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Email is still common!

I think it’s needless to talk about the significance of email and say that email still has a great place among people; however some may disagree with my opinion! I recommend anyone who is doubtful about the usefulness of email in modern world to take a quick look at the following diagrams related to 2017, his idea may be changed!

email tester, email checker, email validator
email tester, email checker, email validator
email tester, email checker, email validator

Why do many experienced users prefer to use email instead of social media for data transformation!? One of the main reasons that encourages users to use email instead of social media is that many social media platforms come and go! Today they are famous but two years later, we don’t know! They may change to an infamous platform or even disappear totally!

In other words, you never actually own your account in social media, and your profile could just disappear which had happened to world-famous skydiver Felix Baumgartner with more than a million fans at the time! Hence email marketing is more important than anytime. A simple to use, fast, reliable and economic way of sending messages and transforming various types of data including audio, video, pictures, and etc. This has caused various tools to appear as assistants to convert manual email marketing to an automatic process. Email marketing has never been as easy as today by the help of Mail-Scraper and similar services.

Mail-Scraper automates email marketing process!

As mentioned, email marketing is a useful strategy to find clients and send offers and bids. Email is more constant than social media accounts and messengers and that’s why most of people prefer to use email for marketing. However if you really decide to make the most of your marketing and engage your target audience more, we recommend you to add social media to your marketing plan too. Marketing through email and social media simultaneously has a great and undeniable role in business growth! Mail-Scraper automates the annoying, long, tedious, and repetitive tasks in email marketing process. It has provided a professional and high quality email finder and Email Verification Service to extract and validate emails fast and reliably. Mail-Scraper helps email marketers to build their audience and grow their brand via email, one of the greatest things that has ever developed in the field of email marketing . Mail-Scraper is an interesting tool that allows users to collect company and individual emails based on their names and then validate emails in the blink of an eye.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Mail-Scraper offers different services!

Mail-Scraper is a leading, talented and well-known service. Both quality and time matters for our clients. They prefer to pay for Mail-Scraper’s email finder instead of wasting their valuable time to scan multiple sites and social apps in seek of true emails! Mail-Scraper offers a wide range of services including:

  • find email l address:
    • Company email extractor: this service allows users to write company names and get their emails fast. It is a bulk email finder with ability to find as many emails as the user asks.
    • Person email extractor: it is recommended for any person in search of company employees’ emails. Easily you can find the emails of company decision makers, workers, employees, secretary and any other person.
  • Validate email:
    • Email Verifier: Mail-Scraper has provided a bulk email verifier that is known with some other names like email tester, email verification service, email checker, email validator and etc. too. It can validate email as soon as you upload it and give you the correct form of it.
  • Mail-Scraper different from all others!

    • Quick email verification and extraction (real time email validation)
    • Extracts and Validates email as many as the user asks (bulk email verifier, email list verification)
    • Provides 25 free valid emails for newcomers
    • Extracts & validates email automatically (verify email address without sending email)
    • Finds both company and their employees’ emails
    • Validates emails of both companies and employees
    • Certifies the accuracy of 98% of the result provided by its email finder and email validation service
    • Supports all countries and all email domains
    • A simple to use, mobile friendly and well-organized website to find and validate email
    • Uses various updated strategies to validate email like domain check, syntax check, SMTP
    • A comprehensive email database with over 400 million email addresses which makes it easy to find and validate email
    • Crawls web pages in real time to double check the result
    • It is known as email verifier hunter as it finds and hunts the exact and reliable information that many people wish to have
    • Obeys all email validation rules
    • Updates the methods and algorithms of email verification daily

    Other tools created to automate marketing process

    • Phone number extractor: phone number extractors can find all the related phone numbers to your business based on company names in seconds.
    • linkedin profile extractor: They can extract all linkedin profiles of companies and their employees based on company name professionally. Imagine you have a list in which one hundred company names are mentioned and aim to find their LinkedIn URLs. It's a very difficult and time consuming job if you start to search and find them one by one. Instead we suggest you to use a LinkedIn profile URL finder, providing all necessary details related to chemical traders for you as fast as possible.
    • Facebook profile extractor: Many people wish to access all reliable information about potential trading partners in Facebook which can be fulfilled professionally by a Facebook finder. Many small and big businesses have pages in Facebook but the traditional way of checking them one by one to find the related one is not reasonable. That’s why many people ask automatic tools to do a Facebook profile extraction for them.
    • Instagram profile extractors: Today Instagram has become a top marketing application, encouraging many people to open business pages in it. It is a good market in which you can find various kinds of information related to potential trading partners.

    Mail-Scraper, a powerful tool in your backyard!

    Quality is never an accident; it’s the result of many years’ endeavors of Mail-Scraper’s engineers, working night and day to provide the best solutions to detect and validate email.

    Different kinds of customers active in various industries including trading companies, producers, importers, exporters, service providers, engineers, doctors and etc. demonstrate Mail-Scraper’s fabulous performance as an international email tester and email finder. The search engine used in Mail-Scraper is powerful enough to extract and validate email addresses from various online sources like websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and etc. It is capable of automatically detecting and eliminating duplicate emails and verifying them to see whether they are legitimate or not.

    Mail-Scraper guarantees to provide new, complete and valid list of emails at the shortest possible time with affordable prices to grow your business. Instead of wasting your time and energy for searching in websites and other social networks and checking them one by one to discover reliable emails or using free email extractors and free bulk email testers which do not certify to provide correct and legitimate emails, simply ask Mail-Scraper to do it for you!