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Validate Email Addresses before Any Use!

Email stands for electronic mail. It is a fast and reliable way of sending and receiving formal or informal messages. You only need an electronic device and internet connection to use an email for private, educational or business purposes.

Although history of email is related to over 50 years ago and many communication tools have been used widely today, still email has many advocates across the globe, especially for business purposes.

Needless to say that email is less used to send private and family messages compared with before but instead it has become a popular means of exchanging business information.

Email marketing

Email marketing is defined as “a form of direct marketing that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. It can help make your customers aware of your latest items or offers. It can also play a pivotal role in teaching folks about your brand or keeping them engaged between purchases” in Mailchimp (https://mailchimp.com/marketing-glossary/email-marketing/). It also mentions the benefits of email marketing as follow:

  • Email sits in inbox until it has been read, deleted, or archived. The archived emails are a good reference for future needs.
  • It is an affordable tool of communication. You need to pay only for internet service.
  • Email helps you to make a long term and effective relationship with your clients.
  • Email can lead traffic to your business website or social media profiles.
  • Email lets you to segment your emails and target users by demographic so you’re only sending people the content they like to see most.

A study study with name of “The National client email 2015” which was published by “The Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd” in 2015 in UK investigated the marketers’ idea about the significance of email in business. Bellow diagram shows the result clearly.

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As seen on the diagram, the people who believe that email marketing has a “VERY IMPORTANT” role in business were significantly higher (more than half) on 2012 and 2014. However on 2013, more people believed that email marketing is “IMPORTANT”.

The key point is that the people who think that email marketing is “VERY UNIMPORTATN" was just 1%, 6% and 3% of the whole study participants respectively on 2012, 2013 and 2014! However, it is needless to say that today the advocates of email marketing are more than any time!

Email as the oldest digital tool for marketing is still in use, a key channel to connect you to customers at every stage of your business. It can be used to inform clients, communicate with them, send bids & offers, and keep customers engaged.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Never forget email validation!

Today email verification is more necessary than ever for marketers to verify email address without sending email. Today’s world of information has made data verification more necessary in any field. It is highly recommended to check the veracity of any kind of information that you get online in the form of website’s content & articles, analysis, banking information, company contacts like phone number, URL and email.

How can data brokers and marketers trust emails without verification? What are the reliable ways to check their veracity? The next part of this article reply!

A valid email address list is extremely essential for you to:

  • Separate out email addresses which are unsafe to deliver
  • Find real customers faster
  • Eliminate business scam
  • Save time and energy
  • Keep data clean

How to verify email address without sending email?

Mail-Scraper is an email verifier (email checker, Email Tester, or email validator), a tool designed exclusively to validate email addresses for quick email verification. If you always ask yourself “how to make a valid email address?” the best option is Mail-Scraper!

Mail-Scraper’s email tester investigates if the domain name is correct or not. Once it is found ok, professional technical analysis starts to validate email addresses.

Our fabulous and powerful email Verifier helps subscribers to:

  • Invest time
  • Save energy
  • Focus on more important parts of business
  • Have access to reliable and invaluable data
  • Stop business frauds
  • Enhance daily workflow
  • Make a more convenient and easier business environment
  • Lower stress
  • Improve email list

Why do we suggest Mail-Scraper to validate email addresses?

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.
  • Real time email validation: Mail-Scraper checks its database of emails and investigates web pages in real time. With the help of artificial intelligence, it can detect fake and untrue emails fast.
  • Bulk email Verifier: Mail-Scraper is a bulk email verifier as it can try, test and validate email addresses of an unlimited number of emails simultaneously.
  • Economic Email Tester: our Email Verification Service is reasonably priced and let you invest the marketing budget and spend it for more important parts of your business.
  • High accuracy rate: email validation tools cannot claim that 100% of their result is correct. However we certify that over 98% of the result is valid and accurate as the latest technology is used in Mail-Scraper to validate email addresses.
  • Chrome plugin: You can use our Google chrome plugin to simplify workflow.
  • Latest methods of email verification: The techniques and trends that are used to validate email addresses in Mail-Scraper are all updated constantly.
  • Easy to work with Mail-Scraper: whether user needs to validate email addresses or wants to use other services of Mail-Scraper, the process is really easy with our classified and well-designed website. Sign up process and subscriptions are as simple as drinking a glass of water in Mail-Scraper.
  • Pay as use: You can pay as you need for each separate service of Mail-Scraper.
  • Free email validation: to support customers as a client-focused company, we suggest free email verification service to both potential and old users. Each person can ask 25 free requests per month through our free bulk email verifier software.
  • API request: Mail-scraper allows users to apply our API endpoint to integrate with your services.
  • Various services: Mail-scraper is not only used to validate email addresses. It is a great email finder or email extractor to find and collect both company emails and emails of the persons running the company. Mail-Scraper services are as follow:
    • Finding company emails and verifying them based on company name
    • Finding individual emails and verifying them based on company name and the person name
    • validate email addresses with the help of Mail-Scraper’s email verifier
  • find email s by name: Mail-Scraper doesn’t need company website URL to find its emails. It only asks company name to provide emails. However if you have company URLs, no matter, we can find emails based on URLs too.


Mail-Scraper is a must-have international email verifier for anyone involved in email marketing and sales; an absolutely brilliant tool every person working with emails needs.

The value Mail-Scraper deliver is incredible. The expertise, reliability and thoroughness of Mail-Scraper to validate email addresses are undeniable. The long and tedious process of email marketing has changed to an enjoyable, simple and great process with the help of our email verification service.

Arguably you won't find a better email verifier! Easily sign in Mail-Scraper in two minutes and test our free email validation to feel the difference. Our free email verification service is created for potential clients to see the quality of Mail-Scraper before any payment and subscription.

Mail-Scraper adapts itself to new customers’ expectations and requests. What clients need today may become more or less important for them tomorrow and many new requirements related to email marketing may appear. Mail-Scraper understands market needs perfectly in real time and reconcile its services with them.