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In this post we round up some useful information and statistics about email, email marketing and the tools have been created to facilitate the long process of email marketing like validator email or company & individual email finder.

Email is still one of the best performing marketing channels and it seems to remain famous for years. Even the spread of social media and messengers has no effect on popularity of email.

Many factors are involved to change an amateur email marketer to a professional email marketer!

Email marketers can make most of email sending if they pay attention to the email’s text & visual content, clarity, intonation, subject line, which days and hours to send email and what facilitating tools and services to utilize.

Validator email and email finders that will be explained in this article are some of the key services helping to convert the prolonged and grueling process of email marketing to a pleasant and brief one with respect to email validation rules!

Validator email and email extractor are the winning formulas in email marketing!

If you are tired of sending message to unreal and inaccurate emails with no effect, and looking for a validator email to certify the accuracy of emails and an email finder to collect real emails fast, please read this article carefully!

This paper is full of interesting facts about email and shows the attempts of human beings to adapt IT technologies with the needs and preferences of people.

The closer we look at email marketers’ difficulties in the field of marketing, the more unprecedented, fresh and innovative ideas are emerged! Validator email and email extractor are two of the ingenious concepts came to engineers’ minds and the result has become:

A simple, considerable, prominent, and prompt solution to the problem of working with numerous false and invalid emails!

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Electronic mail!

To define e-mail (electronic mail) seems unnecessary as most of internet users have tried it at least one time. However it is helpful to explain it based on its positive features:

It is an instant, cost effective and reliable way of sending and receiving messages with the help of an electronic device like computer or smart mobile phone and also an active internet connection.

It is rapid because the receiver gets our message as soon as we send it, no difference whether we are sending a simple text message or have attached files. Everything is sent as quickly as a wink!

No payment is required for the email service itself, only the user should pay for the internet service. All email services are free of cost including Gmail, ProtonMail, Outlook, iCloudMail, Yahoo Mail, HubSpot and so on. However the money paid for internet services is so low and can be ignored.

Moreover email is a safe and reliable way of data transformation in which all sent and received emails can be recorded and kept for future reference.

Due to all benefits of communication through email especially for business people, isn’t it a smart decision to invest on validator email and email finders!?

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Many old and experienced people prefer to use email for their company official purposes in a way that if they get a message or file in messengers like Whatsapp, Skype or other ones, they ask the sender to deliver his message again through email! They know email as the main channel of business communication that is not comparable with other similar ways!

Email is here to stay!

The emergence of Social Medias and messengers has no effect on email usage. Still email is a phenomenal manner of text and data transformation.

Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Wechat, Skype, Pinterest, Telegram, Line, Imo are only some the famous means of communication for private and business purposes. Every day they are updated to fill the gaps and eliminate limitations.

The need of communication through digital technologies has been increasing daily. They are efficient ways of connecting with people far from us in another point of the world. Also they remove the limitation of not being able to see our friends and relatives due to the traffic and busy lives.

Obviously email is the most popular implement for business communication among companies. It is the official gadget companies prefer to send their messages through it. And they facilitate the process of emailing by utilizing email finders and validator email.

With assistance of email, email extractors and validator email, you are kept on the right track for success!

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Email, old but utile!

Although history of email is related to over 50 years ago and many new means of communication like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Wechat, Skype and etc. have become globally well-known today, still email has many advocates across the world.

According to IndiaTimes “Ray Tomlinson is universally credited as the creator of email as part of a program for ARPANET in 1971.

Meanwhile in 1978, a 14-year-old boy, Shiva Ayyadurai began his work on an email system for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. His task was to emulate the paper-based interoffice mail system electronically and in 1982, he copyrighted his software, called "EMAIL".”

Email is an old way of communication, however the tools created to facilitate its operation like validator email or email finder are relatively new!

Email marketing

Wikipedia has defined email marketing as the “act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.” It knows email marketing as the proper method of sending advertisements, request business, or solicit sales & donations.

Cambridge Dictionary also defines email marketing as the “the process of using email to advertise and sell products & services.”

Producers or sellers in search of buyers can benefit from email marketing particularly if they trust validator email and email extractors. With the help of an email finder they get the correct emails of clients in any location they desire and through validator email, they can check and verify any email address they intend!

Buyers that need to find the manufacturers or dealers can even send email to true email addresses of producers if they ask help from a validator email.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Email marketing gives way to your business!

Technology has made businesses simpler and more enjoyable. As mentioned, email is almost an old and ordinary method of business communication compared with social networks extended in bulk but it is still an efficient and fabulous method to send and get messages.

Principally, if new innovative tools like validator email or email extractor be added to the process of email marketing, a huge difference is observed!

Today not only small and midsize businesses but also senior and experienced ones are fascinated to apply emails for business purposes, to send offers & bids, advertise products & services, introduce company, inquire price and etc. Email is still the main driver of:

Customer acquisition

Email is used to find prospects, a perfect strategy for startups looking for new clients. A well-written cold email is a good and reliable way to introduce your business to many people globally at the shortest time and with minimum amount of costs.

Additionally validator email and email extractor have a great role in connecting you with real clients. The process of customer acquisition has become simpler and more efficient by finder and validator email!

Customer retention

email helps old companies to update their customers with new products & services, send special offers and discounts or even send messages to respect them like birthday congratulation!

Around 80% of business professionals believe in the strong effect of email marketing to increase customer retention.

To put a lot of emphasis on email marketing is to certify business future!

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How many people use email every day!?

Active email accounts surpassed 5.6 billion in 2019!

According to Statista, there are 3.9 billion daily email users that is expected to rise to 4.3 billion by 2023!

In 2019 more than 350 million dollars are spent on email advertising in USA!

Isn’t it a good opportunity to enter the world of email and make most of it? Do you agree that smart marketers never forget the perfect chance provided by email to send their message to thousands or even millions of people!?

It is not bad to talk a little bit about the cold emails. They are sent in order to deliver a message to numerous numbers of people whom the sender didn’t have any communication with before.

Cold email is “an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling. Cold emailing is a subset of email marketing and differs from transactional and warm emailing” as mentioned in Wikipedia.

Email extractors find the correct people and companies for your purpose, the people who can be your potential client and are good to receive your cold email.

The highest ROI for marketers is provided by email!

According to Investopedia “Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.”

It continues “ROI tries to directly measure the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost. To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. The result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.”

Email delivers the highest Return on Investment (ROI) compared with other ways of marketing channels including TV, radio, social media platforms, video and etc.

email marketing generates 38$ in ROI for every 1$ spent!

Look at the below diagram provided by VentureBeat (https://venturebeat.com/) which shows that email is the gadget providing the highest ROI for marketers for ten years in a row!

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Email is the friend of smart phone users!

Opening emails on mobile devices increased by 30% from 2010 to 2015! Needless to say that this will continue to grow as mobile technology continues to improve. Let’s read the sentence written in Campaign Monitor about the necessity of email to be mobile friendly:

“Email with a mobile-ready design is no longer nice to have: It’s a must have!”

Campaign Monitor adds “There’s no telling where your subscriber will be when they open your emails, but there’s a good chance it will be on a mobile device. After all, mobile can account for up to 77% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product, and industry.”

“You need templates that will automatically be optimized for both desktop and mobile email clients. This means you know it will look just as great on an iPhone as it does in Outlook or Gmail or the hundreds of other devices and clients your subscribers are using.”

You see that email marketing is not only to pay attention to the email content (will be explained in next part of this article) or just using automatic tools like validator email and email finder. It is a world of strategies and techniques that all should be selected carefully!

Another interesting point mentioned in Campaign Monitor is that “Apple iPhone is the most popular mobile client for reading emails with 29 percent of all opens occurring on this platform. Gmail is a close runner-up at 27 percent.”

Important parts of email!

We recommend business people to use automatic tools to have faster and more efficient email marketing. Validator email and email finder that will be explained in next parts of this article are some of the tools fostering email marketing.

Furthermore business people need to pay enough attention to some other important facts that can make an email to be opened by the receiver or go directly to the trash folder!

What else has made your email open rate to increase!?

Email content really matters! What to write and how to write it is of great importance not only in emails but also wherever you need to send a message:

Email subject determines the open rate of email!

A brief (under 50 characters) but effective, simple and informative subject that creates a sense of importance has a great role to boost open rate.

If you like to write a real effective subject line, you can choose one of these styles to make a bold email subject: Humorous, mysterious, shocking, one single word, contains numbers or questions.

Positive news at the first lines of email!

Never write negative points in the beginning. Instead write astonishing and positive news in the first lines of email to attract readers’ attention.

To whom you are writing!

Most people scanning their emails are in search of familiar words, names, and interests. So it is important to be aware of audience’s interests, expectations and preferences.

If you send email to certain person or firm, answer these questions before start writing the email: How old is your audience? Where is the company located? How big is the company? What is his educational background?

Never forget greetings!

Select the greeting based on the receiver’s position, age and education. It is better to write the name of the receiver and if you do not know his/her name and do not know the gender, some phrases like “to whom it may concerns” or “dear sir/madam” can be written.

Informal vs. formal!

What is your relationship with the receiver? Is it the first time you are writing to him or not? What is the purpose of your email? The manner of speaking to a manager is different! Instead of saying “can you…”, it is recommended to say “I was wondering if you could…” to a company manager.


It is important to write to-the-point and clearly. Refuse ambiguous content! You can use some strategies like listing and tables to organize and classify data. Readers are attracted by organized data and refuse to read ambiguous emails.

Email length!

Mention all necessary points that the reader should know but do not make the email long! Usually receivers delete long emails without any reading as they don’t like to take a risk and waste time to read a long context.

Choose a smart closing!

At the end of email, give thanks to the reader and write a respectful closing based on your email tone and intonation. It is the last part of your email and the last opportunity to affect the reader so try to make most of it!

Do not forget to add contacts to your email!

Never leave an email without writing your contacts. It is better to add your company name, website address, email address, phone, fax, and mobile number. Add as many contacts as you have!

Please take a look at the bellow picture containing the main points every email writer should consider to provide an effective email according to MindTools.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.
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Famous free email accounts

Though this article mainly concentrates on email, email marketing, validator email and email detector, the introduction of famous email accounts is felt missing! Let’s talk a little more about the email accounts that can be verified by validator emails.


Gmail is defined as “a free email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail started as a limited beta release on April 1, 2004 and ended its testing phase on July 7, 2009” in Wikipedia.

According to HubSpot blog, “one of the reasons Gmail has become so popular is because of all the communication options in your inbox that don't involve email.”

It adds “Gmail is an everyday email inbox you can sign up for by registering for a Google account. But it's built into Google Suite, a group of free apps that allow you to chat, video-conference, and share files with the people in your contact list.”


AOL is really effective for anyone who uses email for most of his communication. The most attractive feature of AOL is its unlimited email storage!

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo mail sits just behind AOL in storage space. It is recommended for the people who usually attach files or receive files via email.


ProtonMail “offers just 500 MB of free space, but for the worthy trade of encrypted email, allowing you to send messages that nobody else can see, and disappear after a month” mentioned in HubSpot blog.

HubSpot added “As with most webmail platforms, ProtonMail is easy to use on any device without any software needed to encrypt your emails. Its inbox interface is as easy to understand at a glance as the other email services on this list, and offers quick color-coded labels to help you further organize which emails deserve the most care and protection.”

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail https://www.apple.com/icloud/) is suitable for the people who use Mac and want everything on one system. Ease of integration arguably is one of the key advantages of iCloud Mail.

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is provided by Yandex, a Russian web company. Free Yandex Mail helps users to link it to their Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts, and personalize their email inbox. Needless to say that Yandex is the first top web search engine in Russia.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird has a quick email inbox setup and a very simple-to-use user interface. Also it provides a customizable email inbox.

GMX Mail

According to HubSpot blog “While you may not have heard of GMX Mail, it’s been around for quite a while (since 1997) — and it has a bunch of features that make it worth considering. First off, GMX offers 65GB of storage. That’s a lot of storage for a free email service. In fact, they claim that allows you to keep nearly half a million messages in your Inbox!”


small companies, freelancers, and self-employed people are advised to use Mail.com as they can choose any domain they prefer based on their job. Mail.com offers 200 custom domain names like musician.org, accountant.com, engineer.com and etc.


Zoho is a user friendly email service as it integrates with Google Drive, Box, and other cloud-based file managers and also has a built-in task manager.

The most important feature of Zoho as mentioned in HubSpot blog is “the ability to customize the domain name for up to 25 connected email addresses. Want to replace "@zoho.com" with the name of your business's website? You can do so under Zoho Lite, which gives you 5 GB for free -- all under "username@yourdomainname.com.”


Outlook provided by Microsoft integrates with some other popular communication apps including Skype, Facebook, PowerPoint, PayPal and etc. Therefore it is a good choice for any person who uses different platforms to connect with others.

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What is a valid email address?

As the name suggests, a valid email address is the one to which you can send email!

The people who are using emails every day like email marketers know the significance of valid email addresses. Many marketers and sales persons complain from the numerous wrong email addresses they deal with every day. They cannot understand that an email address is correct or not unless they send an email!

Imagine a marketer with 1000 email addresses list that many of them are not valid! He spends time to send emails but the result is not satisfactory. If he checks the reliability of emails with automatic tools, easily he can understand which emails are wrong and which are not.

validator email is the only automatic tool that can detect fake emails and support marketers with accurate email addresses list.

Validator email donates correct lists of emails to you to get the first place in competition!

Email addresses check, more essential than ever!

Half of the world’s population is going to have email in 2023 and this huge usage of email ascends the necessity of email address check more than anytime!

Email verification with the help of validator emails can prevent sending email to fake email addresses and is a big step toward time investment and being connected with real clients faster.

Now you may ask how to perform perfect email verification? Can we verify email address without sending email? Is there any automatic validator email tool? How much time is required to make a valid email address list with the help of bulk validator email?

Artificial intelligence ready to change lives!

It can be helpful to introduce artificial intelligence before any explanation about validator email or email detectors as AI is the basis of such tools.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as “the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving” in Investopedia.

Usually robots come in people’s minds as soon as they hear the phrase of artificial intelligence as big-budget films and novels are made about human-like machines. However AI’s applications are endless!

According to Harvard Extension School artificial intelligence is used widely in business including automation, data analytics, and natural language processing. Moreover it is applied to update files, forecast costumer behavior, detect scam & frauds, enhance marketing, verify data, check companies, and so on.

In 2018, Harvard Business Review predicted that artificial intelligence stands to make the greatest influence on marketing services, supply chain management and manufacturing.

Soon this predictions play out in real time. It is easier than ever to find customers, connect with them, track marketing success, and personalize the customer experience with the help of artificial intelligence.

“Marketing and sales prioritize AI and machine learning higher than any other department in enterprises today” said Forbes.

Tools created to check and verify information are using artificial intelligence like validator email, phone number verifier, company verification services and etc.

Validator email can do the work of fifty ordinary individual, thanks to the artificial intelligence!

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Validator email

You will not miss real clients if you trust validator email!

Validator email also is known as:

As its name suggests, validator email is a simple but really helpful gadget to test if an email address is valid or not! It is done to ensure that the collected emails are as true as possible, and to soften human and instrument errors. Email verification is an ongoing procedure which should begin as soon as email gathering is started and continue during email entry and analysis.

Validator email ensures the email sender that his message is received by all email receivers!

Real time email validation is the gift of validator email to any person who knows the significance of time. These smart people are usually in search of new ways to verify email address without sending email.

What a professional validator email gives an email marketer is a bag full of time, energy and money!

Mail-Scraper’s validator email

Mail-scraper is a superhero business improvement website. It is a flexible tool that adapts to new customers’ needs and expectations fast.

It believes that client’s success leads to Mail-Scraper own success! Hence it attracts the clients who really love to take a leap. Such clients choose trustworthy business improvement tools to achieve their goals faster.

Mail-Scraper has gathered all you expect from a validator email and donates a professionally designed and developed validator email to the global countries with respect to email validation rules.

It continues the good way has started as a bulk validator email. Mail-Scraper started strongly by hiring innovative, dedicated, passionate, educated and experienced engineers and endeavor to remain so by continuous training of employees and using the latest modern technologies.

This validator email helps marketer to bounce profits, build more business opportunities, cool business costs down, multiply sales opportunities, increase clients’ satisfaction, invest time and generally make your job easier!

How does Mail-Scraper’s validator email work?

After the easy process of signing up and subscription, you can start your enjoyable email verification!

Mail-Scraper’s validator email gets one or a list of emails you want to be checked. You can simply write or paste any email address or upload long list of emails in spreadsheet files.

As soon as you click on the button of search, Mail-Scraper starts to:

Verify email syntax

syntax analysis is done to see whether the email format is false or true. Also it tells what the error is and what its accurate form is. For instance the unsupported characters or the missed @-sign are reported.

Domain Name System (DNS) checkup

according to CLOUDFLARE “The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. Humans access information online through domain names, like nytimes.com or espn.com.”

Mail-Scraper’s validator email checks Domain Name system of each email to find any error and inconsistency.

SMTP verification

If it is possible, an SMTP connection will be made to a mail server that is responsible for the email and it reports any error and problem.

The result is also given in spreadsheet file which consists the correct forms of wrong emails! Remember that all the mentioned process is completed within a matter of seconds.

Why marketers prefer to use Mail-Scraper’s validator email?

Reliable result!

It is worth mentioning that 98% of the prepared results by Mail-Scraper are true! This is what email marketers are always looking for!

Single & bulk email verification!

It is a bulk validator email that can get a single or thousands of email addresses from the client and test them one by one with the help of artificial intelligence to understand whether they are real and true or not.

Most of clients look for a bulk validator email, not just a single Email Tester as they are working with unlimited number emails.

Various pricing plans of email verification!

Mail-Scraper has provided two main pricing plans for clients to choose the one meeting their requirements better:

  • Small team: 5.000 requests in validator email and email finder services only by paying 29.9$
  • Enterprise: 15.000 requests in validator email and email finder services only by paying 99.9$

Free validator email by Mail-Scraper!

It provides free Email Tester for any new potential customer.

It allows any new visitor to verify 25 email addresses free of charge. This helps new users to ensure the premium quality of its validator email before any subscription and payment.

Lifetime validator email!

All pricing plans of Mail-Scraper are lifetime and have no time limitation. For instance the user of enterprise plan can verify all his 15,000 emails in one day or till any time he prefers!

Complete email check!

Mail-Scraper’s validator email performs a syntax check as well as DNS search and SMTP verification. Nothing can escape from Mail-Scraper’s eyes!

The fastest validator email of the market!

Quick email verification is the expertise of Mail-Scraper helping clients to invest time. No need to find email s manually; instead you need to wait only two seconds for reliable email verification.

Both company & employee emails are checked!

Mail-Scraper’s validator email can test both company emails and emails of individuals, especially the persons running a company and decision makers that have a significant role in company deals and contracts.

Globally available!

The professional validator email of Mail-scraper can support all types of companies in any part of the world.

User friendly website!

Users at any age and with any amount of computer knowledge can benefit from its validator email as an in detail tutorial is ready in Mail-Scraper website.

Also it has a simple to use, mobile friendly, well-organized and clear website.

Daily update of email verification algorithms

Mail-Scraper uses the latest technology and updates the procedure constantly to add the latest technologies of AI.

validator email, email validator, email verification service, email checker, bulk email checker, checker email, bulk checker email

Email finder

Email finder or email extractor is the tool created to find company emails and provide a complete reliable collection of them.

Email Extractor can assist not only businessmen and producers but also any person searching a complete list of Emails for his goal including students, instructors, scientists, job seekers, reporters, doctors, and etc.

A dentist may use an email extractor to find the emails of all manufacturers of dental implants. A job seeker can find the emails of companies that are in search of employee. Even a student can reach the emails of best mathematics teachers in his city, simply by an email extractor!

However do not forget that all email extractors do not facilitate your job and choosing inappropriate free email extractor app may even mislead you by unreliable data!

The best email finder of the market will be introduced to you in next part that certifies the prosperity of your business within the shortest period of time on the basis of preparing the most reliable and valid data!

Mail-Scraper’s email finder!

Validator email is only one of the extraordinary services of Mail-Scraper; the second important tool is email finder!

It is a long time that Mail-Scraper is helping customers who wish to collect emails related to their business as fast and authentic as possible.

Both quality and time matters for our clients. They prefer to pay for Mail-Scraper’s reliable email extractor service instead of wasting their invaluable time to scan multiple sites and social apps in seek of true emails!

Mail-Scraper tries hard to help all old and new businesses by providing the most reliable and valid data collected carefully with many years of experience and knowledge.

How does Mail-scraper’s email finder work?

First of all the user write or copy & paste the name or website domain of a company. Also the people who wants to use Mail-Scraper’s bulk email finder can upload excel file of company names or domains in which the names/domains are written in first columns.

As soon as the user clicks the search button, the process is started! Mail-Scraper checks its email database with over 400 million of verified company emails.

Most of the time this database covers the emails that the user ask and if the requested email was not in the database, it starts to check and investigate web pages of different search engines in real time.

All gathered emails then are verified and a complete syntax check, DNS lookup and SMTP verification are done on theses emails to ensure they are real, correct and valid. False emails are never recommended by Mail-Scraper’s email finder!

The last step is to deliver the result. All mentioned processes are done within two seconds and the gathered true emails are demonstrated rapidly.

Why Mail-Scraper is the top email finder of the market!?

The most comprehensive email database! The inclusive email database of Mail-Scraper has over 400 million emails of companies and their employees!

Arguably it has the most complete and ever growing source of company emails compared with other email finders and all the emails are checked via its validator email.

Almost 90% of the searched company email addresses are in the complete database of our email search tool and it has to check web pages very rarely.

Crawling web pages to find company emails in real time! If a company email address was not available in email database of Mail-Scraper which rarely happens, rapidly and simultaneously, it checks various web pages to find and check it.

The only email finder of the market that can find emails just by having the name of a company! Most of email finders require the domain of a company to extract its emails while Mail-scraper supports two different ways:

  • It can find company emails by uploading company domain.
  • Or it can detect company email addresses by uploading only the name of a company.

The most professional email verification service! Most of email finders claim to verify the company email addresses but there is a long distance between what they claim and how they really act!

Mail-Scraper has the most professional and precise validator email among all email finders which certifies the accuracy of 98% of provided emails, a key difference between Mail-Scraper and other similar email finders, helping you to find the right person to pitch.

The email assessment process is necessarily value-laden as false emails not only do not lead us to the person they should but also makes us far away. Here is the time which helps the competitors to get ahead!

Emails of all company members! Mail-Scraper is not only a simple email finder able to find company emails but also ready to detect the emails of company employees.

The user can mention the name of a corporation and the employee whose email is required, quickly his/her email is provided with the help of this creative email finder!

No difference the user needs the emails of a company’s manager, decision maker or a simple worker, the emails of any employee that the user asks, can be extracted unless he doesn’t possess an email!

The fastest email finder of the market! One of the main differences between Mail-Scraper and other email finders of the market is its ability to both extract company emails and check their accuracy in the blink of an eye.

No need to waste your invaluable time while such a fast and high quality email finder is in access. Mail-Scraper checks its comprehensive email database and web searches in real time because we respect the valuable time of our customers and endeavor to save it.

A simple to use email finder! You only need an internet access to be connected to the precise and complete world of Mail-Scraper.

It is designed with the purpose of being convenient for all old and young users so there is no need to have any special knowledge of computer, with a few simple clicks of mouse, verified company emails are demonstrated on the desktop.

A bulk email finder: Mail-Scraper can detect as many company emails as the user wishes in a matter of seconds, one hundred, one thousand or even more!

Just upload the list of company names in Mail-Scraper. After two seconds, thousands of company emails are provided!

Single email search and bulk search are both supported in this email extractor.

Worldwide email finder, covering all global companies: Mail-Scraper can extract emails of companies located in any part of the world. The emails of all Asian, European, American, African and Australian corporations are saved in its database.

You may be in search of emails of a popular company in France or a small unknown company in China which seems like finding a needle in a haystack!

But remember that Mail-Scraper easily finds it! Mail-Scraper makes every difficult situation simple and achievable. The combination of latest technology, creativity and the responsibility of our experts have changed Mail-Scraper to a modern and revolutionized email finder and validator email.

An email finder with a continuously updated database! Mail-Scraper checks and updates emails of its database regularly to:

  • Add new company email addresses
  • Delete expired emails
  • Update changed emails

A cost effective email finder! All packages of Mail-Scraper are provided at best competitive rates to assist small and new firms. New established companies are more in need of various business improvement tools and such products like email finders, phone number extractors, URL finders, validator email and so on can play a very effective role on their fast business boost.

Mail-Scraper as a premium quality email provider with best prices can be a fantastic choice for any new company in which costs and expenses really matter.

Eliminate risky cost overruns and additional charges by Mail-Scraper!

Free email finder (free trail): Mail-Scrape provides 25 free company email search for the potential customers who want to test Mail-Scraper and be sure of its quality.

The most supportive and committed email finder of the market! Day and night, the experts of Mail-Scraper are available to answer questions, solve ambiguities and errors as soon as the user asks.

We do our best to provide an excellent and promising email finder that customers never forget.

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How to find employee emails!?

Email validator and company emails finder are the most famous services of Mail-Scraper. Moreover it has another well-designed tool to detect emails of company employees!

Mail-Scraper helps you to connect directly with any person of a company you like!

Person email finder of Mail-Scraper gets the name of a company and the name of the employee you look for his/her email. In two seconds the correct email addresses of that person are collected!

Mail-Scraper’s person email finder sends your message directly to the intended person. You may like to send a message to a company manger, CEO or other decision makers. On the other hand you may prefer to email to a company’s secretary, sales executive or a simple worker! It depends on your decision!

If Mail-Scraper’s person email finder gave you no result, you can certainly ensure that the intended person has no email address!

Employee email finder improves your job speed & saves time, minimizes errors, lowers business frauds, helps users to find real clients faster, and makes the business environment more convenient.

A buyer usually prefers to send email to a company sales executive. It is better for a seller to communicate directly with the person in charge of purchasing or purchasing manager. Another person may like to talk directly to a company’s CEO for any other purpose. It depends on your decision!

Mail-Scraper’s support team never leaves you alone!

Mail-Scraper hired educated and experienced engineers to ensure the highest quality of email finder and validator email to be designed and created.

Mail-scraper’s talented experts are responsive and eager to answer any kind of question, solve errors and add clarity and extra information for new potential users. Also a complete and in-detail tutorial helps users at any age and with any amount of knowledge to find out how to work with our finder and validator email.

Mail-Scraper accompanies clients from the first time they visit Mail-Scraper’s website till the final steps of email marketing.

Extra time is not a dream with Mail-Scraper!

Mail-Scraper provides extra time for marketers helping them to concentrate on more important parts of their job. How does it help marketers investing more time?

Mail-Scraper provides the result with the highest possible speed. Data preparation in the shortest possible time is one the main worries of Mail-Scraper. Therefore the verification algorithms and strategies are updated daily to delete bugs and enhance the speed.

Mail-Scraper’s validator email makes marketers free of concern and ensures them that their message will be received by all the receivers. No need to be worry about the result, make most of the time!

Mail-Scraper’s validator email and email extractor are flexible and uncomplicated services. It only takes a few minutes from the time you enter Mail-Scraper’s website till the time you download the result!

Moreover Mail-Scraper has a great influence to save energy of user because it changes the business environment to a simpler and more organized one. You do not have to search in lots of web pages and Social Medias to find emails.

However email verification is not possible even if you spend several hours! Email verification without sending email is only possible if you use validator email.

Mail-Scraper stops the rush of unverified data that makes your mind ambiguous!

Always search reliable data!

No data is better than false one!

Today it is more important than any other time to have access to true and verified data. Whatever you see and read in Google, other search engines or Social Media is not true!

The value and key role of data verification to check veracity and discover inconsistencies is not a secret! Accurate and verified information is the recipe for improvement!

Researchers who need authentic information to complete their study know the significance of data accuracy better than any other person. The success of a study is deeply depended on the sources providing information.

People usually trust the news they get from reliable sources not the one provided by yellow press!

Business people are also in search of the latest correct analysis of the market. A chemical buyer should know the ups and downs of market to decide when to buy and when stop buying! Reliable magazines predicting future market can give efficient hints to follow!

A teacher should update and expand her knowledge continuously to be able to transfer this information to students and also be ready to ask the students’ new questions.

If you travel to a city for the first time and want to find the best way of different destinations, the value of a valid, updated and reliable online map is demonstrated!

Marketers are not apart from this issue! They try to find trustworthy contacts of clients and use various strategies like validator email, URL checker and other similar tools to reach this purpose.

We all know how important it is to have a list of verified phone numbers for marketing or a reliable market analysis telling us when to invest and when to stop buying. How invaluable is to check a long list of email addresses with the help of a validator email?

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Email marketing is in your control by Mail-Scraper!

Mail-Scraper is not a beginner; it is the pioneer in the modern world of facilitating tools, performing its duty as a validator email and email finder perfectly and professionally!

It uses the latest ways to find emails and the most updated verification algorithms to increase the probability of success. Mail-Scraper pays attention to the matter of time-saving, reliability, and cost effectiveness!

Whatever an email marketer is looking for is gathered in Mail-Scraper helping them to become needless of any other service.

Mail-Scraper finds and collects company and individual email addresses and also verifies them before presentation. This is what marketers really need!

Mail-Scraper has not become the most popular email detector and validator email of the market accidentally. This follows many years of endeavor! Talented, creative and high educated engineers and experts came together in Mail-Scraper to make email marketing a simple and enjoyable task!

Email marketers have the easiest job of the world if they trust Mail-Scraper!

Email verification and extraction were never as easy as today! Mail-Scraper keeps email marketing afloat and beyond any marketer’s expectations and dreams.

You are only one step far from the success! If you trust Mail-Scraper, that step goes away!

Validator email is only one side of the subject!

Smart marketers do not rely only on email and prefer to enter the competition from different channels!

Equally important to email finders and validator email, there are many other tools active in the field of contacts extraction and verification. Marketers need clients’ contacts like phone numbers, website addresses, and their accounts on Social Media to be found, collected and verified.

Companies and marketers can benefit from the tools created for these purposes which follow the techniques behind validator email and email finder like phone number extractor and verifier, URL finder and checker and so on.

All these services help marketers to be connected with real clients faster than their competitors!

Marketers who select and trust the best automatic tools in appropriate time win the deal, not the one wasting time on repetitive tasks!

The job of a marketer, who finds emails with the help of an email finder, checks email’s accuracy with validator email, collects company landline and mobile phone numbers via automatic tools and gets the company website URLs for a list of companies by URL finders is much more easier than a marketer working with no automatic tool!


Nowadays technology is an undeniable necessity in any part of our private and business life.

According to Chron “Technological advances enable small businesses to work more efficiently in a number of different ways. Whether that means collaborating with remote colleagues using video-conferencing software or texting customers to request a Google review, technology allows businesses to more effectively reach their goals.”

“For many small businesses, technology has opened up a new market online. While many companies still serve customers in person, many organizations have online stores. E-commerce allows small businesses to reach wider audiences that are outside of their geographical area, which can be particularly useful for small niche offerings” added by Chron.

Mail-Scraper is one of the technologies helping thousands of businesses dealing with email marketing. It helps users to verify email address without sending email and to find and collect emails automatically.

The great and professionally designed tools of Mail-Scraper including company email detector, person email finder and validator email insist on improving email marketing’s weaknesses and change them to great opportunities.

Mail-Scraper is a collection of high accuracy, best prices and high speed. We guarantee to provide a valid email address list at best rates and in the shortest possible time.

Mail-Scraper is your loyal partner helping you in all steps of email marketing, thanks to its professional company and individual email finders and validator email.