Test Email

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First Test Email, Then Trust!

Smart email users and email marketers test email address deliverability before sending any email in order to ensure their correctness and validity and make a valid email address list.

Remember that many of the emails you deal with may be false and invalid. The result of sending message to a wrong email is only time-wasting! False emails do not let you move forward and above the rest!

Email verification protects your business, an absolutely brilliant way every person working with emails needs. To test email delivery assists you to make effective email marketing. The more reliable an email list is the more prosperity and success is in your hand!

How to test email?

  • Test email manually: you can test emails yourself but how? Can you verify email address without sending email? You have to send message to each email to see which of them is true and which is not.
  • Test email automatically: the only fast method to verify email address without sending email is to use automatic tools created exclusively for this purpose that are known as email tester, email verifier, email checker,email validator and etc.

However it is really significant which email tester you choose. Most of the time free email testing is not reliable. You must choose a bulk email verifier that certifies the accuracy rate of above 95% of the provided result, the more the better!

Free bulk email verification tools test emails but do not guarantee the quality! If you upload an email list both in Mail-Scraper and a free bulk email tester, you can see the huge difference of them in the result!

The rest of this article introduces the most reliable and guaranteed Email Verification Service of the market which is used by thousands of wise people across the globe.

Test emails by smart email verifier of the market: Mail-Scraper!

Mail-scraper is a superhero business improvement website, has gathered all you expect from an email verifier, a flexible tool that adapts to new customers’ needs and expectations fast.

We do believe that our client’s success leads to Mail-Scraper own success! We attract the clients who really love to take a leap so chooses trustworthy business improvement tools to achieve their goals faster.

We continue the good way we have started as a bulk email verifier. We started strongly by hiring innovative, dedicated, passionate, educated and experienced engineers and endeavor to remain so by continuous training of employees and using the latest modern technologies.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

How does Mail-Scraper test emails?

Mail-scraper uses professional email verification algorithms which are updated continuously to test email format. We are always looking for any new, innovative, practical and prompt method to test email account.

We donate a thorough, precise, high quality and reliable email deliverability test to all our new and old customers. Mail-Scraper lets users to verify email address without sending email and enjoy a reliable and valid email address list prepared in the fastest possible way.

What a client should do to test emails in Mail-scraper is to copy & paste one email address or upload a list of many email addresses in Mail-Scraper and subscribe them. The result is a spreadsheet file which shows the correct form of any false email!

The interesting point is that all emails are verified in a matter of seconds. Nowhere you can test emails in two seconds and with the highest quality. Mail-Scraper is different as:

  • It provides quick email verification.
  • It is a bulk email verifier.
  • It tests emails by checking both Mail-Scraper’s email database and web pages in real time.
  • It test emails with accuracy rate of 98% that we aim to enhance it in future.
  • It provides free email testing for new potential clients.
  • It has various services: Email tester, Company email extractor, Person email extractor
  • Updates are checked daily.
  • It tests email very rapidly.
  • It offers economic and competitive rates to test emails.
  • Mail-Scraper services are available for any interested person looking for a reliable and fast way to test emails.
  • It provides lifetime packages for users without any time limit.

Mail-Scraper is not only an email Verifier!

Mail-Scraper has provided other invaluable services too. It is a prominent and creative email finder of the market, able to extract emails from web page and its email database, verify them, and deliver the result in two seconds!

Our email finder is perfect for the people who are frequently involved in the inefficient and tedious process of finding company emails.

Both company email extraction and email verification are gathered in Mail-Scraper’s strong and comprehensive website to help users be connected with businesses that matter the most.

Our premium quality email finder not only detects company email addresses but also evaluates them. Email collection without assessment has no value!

Mail-Scraper’s power to compile emails from its complete email database and a variety of web pages and be sure of their veracity through a thorough and precise evaluation has helped Mail-Scraper to be a first-rate and fantastic email finder.

Email finder, email extractor or email search tool is the result of technology improvements in the field of business. By the mid-1970s, when email communication was started, it could be guessed that one day, email will become a worldwide means of communication in private and business communications.

The significance of email marketing and sales encouraged experts to find solutions to solve any restrictions user may face while using emails. Email senders that are always struggling with emails complain from the time-consuming process of email gathering and evaluation.

Email finder is at the service of email collection jobs, email marketers and data brokers by removing almost all limitations that the long process of email finding may create.

How does Mail-Scraper find emails?

The whole process that Mail-Scraper uses to test emails is shown in the bellow picture:

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  • First it gets the name of companies or their website URLs or even company emails from the user (anyone that the user has or prefers).
  • Then it investigates its most comprehensive database of emails and searches in web pages in real time to double check the result.
  • The gathered emails are checked with the help of artificial intelligence to be sure of their accuracy. That’s why we claim to provide data with accuracy rate of above 98%!
  • The last step is to deliver all verified emails of companies or persons in a spreadsheet file.


Mail-Scraper with a can-do attitude does its best to:

  • Make best choices in the process of email testing online
  • Minimize errors
  • Provide quick email verification above the speed of other test email services
  • Uses the latest technologies of artificial intelligence to improve our bulk email verifier

Mail-Scraper’s commitment and expertise across the process of email marketing has opened clients’ eye to many various and numerous advantages of using email testers and email finders.

We aim to be a great help in the process of email marketing and offer an integrated approach to test emails whilst considering the essential features of creativity, simplicity, and speed.

Mail-Scraper is a forward-thinking company trying to invigorate future plans and the ways to achieve them rapidly. Choosing to test emails with Mail-Scraper is the best decision an email user can make, an outstanding, experienced and invaluable service to extract and test email.