Mail-Scraper, the Best Automation Tool for email marketing !

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What is marketing automation?

Any tool created to increase the speed of marketing and solve errors that may occur in the long process of marketing is called marketing automation tool. In other words, marketing automation services automate the time-consuming, long, annoying, tedious, and repetitive tasks in marketing that only waste your time and energy. If a marketer does not use automotive tools, he has to spend a long period of time in the repetitive tasks of searching clients’ contacts, sending message to each of them, investigate the responses to find real customers and so on. Just the step of finding real customers requires a lot of time and energy let alone the other parts!

The significance of marketing automation

The subject is not only what you can do with marketing automation tools. It’s the matter of speed and reliability, how quickly you can get things done and at what scale, really matters. Today automatic tools helping you to perform your business faster and think bigger are more important than ever. The bellow diagram confirms the significance of marketing automation tools:

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Email finder

As mentioned before, email is a reputed tool for marketing. This encouraged many company information providers to focus on providing email finder tools. Email finder also known as email extractor is a tool for compiling company emails. Most of email finder tools ask company URLs to find their emails. However Mail-Scraper is different. It only needs company name to detect its emails. Even finding emails of company persons is possible through Mail-Scraper.

However Mail-Scraper can find company emails based on company website URLs, phone numbers, URL of company profiles on B2B sites and social media.

Mail-Scraper provides business emails only in two seconds so it has a great role in saving time. You can use your precious time for more important tasks. Mail-Scraper performs a long and time consuming part of your job for you and relives your stress.

It is also a bulk email finder. As soon as you subscribe in Mail-Scraper, you can upload your excel file of company names in which the names of companies are written in first columns and submit it. In two seconds, the result is shown in a table. The first column contains company names and the second one is their emails. Isn’t it fantastic to get thousands of company emails only in two seconds!?

What has made Mail-Scraper to be an authority in email detection is not only the matter of finding bulk emails in a short time. Its capability to check the veracity and trueness of emails also matters. Mail-Scraper is arguably the best and most reliable email finder of the market which certifies the accuracy rate of 95% of the provided emails.

Mail-Scraper’s email finder benefits from a reliable, complete, and updated database of emails. But is not adequate for us! Our email extractor also checks web pages in real time to develop accuracy rate.

The necessity to use email extractors has encouraged Mail-Scraper to hire professional, innovative, expertise and experienced engineers and use the latest and updated technologies to meet any new expectation that users may have from an email finder. That’s why we established an email validator that many of our clients require. Read more about this email validator in next parts of this article.

As seen on the diagram:

  • Marketing automation tools increase potential clients and leads
  • They grow website traffic and conversions (“the percentage of visitors to your website that complete a desired goal (a conversion) out of the total number of visitors” according to WordStream )
  • Over 90% of the people using these kinds of automatic tools believe that the use of marketing automation services is “very important”.
  • They can increase productivity by at least 20%

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

What are the marketing automation tools to generate leads!?

Tools which can find contacts of potential clients, detects profiles of clients on social media and generate leads are mainly as follow:

  • Marketing automation tools for generating leads in email marketing process
    • Email verification service, also known as Email Verifier, Email Tester, email validator, email checker and etc.
    • Company email finder, also known as email extractor
    • Employee email finder or person email finder

  • Marketing automation tools for generating leads in phone marketing process
    • Facebook business marketing
      • Facebook profile finderg
      • Company Facebook finder
    • Instagram Marketing
      • Instagram profile finder
      • Company Instagram finder
    • Twitter marketing
      • Twitter profile finder
      • Company Twitter finder
    • LinkedIn Marketing
      • LinkedIn profile finder
      • Company LinkedIn finder
  • Marketing automation tools for generating leads in social media marketing process

As the names of the mentioned apps suggest, they are used to detect company and their employee profiles on social media like Facebook and Instagram, find company or individual emails or phone numbers, check phone numbers, verify email address online and etc.

Mail-Scraper, an email marketing automation tool to find & verify email address online

In the field of email marketing , Mail-Scraper is designed to find and verify email address online. It is a great provider of emails in the shortest possible time based on company names and verifies email address without sending email. Mail-Scraper’s services are mainly in three groups:

  • Find email address of companies & check email account of them to ensure their correctness
  • Find email address of firms’ employees & check email account of them to ensure their correctness
  • Verify email address online, both company and individual’s emails

Why is Mail-Scraper essential in email marketing ?

  • It is both a bulk email finder and bulk email verifier suitable to make valid email address list
  • It asks only company names to find emails, no need to mention their website URLs.
  • It can find email s of employees by getting the employee name and company name.
  • It uses the latest strategies and updated verification algorithms to check email account and verify email address online.
  • It provides a valid email address list in a few seconds. Mail-Scraper’s process to find and verify email address online is extremely fast and professional.
  • It is not a free unlimited Email Verifier online; however each of its customers has 25 free searches to become acquainted with Mail-Scraper’s expertise.
  • Mail-Scraper’s bulk email verifier and finder has two main options for customers including “Small Team” and “Enterprise” which respectively allows 5,000 and 15,000 searches.
  • It has a complete database of company and individual emails with over 400 million of emails! If the required email was not in the database, Mail-Scraper can check web pages in real time to find and verify email address online; however most of the time required emails are in the database and there is no need to check online web pages.
  • Mail-Scraper checks email account of different email domains.
  • Working with different services of Mail-Scraper to compile and verify email address online is really simple as Mail-Scraper’s site is well-designed, to the point, comprehensive, mobile friendly and clear.
  • 98% of the results of Mail-Scraper’s services used to find and verify email address online are accurate and verified. False information has no place in Mail-Scraper. We look for verified data and any way to increase the veracity of the gathered result.
  • Mail-Scraper’s email validation tools and email finding services are available for any interested person in any part of the world who has an internet connection.
  • Mail-Scraper’s clients can use its API endpoint to integrate with their services.
  • Mail-Scraper is the easiest and most affordable recommended tool for anyone asking how to make a valid email address.
  • Clients can connect with Mail-Scraper’s experts easily through email, phone conversation or the Ticket part in their inbox.
  • Mail-Scraper covers the emails of all types of companies active in any industry.

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The business structure that Mail-Scraper chose has provided a right balance of quality and price! If you select carefully what automation tools to use for marketing, you gain advancement and your business will be flourished quickly. Mail-Scraper is the one that can help businesses in the process of changing from startups to prosperity. Success in not away! You only should pay attention to your choices in all parts of your business and do not forget the automotive tools like Mail-Scraper! All three services of Mail-Scraper (Email Verification Service, company email extractor and employee email finder) are provided professionally to help users enjoy from the tried and correct methods of email verification that have made Mail-Scraper a wonderful tool every old and new business engaged in email marketing can benefit from. Our development engineers endeavor to discover more efficient solutions to reduce error rate and update the company database of emails daily to meet more and more requirements.