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Email is the modern era’s most effective means of communication with a brilliant versatility. It eliminates all geographic and time boundaries. It is a multi-purpose, fast, simple, free and convenient tool for data transformation.

We believe email is a fantastic channel as a certain degree of intimacy is attached to it. Your email inbox is a great curated space filled with messages from favorite companies and businesses.

Although mobile messengers have grown and improved recently, email is still a prominent part of online lives. It acts as an excellent and unique opportunity to inform people of any new product, service or achievement and do not let clients to forget your brand.

Accordingly, it is the pioneer tool in digital marketing through which exchange of information, updates, enquiries, and any type of communication occurs fast and as efficient as possible.

What is email marketing?

According to Sendinblue , “Email marketing is the act of targeting consumers with a commercial message through email with the goal of driving sales, increasing customer loyalty, or communicating important information. It’s a form of a direct marketing that, in the past, was commonly used to target mass groups of people. However, modern email marketing is based on the principles of consent, segmentation, and personalization.”

Email marketing along with other methods of marketing like social media and phone marketing grow your business and move it forward.

Study.com explains the importance of email marketing in an example as follow: “Let's say you own a store that sells children's clothing. You receive a shipment of summer clothes and swimwear, and you're anxious to tell your customers about the cute new selections as well as see immediate sales results. You create an email that includes photos, product information, and a special coupon that's only valid for 24 hours. Within minutes of sending your email, you get responses in the form of questions, comments, and orders. Your email marketing brings immediate results.”

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Key roles of email in business

Email marketing specialists use email to Keep in touch directly with old customers and also find new potential clients.

The high rate of people engaged through email makes deep impression on email marketers to use email for business purposes more than other communication methods and instead of phone conversation, sending message in messengers or social media privately.

Email can be monitored, tracked and evaluated statistically simple. All messages can be saved and archived as reference. It is a fast way of communication in which sending data files less than 25 Megabyte is possible.

Needless to say that email is almost free! If we ignore the payment for internet service which is used by email slightly, no other cost is required.

Sendinblue believes that email can help you in all steps of marketing:

  • information & prospection stage
  • during conversion
  • and later on, for customer retention

What business purposes are achieved by email marketing ?

  • New leads and potential clients are generated.
  • People can become aware of a new brand.
  • It is considered as a good way to increase customer loyalty.
  • It grows your website’s traffic and social media followers.

Select the correct tools to grow your email marketing

How does Mail-Scraper check to see if email is valid?

Mail-scraper is one of the best strategies with which you can promote your email marketing and reduce the time needed to change a small business to a large one. It is an absolute necessity for any person in search of verified emails or looking for tools to confirm email address.

Mail-Scraper climbs the ladder of success faster than competitors as it checks new innovative ways to find, verify and confirm email address.

  • Find & confirm email address of companies: Whether the user enters the company domain name or only its name, Mail-Scraper with the help of artificial intelligence, easily finds and lists target emails. No need to worry if you do not know the website address of a company. Only enter the firm, business or brand name. First, Mail-Scraper finds the company URL and second extracts its emails within a matter of seconds! Another point to take in consideration is that Mail-Scraper checks and confirms email addresses and only send them when ensures their veracity.
  • Find & confirm email address of employees: another key feature of Mail-Scraper is to compile all emails related to a company employee. For instance you need the email of a sales executive working in a trading company. You only should mention his name and the name of the company, rest of the way is done by Mail-Scraper. It detects, checks, and confirms email address of the requested person in a few seconds.
  • Verify & confirm email address: Mail-Scraper is a bulk email verifier that can get one or many email address to check their trueness.

Mail-Scraper: a must have tool for email marketers

Mail-Scraper extracts and confirms email addresses of corporations out of different sources online and keeps them in a database which can be searched easily.

It is recommended by smart marketers and any person who has tried it even one time. What you see as the result on desktop is the sign of quality, high speed and innovation.

    • Offering different services: as mentioned before, it provides various services to find and confirm email address, simplifying your job as you do not have to work with many sites to meet your needs.
      • Company email finder
      • Employee email finder
      • Employee email finder
    • Bulk services: Mail-Scraper can get a single or thousands of email addresses from the client and test them one by one with the help of artificial intelligence to understand whether they are real and true or not.
      • Single or bulk company email finder
      • Single or bulk email finder of employees
      • Single or bulk email verifier
    • Free Email Verification Service: Mail-Scraper provides free email validation for new potential customers. Any new interested and curious person can find or confirm email address of 25 companies to see how Mail-Scraper works.
    • Economic pricing plans: Mail-Scraper has two main pricing plans as follow:
      • Small Team: 5.000 requests only by paying 29.9$. Clients can use all three services to collect, verify and confirm email address.
      • Enterprise: 15.000 requests only by paying 99.9$. Clients can use all three services to collect, verify and confirm email address.
    • Lifetime services: various tools of Mail-Scraper to find, check and confirm email address are lifetime and not restricted. For instance a user of Small Team plan can detect or confirm email address of 5,000 companies in a week, year or till any longer time he prefers!
    • Lifetime services: various tools of Mail-Scraper to find, check and confirm email address are lifetime and not restricted. For instance a user of Small Team plan can detect or confirm email address of 5,000 companies in a week, year or till any longer time he prefers!
    • High speed: Quick email verification is the expertise of Mail-Scraper to compile and confirm email address. It helps you invest time on other important parts of your job.
    • Checking both company & individual emails: Mail-Scraper’s email verification service verifies both company emails and emails of individuals, especially the persons running a company and decision makers whose emails are very helpful.
    • Globally available: Mail-Scraper certifies to collect and confirm email address of any kind of business and company in any part of the world.
    • User friendly website: Users at any age and with any amount of computer knowledge can use Mail-Scraper. A complete tutorial in detail is ready in Mail-Scraper website for disambiguation. Mail-Scraper’s website is easy to use, mobile friendly, and all steps of our email finder and email verification services are clear, relevant and well-organized and well-designed.
    • Accuracy rate of 98%: another feature to take into consideration is that over 98% of the collected emails by Mail-Scraper are correct. We do not only claim! One time use of our email extractor and email tester services shows the degree of quality.
    • Daily update: We use the latest technology for email validation and update the procedure daily.