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Do You Check Email Before Sending Message?

Electronic mail or Email is used to transform information (texts, jpeg, audio and video files) through electronic devices like mobile devices and computers.

Email marketing is probably the most important use of email through which marketers and sellers can find real customers, communicate & keep connected with them, advertise, offer products and services and use any creative strategy to encourage customers for deal.

According to a 2015 study that was done in UK, the primary goals of email marketing were as follow:

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As you see on the diagram, email marketing is mainly used for selling products and services (26%). Engagement, acquisition, lead generation, retention and brand awareness were respectively in second to sixth place.

Whatever your purpose of email marketing is, it is very important to be sure of the accuracy of email addresses. Imagine you want to send one hundred emails to some company decision makers in order to offer them a great deal opportunity. If you had checked emails before sending, the intended people will certainly receive your message. And if not, some or many of them will not get your offer and you may even do not understand!

If an email address is wrong in spelling, you probably will be informed through an email that your message is not transferred because the email address does not exist. And if the email address is not related to the person you intend, you may lose an opportunity.

If you are tired of sending message to wrong and unrelated emails, if lots of your time is wasted to check emails, if you hate the message of “email address does not exist!”, read the rest of this article to be familiar with the best way to check email fast and reliably.

Person Email Finder

You can search any person name in any company.

Mail-Scraper services

Mail-Scraper is not a simple tool. It has different useful and fantastic services including:

  • Company email finder: it finds emails of companies in one click as many as the user asks (bulk email finder). The key point is that at least 98% of the provided emails are true and verified.
  • Person email finder: it is a good way to detect the emails of the persons running a company or it’s better to say any person working in a company that has an email. You may like to send a message to a company manager and decision maker or to a sales executive, no difference, all are available.
  • Email verifier: it allows user to check email of leads. It is an Email Tester that certifies the accuracy of 98% of the provided information.

Mail-Scraper’s email verifier service (email tester, email validator, email checker) is used every hour by many marketers, sales person and any person to whom data verification is important across the globe.

Mail-Scraper checks emails of both companies and individuals. It converts your unreliable emails to a valid email address list. Online email test is an invaluable way to:

  • improve workflow
  • save time & energy
  • lower errors
  • connect with true people and companies faster
  • concentrate on the email content rather that email verification

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Check email professionally by Mail-Scraper

  • Advanced email verification algorithms: Mail-Scraper uses the best online email test methods to check emails with 98% of veracity.
    • Comprehensive email database: Mail-Scraper has an inclusive database of emails with over 400 million company and individual emails. This ever growing source of business emails has made Mail-Scraper to stand out from competitors.
    • Web page crawling: various search engines are investigated in real time to double check email.
  • Check emails of companies and persons: our email verifier checks emails of corporations and their employees.
  • Bulk email verifier: Mail-Scraper checks emails with no restriction on the number of companies. A single corporation or thousands of company emails can be tested or found.
  • Check emails rapidly: all our services are working in the blink of an eye. As soon as you click the search button, the valid email address list is shown with no latency.
  • Supports API request: users can apply our API endpoint to integrate with their services.
  • Pay as use: You can pay as you need for each separate service.
  • Chrome plugin: client can use Mail-Scraper’s Google chrome plugin to simplify his work.
  • Easy to use: our Email Verification Service as well as tools of finding emails are all available in the well-organized and clear website of Mail-Scraper. You only need an internet access to be connected to the precise and complete world of Mail-Scraper. It is designed with the purpose of being simple for all old and young users so there is no need to have any special knowledge of computer, with a few simple clicks of mouse, a valid email address list is demonstrated on the desktop.
  • Global services: Mail-Scraper’s email finder and email tester are available for any interested person across the globe.
  • Updated email verification algorithms: Mail-Scraper checks emails of its database regularly and uses the latest methods to verify email address without sending email. Mail-Scraper is the best and tries to remain so!
  • An affordable way to check email: email verifier software of Mail-Scraper provides various services to find and check emails of companies and employees at best competitive rates. New established companies are more in need of various business improvement tools and such products like email finders and email verifiers are really helpful for them if provided at reasonable prices. If costs and expenses matter for you, try our online email tester. Eliminate risky cost overruns and additional charges by Mail-Scraper!
  • Different pricing plans: clients can select any of the bellow pricing plans based on their needs. All plans are lifetime.
    • Personal: it is free of charge! Any person that signs up in Mail-Scraper can use all our three services of company email finder, person email finder and email verifier 25 times for free.
    • Personal: it consists 5,000 requests. If you select this plan, you can check emails and find company and individual emails by paying only 29.9$.
    • Personal: clients can find and check 15,000 emails only by paying 99.9$.
  • Committed: Mail-Scraper is a committed and supportive team trying hard to keep its clients satisfied.

Let Mail-Scraper to check emails & enjoy the result!

Try Mail-Scraper to be surprised of the result and become the perpetual user of this creative email finder and Email Verification Service. We endeavor to add innovative features and functionalities to eliminate any possible limit.

All marketers, recruiters and sales teams in search of business emails can use Mail-Scraper to keep ahead of competition and create an effective conquest marketing campaign.

Mail-Scraper aims to revolutionize the way business owners previously had been used for marketing and encourage them to benefit from new innovative tools designed exclusively to boost business. Email marketing is more organized, comfortable, purposeful and rapid with the help of Mail-Scraper!