept it till you search thoroughly about it!? In your workplace, which sources do you use to get market analysis and statistics? Do you trust any clients’ contacts you find in the internet? Are all the email addresses you find in the internet or get from data brokers, correct and valid? Do you ever try email verification services or similar tools for quick email verification? How do you perform bulk email validation? Are free bulk email verification tools reliable? I try to explain my experiences of contact verification and introduce the best strategies that executives, IT & marketing professionals, companies and individuals use to ensure the accuracy of contacts they work with. If you find the correct contacts, half of the way is completed!

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Verified data is the key to success!

When searching in the internet and Goggling, remember that whatever you see is NOT true & reliable!

  • Researchers need authentic information for their studies!
  • Business people want the latest correct analysis of the market!
  • Instructors require verified information to expand their knowledge!
  • Most of people look for reliable sources of global news!
  • Tourists are in search of updated & valid online maps
  • And marketers try to find trustworthy contacts of clients!

The value and key role of data verification to check veracity and discover inconsistencies is not a secret! Accurate and verified information is the recipe for improvement! We all know how important it is to have a list of verified phone numbers for marketing or a reliable market analysis telling us when to invest and when to stop buying. How invaluable is to check a long list of email addresses with the help of email verification services? The buyer who is not sure about the ups and downs of the market in future month and have to behave according to analytics or the traveler driving in unknown roads who has to trust the online map in his cell phone, know the significance of verified data better than anyone!

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Do you verify email address before using?

I am an email marketer working for a holding company and every day dealing with thousands of emails I myself find in the web or buy from email brokers. Email marketers know that it is not unexpectedly to become tired and confused of many fake emails every day! I try to choose reliable sources but still the high numbers of inaccurate, fake and unrelated emails have made the process of email marketing really boring for me! Imagine you send offers to 3 thousands email addresses but do not receive the positive feedback you expected because many of the emails were unrelated, false and repetitive. However it’s a long time I have changed the boring process of email marketing to an enjoyable and pleasant procedure! What I do to change this tedious task to a delightful one is not something extraordinary! I just investigate web pages, ask my friends & colleagues, and read articles to find the best tools and services created for this purpose. Among all tools I use for email marketing, one of them is really wonderful and has rescued me from the rush of invalid emails. Yes, it is the best email verification service of the market: Mail-Scraper! Mail-Scraper is not only a professional email verifier; it is also a fantastic email finder that can detect emails of both companies and their employees in real time. Mail-Scraper is specialized in finding and verifying emails in the shortest possible time. I use it to detect company and individual emails and to verify email lists I have. The advantage given to me by Mail-Scraper is the matter of saving time, energy and money!

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Mail-Scraper is the best among all email verification services!

  • Is Mail-Scraper a bulk email validation tool? Yes, it is a bulk email verification service, helping users to find real and correct emails of their lists. No matter how many email addresses are mentioned in your list, hundreds or thousands, all can be checked and verified. Marketers are usually working with hundreds or thousands of emails, not a few numbers, so only bulk email verification services can help them.
  • What strategies does Mail-Scraper use to test emails? It performs a syntax check, SMTP verification and DNS lookup. A clean, high quality and verified email list is the result of Mail-Scraper’s email verification service.
  • How much do email verification services of Mail-Scraper cost? Both its single and bulk email verification services are provided at best rates for customers. Mail-Scraper is working hard and endeavors to help startups and new marketers; so has reduced costs and offers the best rates:  Small team: 5,000 request by paying only 29.9$  Enterprise: 15,000 request by paying only
  • What is the accuracy rate of Mail-Scraper’s email verification services? Over 98% of the results provided by its email verification services are correct! Trustworthy result is the most crucial feature that a high quality email verification service MUST meet and the driving factor to attract more customers. Mail-Scraper aims to enhance the accuracy rate of our email verification services from 98% to near 100% which is not far from mind and is possible in near future due to the expertise of its experts and the daily technology improvements.
  • How much does it take time for Mail-Scraper’s Email Verification Service to check the emails? The speed of its email verification service as well as its email finder is not comparable with other similar email finders and email verification services of the market. With respect to customers, it endeavors to meet clients’ requests as fast as possible and provides high quality real time email validation.
  • Are Mail-Scraper’s email verification services life-time or have a limited time span? Mail-scraper’s email verification services are valid for always! The lifetime packages of our email validator help users not to be worry about losing their remained requests and use them whenever they want.
  • Can computer illiterate people work with our email verification services? Working with its email verification services is very easy and anyone with the minimum amount of computer knowledge can simply use it. A complete tutorial is also ready in Mail-scraper website which explains the whole process of working with its uncomplicated email finder and Email Verification Services though it is very clear and simple.
  • Does Mail-Scraper provide free bulk email verification tools? Free email validation is also available for any newcomer. New hesitant clients not sure of the quality of its Email Verification Services, who want to know how it exactly works before subscription, can test 25 free email validations!
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Do you verify email address before using?

Mail-Scraper also finds and collects email of companies and their employees. You can give it the name of a company, business or brand and ask the valid emails of this firm. Mail-Scraper within a few seconds, gives the user as many correct emails as the requested firm have! Various services of Mail-Scraepr and also the high speed of email detection and checking have distinguished Mail-Scraper from other email finders and email verification services of the market.

Can Mail-Scraper find email s of company employees?

It is surprising but the answer to the above question is YES! Along with premium quality company email detection and email verification services, Mail-Scraper is able to provide the emails of any member of a corporation that the client asks! I give it the name of a company and the person I want his/her email. After only two seconds, all true emails of that person are given to me! This is one of the main differences among Mail-Scraper and other email finders and email verification services of the market and proves the fact that Mail-Scraper is a pioneer in detection and preparation of market needs and preferences. Mail-Scraper devotes time to your business! I use the extra time that Mail-Scraper gives me to concentrate on more important parts of my job. I am free of concern and sure that my message is received by all the people I want. Mail-Scraper is a flexible and uncomplicated service. It only takes a few minutes from the time I enter Mail-Scraper website till the time I get the result! Mail-Scraper has made one of my business dreams come true! I want to thank the Mail-Scraper’s engineers and its support team that have provided a safe, comprehensive, and reliable place for people and corporations working with emails. What Mail-Scraper has devoted me and my colleagues is not only time! It certifies the success of my business and helps me to achieve my goals easier and faster. Mail-Scraper’s email finder and email verification services are my loyal partners in all steps of email marketing . Trust makes your job easier! Mail-Scraper is the tool every email marketer should trust to stay away of ambiguity, invalidity and time wasting! Email verification service is only one part of the issue! Equally important to email finders and email verification services, there are many other websites that are active in the field of finding and verifying contacts like phone numbers, website addresses, company accounts on Social Media and so on. Companies and marketers can benefit from all these tools to be connected with real clients faster than their competitors. The people who choose the best in appropriate time win the deal, not the one wasting their time on repetitive tasks! In addition to email verification services & email finders, marketers can benefit from the company phone number finders, Whatsapp number finders, company URL finders, social profile finders, and so on. As time goes, digital marketing position in the success process of companies increases. Companies are depended to digital marketing strategies more in comparison with ten years ago; and absolutely require it more in near future! The job of a marketer, who finds emails with the help of an email finder, checks email’s accuracy with Email Verification Services, collects company landline and mobile phone numbers via automatic tools and gets the company website URLs for a list of companies by URL finders is much more easier than a marketer working with no automatic tool!

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Never trust the information you see or hear unless it comes from a reliable source! Do you read the news published on reliable sources like BBC or CNN or are affected by yellow press? Readers of no legitimate well-researched news should be aware of the damage it causes to their mind and thinking! And the users of invalid data in education, daily life, business and any other field are better to consider the danger threatening their success and future! The more valid and reliable data you choose, the more consistent opportunities are prepared for you! The information you use in business determines your job destiny! Where your job will stand tomorrow depends on today’s information and decisions! Email verification services introduced in this article are good example of the tools created to strengthen the business of email marketing and make it more powerful and effective. Email verifier proves how different it is to send emails to real and legitimate email addresses compared with sending emails to fake ones. What Email Verification Services give you is a world of validity, legitimacy, time and energy. However I recommend you not to trust any free bulk email verifier software available in web pages. In my opinion the best email verification service of the market is Mail-Scraper! The highest accuracy rate of emails supported with high speed and affordable prices belong to Mail-Scraper! One time try of Mail-Scraper will make you the loyal advocate of this tool, what happened for me several years ago!