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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level by Email Test!

It’s clear that technology has made our business easier and more enjoyable. Email is almost an old and ordinary method of business communication compared with social networks extended in bulk but it is still an efficient and great method to send and receive messages.

Today not only small and midsize businesses but also old and experienced ones are interested to use emails for business purposes, to send offers & bids, advertise products & services, introduce a company, inquire price and etc. Email is still the main driver of:

  • Customer acquisition: email is used to find prospects, a perfect strategy for startups looking for new clients or even old customers in seek of new customers.

    A well-written cold email is a good and reliable way to introduce your company to many people globally at the shortest time and with minimum amount of costs.

  • Customer acquisition: email helps old companies to update their customers with new products & services, send special offers and discounts or even send special messages to respect them like birthday congratulation!

As seen on the bellow picture, 81% of SMBs still rely on email as the primary and most significant customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention (Emarsys, 2018).

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Email is incomparable with social media!

Although social networks are more used than ever, it doesn’t affect email communication and email value is increasing continuously. Email provides whatever you may expect:

  • High speed
  • Economically effective
  • Keeping messages
  • Data attachment

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

“Email marketing tops the chart in comparison to organic search, paid search, and social media when it comes to customers’ acquisition & retention. Not to say that Facebook isn’t important for your business, but if you’re looking for direct impact and reach, there’s no competition with email marketing” according to Oberlo

However it is recommended to continue social media marketing along with email marketing. Both of them together can complete each other, meet many of your needs, and eliminate restrictions.

Entering from different channels can be useful too. When you are in a hurry, it can be helpful to send message via email and through social networks and messengers like Facebook, linkedin, Skype, Wechat, Whatsapp, Instagram and etc. The more ways you send message through, the faster you may get a response!

Email test, urgent before sending message!

Email test helps your emails get delivered to the inbox of your customer. It reduces bounce rate significantly and provides a fast and secure environment for email marketing .

Find and Email test by Mail-Scraper:

  • Mail-Scraper’s email finder: Email Extractor is supposed to collect all reliable and valid emails in a few seconds, not all available emails in web pages! However, unlike Mail-Scraper, many email finders especially free email finders do not obey this rule and usually provide unverified emails. Imagine an American clothes producer receives a long list of European clothes importer’s emails provided by a free email extractor; starts to send offers to all these emails in search of prospects. After sending around one thousand emails, less than 10% of them reply! Oh, that’s embarrassing! The producer wants to find out the reason as he has wasted his golden time with no valuable result! He examines some of the emails that were provided by the free email extractor randomly; check their companies in the internet and understand that at least half of the provided emails are not reliable and accurate! Many email addresses were totally wrong, many of them were not related to clothes’ importers and many not related to European buyers! Choosing a free email extractorwas the biggest mistake of this producer! Free email finders collects emails for you but do not guarantee an email test to be done. That’s simple, they are free and we cannot expect a free app to provide email test!
  • Mail-Scraper’s email tester: Finding reliable emails of customers is important for all email marketers. Mail-Scraper’s email finder is created with the purposes of finding emails, perform email test and collect correct ones.

Our email test shows you whether the searched email is true or not. It prepares a valid email address list fast and makes a complete and precise email test:

  • DNS email test
  • syntax email test
  • SMPT email test

Mail-Scraper’s proficiencies

  • Real time email test and extraction: Mail-Scraper checks its database of emails and investigates web pages in real time to find verified emails and test them.
  • Bulk email tester: Mail-Scraperis a bulk email verifier as it can try, test and validate email addresses of an unlimited number of emails in real time.
  • Economic email test: Mail-Scraper’s services are reasonably priced, a good opportunity to invest marketing budget and spend it for more important parts of your business.
  • High accuracy rate: we do not claim that 100% of their result is correct. However we certify that over 98% of the result is valid and accurate as the latest technology is used in Mail-Scraper for email extraction and email test.
  • Chrome plugin: You can use Mail-Scraper’s Google chrome plugin to simplify workflow.
  • Latest methods for email test: The techniques and trends that are used to test email format are all updated daily.
  • Easy to work website: whether user needs an email test or extraction, the process is really easy with our well-designed and well-organized website.
  • Pay as use: You can pay as you need for each separate service of Mail-Scraper.
  • Free email test: to support customers as a client-focused company, we suggest free email test and extraction to new users. Each prospect can ask 25 free requests.
  • API request: Mail-scraper allows users to apply our API endpoint to integrate with their services.
  • Various services: Mail-scraper is not only used for email test. It is a great email finder or Email Extractor to detect and collect both company emails and emails of the persons running the company. Mail-Scraper services are as follow:
    • Finding company emails and verifying them based on company names or website URLs
    • Finding individual emails and verifying them based on company name or URL and the person name
    • Email test to check the accuracy of emails
  • Find emails by name: Mail-Scraper doesn’t need company website URL to find its emails. It only asks company name to provide emails. However if you have company URLs, no matter, we can find emails based on website URLs too.