How to Validate Email?

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What is a valid email address?

The best easy definition is: a valid email address is the one to which you can send email!

The people who are using emails every day like email marketers know the significance of valid email addresses. Many marketers and sales persons complain from the numerous wrong email addresses they deal with every day. They cannot understand that an email address is correct or not until they send an email!

Imagine a marketer with 1000 email addresses list that many of them are not valid! He spends time to send emails but the result is not satisfactory.

If he checks the reliability of emails with automatic tools, easily he can understand which emails are wrong and which are not. If you are eager to know how to validate email, please read the rest of this article.

How to validate email really matters!

How can you verify email address without sending email? How to validate email manually? Is it possible that you yourself check emails without any help?

Is there any other online tool for this purpose? What are the email validation rules? How to perform bulk email validation? Is it a dream to have a valid email address list fast!?

The only manual way you can check the accuracy of an email address is to send an email to see whether it works or not! And if it is wrong, you cannot understand the correct form of it unless you are lucky and find the correct form of it in internet after a thorough investigation in web pages!

And if it is not found, you have to search again in web pages to detect another correct email related to that company or its employees that is a difficult and time consuming process and the result is not also the exact email you wanted!

No problem, other ways and automatic tools are available too! If you choose a reliable and high quality email checker, all problems are solved! An email checker automatically and with the help of artificial intelligence investigates the accuracy of emails and tells you the correct form of each wrong email address in a few seconds! That’s incredible, a fantastic business improvement tool helping you to:

  • Invest time
  • Improve email marketing process
  • Use energy for other important parts of your job
  • Make a more productive work environment
  • Find real customers faster than others
  • Reduce email marketing costs

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Email verification services

Email verifier which is also known as email checker,email validator, and email tester is a tool created to help marketers to take a leap in their marketing efforts and get a fresh dose of emails! Email verifier is the best response to a curious and wise email marketer asking “how to validate email!?”

Among various Email Tester of the market, Mail-Scraper is the best choice for users that want a rapid and innovative, yet trustworthy and highly professional email verifier.

Clients know Mail-Scraper as an incredible tool to find real email addresses list. Mail-Scraper has been providing assistance to many marketers and salespersons searching how to validate emails and anyone looking for real time email validation.

Email verification is as significant as company email extraction. Be careful what email verifier you choose. A real and true email lets our client to be connected with the right persons which may lead him to a great deal! We try to be perfect as the first point in email marketing process!

Mail-Scraper has truly created a place for everyone in business that pays attention to the veracity of data. We do believe “No information is better than wrong information!” At least the user is not misled and do not waste his time to send lots of emails to wrong addresses or unrelated people.

Do not worry, Mail-Scraper is ready!

If the question of “how to validate email?” has stick in your mind, try and test Mail-Scraper to get an invaluable answer for your question and feel the essence of verified emails. The bellow diagram shows the main features of Mail-scraper:

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Other services of Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper is not only an email verifier. It is a collection of many services suitable for email marketers and any other person working with emails. 3 main services of Mail-Scraper are as follow:

Company email finder

  • Our company email finder gets company names as many as the user wants (bulk email finder).
  • It checks Mail-Scraper’ comprehensive database of emails to acquire and compile emails.
  • It also investigates various web pages in real time to double check the result.
  • All emails are verified and checked before presentation.
  • In a few seconds, the gathered list of company verified emails are shown.

Person email finder

  • Mail-Scraper’ person email finder gets a company name and the name of the person looking for his/her email.
  • It checks Mail-Scraper’ comprehensive database of emails to acquire and collect emails.
  • It also investigates various web pages in real time to double check the result.
  • The collected emails are checked to be sure of their veracity.
  • The email of the intended person is demonstrated in the blink of an eye with the help of Mail-Scraper’s individual email extractor. It is a good way to generate new leads and find email s of company decision makers fast.

Email verifier

as explained before, Mail-Scraper’s email verifier is the best software for people who do not know how to validate email. It helps salespersons and data brokers to easily upload an entire list of emails at once to be checked by our email tester and get a valid email address list.


Mail-Scraper is a reliable source of millions of verified emails. The latest email verification algorithms are used by Mail-Scraper to help countless number of people in need of trusted and true business emails.

Remember that all our 3 tools (company email finder, person email finder and email verifier) are bulk services. They can perfectly collect any email address behind a website and verify thousands of emails in a short time.

Mail-Scraper’s email finder needs company name or company website URL to detect emails. Most of email finders of the market only work with the website URL of a company! To focus more on customers’ convenience, we made two ways for email search: company name & company website URL!

Mail-Scraper is explicitly focused on how to validate email addresses in the fastest way and at the same time with the highest reliability so we strive to find and test new solutions and strategies and adapt our services with the latest technology of the day.