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Email History

Ray Tomlinson was an American computer programmer that invented email, a simple and yet effective way to send and receive messages through electronic devices like computer and cell phones. He selected @ symbol from the keyboard to denote delivering messages from one device to another one.

The Cloudflare Blog mentioned the answer of Ray Tomlinson to the question of why he created email: “Mostly because it seemed like a neat idea. There was no directive to ‘go forth and invent e-mail’.”

Email started to enhance rapidly since 1970s. Soon it became one of the main means of communication for sending and receiving private and business messages. However today it is mainly used for business purposes.

Even the great growth of chatting, audio and video calls through social media and messengers do not affect the popularity of email.

Email Communication Advantages

According to The Cloudflare Blog, email not only helped people to communicate easier but also changed how they talk with each other. It also mentioned the words of C. R. Linklider and Albert Vezza in 1978:

“One of the advantages of the message systems over letter mail was that, in an ARPANET message, one could write tersely and type imperfectly, even to an older person in a superior position and even to a person one did not know very well, and the recipient took no offense... Among the advantages of the network message services over the telephone were the fact that one could proceed immediately to the point without having to engage in small talk first, that the message services produced a preservable record, and that the sender and receiver did not have to be available at the same time.”

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.


Due to the ever growing popularity of email over the years, many rules have been created to control email communication, stop spam emails and many changes was performed to make the process of email communication easier and more enjoyable.

Among all advances to minimize email errors and eliminate junk emails, the need of tools in order to make email communication easier is felt more than ever! Any tool which can simplify the process of email communication and help email users is appreciated.

This caused Mail-Scraper to create three helpful and fabulous tools to make email marketing easier than before:

  • Email verification software
  • Company email finder
  • Employee email finder
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Verify email address without sending email by Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper has a powerful tool to check email account and verify email address. It assists numerous users of email, especially email marketers, sellers and buyers by providing a valid email address list in a shorter time.

Real time email validation is the gift of Mail-Scraper to any person who knows the significance of time. These smart people were in search of any way to verify email address without sending email. This encouraged Mail-Scraper to launch a high quality email verification service.

What you need to do is to enter any company email or a list of company emails and click search button. It verifies email addresses in a matter of seconds and sends a valid email address list to the user.

Users know Mail-Scraper as the best way to verify email address as:

  • It is a bulk Email Verifier. Whether you enter one email or a 1000 email addresses list, it can check them perfectly and precisely.
  • It provides quick email verification.
  • It has free email validation for new potential clients.
  • It verifies email address without sending email.
  • It verifies email address in only two seconds.
  • It uses the most new and professional methods and algorithms to make real email addresses list.
  • The offered rates to verify email addresses are really reasonable and competitive.
  • The different plans offered by Mail-Scraper to find and verify email address are all lifetime.
  • This highly-prized Email Verification Service of Mail-Scraper is available as soon as connected to the internet.
  • It can find and verify email address of any company in any part of the world, no restriction in company type and location.
  • The committed and responsive team of Mail-Scraper always supports clients with clear advice and guidance.

How to make a valid email address list in Mail-Scraper?

Mail-Scraper provides valid email address list through its professional email finder or email extractor. It is a superhero tool which extracts emails from its complete database of emails and web pages in real time. Then verifies email addresses to ensure their veracity and trueness. It is a good and technical alternative for finding emails manually.

Previously, many people wasted their invaluable time in the long and mindless process of Googling to Find Email Address By Name or a worse and older method of guess and check, which frankly is no more the choice of a smart marketer!

While an email extractor can find and verify email address in two seconds, why to try other old and time consuming techniques!? Isn’t it better to save your time for more noteworthy tasks!?

How to detect employee emails in Mail-Scraper?

Professional email finders like Mail-Scraper not only find and verifies email address but also can find company employees’ email addresses by their names. The emails of all people active in a company are reachable by Mail-Scraper, from a simple worker, secretary and accountant to company owners, managers, shareholders and decision makers.

The only situation in which you see the message of “No email found!” is related to when the given employee has no email at all!

You may ask why to find employees' emails based on their name while the official email of companies is easier to detect. Sometimes you may get no reply from a company email but you shouldn’t be hopeless.

In addition to other ways of communication like phone conversation or sending message to their accounts on social media, you can try sending emails to any person that is active and working in that company.

You can send emails to the company decision makers, marketers, salespersons or all of them at the same time! Sometimes entering a business situation from different channels is more secure and beneficial.

At least you ensure that your message is received! If one of them does not check his/her email, the other one may do it!

Our email extractor finds company emails and if you didn’t get a response, you can start sending emails to company employees. Never be disappointed, always there are countless new ways to solve the puzzle! You only need to be creative to discover new methods and trust innovative tools like Mail-Scraper to help you.


The Mail-Scraper team came together, designed and launched different and creative tools to collect and verify email address rapidly, reliably and effortlessly. Hiring professional, qualified and creative experts gives us reassurance that Mail-Scraper services have sustainable functionality.

Mail-Scraper aims to not just meet customers’ expectations, but exceed them! Our email finder and email verification service are created professionally to make your business concerns and problems removed. Having a good understanding of artificial intelligence is an asset that Mail-Scraper has acquired through years of experience.

email marketing is so much easier if you trust Mail-Scraper as the most trustworthy and professional way to find and verify email address. Without Mail-Scraper’ email finder and bulk email verifier, you have a high hill to climb but we have achieved that and more. It’s our expertise to eliminate restrictions and help our customers to perform their business tasks easier and faster than ever.