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What Is Email Communication in Business?

Email was created by Ray Tomlinson on 1971, a simple and useful way that:

  • User can send and receive messages, audio and video files by email.
  • User can save messages for future reference with the help of email.
  • It helps user to communicate with any person in any part of the world as soon as making an email account and connecting to internet.
  • Email is a free tool of communication if we ignore the cost of internet service.
  • It is a fast way of data transformation compared with letters.
  • Email is a reliable, private and safe means of communication.

According to Todio, “Email (or e-mail) communication can be defined as the exchange of short informational messages between at least two people over a computer network. These messages containing plain text, images or document attachments are delivered through email web-based services like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.”

Why to extract emails?

Business marketers try to find more and more company and individual contacts related to their business. For instance an exporter of fruits to European countries is engaged in process of finding fruit importers of Europe so he has to detect their phone numbers, emails, mobile phone numbers and even their profiles on social media.

The more contacts he finds related to European fruit buyers, the more contracts may be signed! Even it is recommended to send message to a company through various ways if you do not get a response.

As mentioned before, email is one of the main means of business communication and the most official way to communicate with a company, to the extent that many companies only reply to emails, not to direct calls or messages on messengers unless they know the other side or working with an old client.

This caused marketers to search manually in various search engines to extract emails of companies which are related to their job. A seller is in search of emails of buyers and a buyer in search of exporters’ emails!

Do you know how many web pages they need to check carefully and investigate to find emails of related companies? How much time is required? And even if the intended email is found, how can be sure that it is correct and valid as many email addresses available on the web do not exist and are invalid.

A better way is to use automatic tools launched to extract emails. Read next part to know more about the best email extractor of market.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

How to extract emails automatically by Mail-Scraper?

Mail-Scraper has a professional tool with the name of email extractor or email finder which can find company emails instead of you! Mail-Scraper’s email finder has two main options which are demonstrated on the bellow picture:

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The necessity of email verification

Email verification has never been as necessary as today while business frauds and scams are more than anytime. Companies look for any new and innovative method to check the reality and existence of company emails.

undoubtedly is to use an email verification service which is famous with some other names like email verifier , email checker, email tester,email validator, email address validation tool and etc.

Email verification tools let you verify email address without sending email. It is the best way for email list verification. Many free email verification services are available but not trustful. You must choose one that certifies high accuracy rate of the result and provides quick email verification.

The email verification software of Mail-Scraper is introduced in next part. It is a fantastic and well-known tool in the field of email verification that helps users to invest time, save energy and concentrate on more important tasks.

Quality email verification by Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper is a pioneer in business improvement services with various tools. As mentioned, company email finder and person email finder are two of the popular services of Mail-Scraper. Another famous and useful tool prepared by Mail-Scraper is a professional email verification service:

  • Single & bulk email verification: It is a bulk email verifier that can get a single or thousands of email addresses from the client and test them one by one with the help of artificial intelligence to understand whether they are real and true or not. Most of clients look for bulk email validation, not just a single email tester.
  • Free email verification service: It provides free email validation for any new potential customer by allowing him to verify 25 email addresses free of charge. This helps new users to ensure the premium quality of our email verification before any subscription and payment.
  • Various pricing plans for email verification: Mail-Scraper has provided two main pricing plans for clients to choose the one meeting their requirements better:
    • Small team: 5.000 requests for email verification and extraction only by paying 29.9$ Enterprise: 15.000 requests for email verification and extraction only by paying 99.9$
  • Lifetime email verification services: All our email verification services are lifetime and have no time limitation. For instance the user of enterprise plan can verify all his 15,000 emails in one day or till any time he prefers!
  • Comprehensive email database: Our email verification tool has a complete email database but it is not enough for us! Simultaneously it checks web pages to ensure and double check the correctness and existence of emails.
  • Rapid email verification: Quick email verification is the expertise of Mail-Scraper. Our bulk email verifier helps you invest time. You do not have to find emails manually; instead you need to wait only two seconds for reliable email verification.
  • Email verification of both company & employee emails: Our email verification service can test both company emails and emails of individuals, especially the persons running a company and decision makers that have a significant role in company deals and contracts.
  • Global email verification: Mail-Scraper is an Email Verification Service that can support all types of companies in any part of the world.
  • User friendly website of Mail-Scraper: Users at any age and with any amount of computer knowledge can benefit from our email verification tool as a tutorial in detail is ready in Mail-Scraper website. Also our site is simple to use, mobile friendly, and all steps of our email finder and email verification services are clear, to the point and well-organized.
  • Reliable email verification: It is worth mentioning that 99% of the prepared results by Mail-Scraper are true. We do not only claim! One time use of our email verification tool shows the 99% accuracy rate of results to you.
  • Daily update of email verification algorithms: Mail-Scraper uses the latest technology for email validation and updates the procedure constantly.

Improved email marketing by Mail-Scraper!

Mail-Scraper with various services to detect trusted business emails and with highly professional email verification software is a pioneer in business improvement services.

Today the companies that choose to use technologies to improve their business and enhance the speed of their performance are more likely to win business opportunities. It is important for all employers and companies to be aware of the current wave of technologies in business!

The provided tools by Mail-Scraper help companies to build digital capabilities and facilitate the process of email marketing. The more a company invests in digital business enhancement tools, the more opportunities are available! The employers’ smart choices can even change a company’s future, accompany it through all steps of business and change the long process of success to a short and accessible one.