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What’s it mean to verificar email?

According to Cambridge Dictionary , verificar means to verify and check out something to find out if it is true or not and confirm its accuracy.

It also translates email as “the system for using computers to send messages over the internet”. Hence “verificar email” is the process of examining and evaluating email addresses to see whether they exists and are valid or not.

The only way to verify email address without sending email and to make a valid email address list automatically is to use special tools created to verificar email that are known globally as:

Mail-Scraper’s proficiency to verificar email

Mail-Scraper is an extraordinary and fantastic website that has provided various tools to extract and verificar email. With respect to email validation rules, Mail-Scraper has become a reliable, quick, and affordable email verification service certifies to provide data with accuracy rate of over 98%!

  • Quick email verification: Mail-Scraper is capable of performing quick email verification. From the time that Mail-Scraper gets one or hundreds of email addresses from the user until when a valid email address list is sent, only a few seconds has passed! That’s astonishing but possible with the help of Mail-Scraper!
  • Bulk Email Verifier: Ten, a hundred or one thousand email addresses can be checked by Mail-Scraper. Most of email marketers as the main clients of our services are looking for ways to verificar emails of lots of companies and employees. Hence the bulk email verifier of Mail-Scraper has become a well-known tool worldwide.
  • Free email validation: Mail-Scraper offers 25 free options to verificar email for any new client who wants to test and try the quality of Mail-Scraper before subscription.
  • Verificar emails provided by various web services: Mail-Scraper can verificar emails of any web provider including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and etc.

You can read the list of 11 famous email accounts that all can be verified and checked via Mail-Scraper in next part.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

Famous free email accounts

  • Gmail: Gmail is defined as “a free email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail started as a limited beta release on April 1, 2004 and ended its testing phase on July 7, 2009” in Wikipedia . According to HubSpot blog , “one of the reasons Gmail has become so popular is because of all the communication options in your inbox that don't involve email.” It adds “Gmail is an everyday email inbox you can sign up for by registering for a Google account. But it's built into Google Suite, a group of free apps that allow you to chat, video-conference, and share files with the people in your contact list.”
  • Yahoo! Mail: Yahoo mail sits just behind AOL in storage space. It is recommended for the people who usually attach files or receive files via email.
  • AOL: AOL is really good for anyone who uses email for most of his communication. The most attractive feature of AOL is its unlimited storage of emails!
  • ProtonMail: ProtonMail “offers just 500 MB of free space, but for the worthy trade of encrypted email, allowing you to send messages that nobody else can see, and disappear after a month” mentioned in HubSpot blog . HubSpot added “As with most webmail platforms, ProtonMail is easy to use on any device without any software needed to encrypt your emails. Its inbox interface is as easy to understand at a glance as the other email services on this list, and offers quick color-coded labels to help you further organize which emails deserve the most care and protection.”
  • iCloud Mail: iCloud Mail (https://www.apple.com/icloud/) is suitable for the people who use Mac and want everything on one system. Ease of integration arguably is one of the key advantages of iCloud Mail.
  • Yandex Mail: Yandex Mail (https://mail.yandex.com/) is provided by Yandex, a Russian web company. Free Yandex Mail helps users to link it to their Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts, and personalize their email inbox.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: Mozilla Thunderbird has a quick email inbox setup and a very simple-to-use user interface. Also it provides a customizable email inbox.
  • GMX Mail: according to HubSpot blog , “While you may not have heard of GMX Mail , it’s been around for quite a while (since 1997) — and it has a bunch of features that make it worth considering. First off, GMX offers 65GB of storage. That’s a lot of storage for a free email service. In fact, they claim that allows you to keep nearly half a million messages in your Inbox!”
  • Mail.com: small companies, freelancers, and self-employed people are advised to use Mail.com as they can choose any domain they prefer based on their job. Mail.com offers 200 custom domain names like musician.org, accountant.com, engineer.com and etc.
  • Zoho: Zoho is a user friendly email service as it integrates with Google Drive, Box, and other cloud-based file managers and also has a built-in task manager. The most important feature of Zoho as mentioned in HubSpot blog is “the ability to customize the domain name for up to 25 connected email addresses. Want to replace "@zoho.com" with the name of your business's website? You can do so under Zoho Lite, which gives you 5 GB for free -- all under username@yourdomainname.com.”
  • Outlook: Outlook provided by Microsoft integrates with some other popular communication apps including Skype, Facebook, PowerPoint, PayPal and etc. therefore it is a good choice for any person who uses different platforms to connect with others.
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Other services of Mail-Scraper

Mail-Scraper not only verificar emails but also extract company and personal emails for anyone inquires. It gets the names or website URLs of the companies and converts them to company official emails in a few seconds. Moreover it can find the email of any person working in a certain company by getting his/her name and the company name. For instance user asks Mail-Scraper to detect any email available on the internet related to Mr. Jack Wilson working in Dream Royal Food Trading Company. As soon as the user writes or pastes company and person name and clicks on search button, the verified email addresses related to that person are demonstrated on the page! If no email was found by Mail-Scraper, you can be sure that the requested person has no email! At least 98% of the compiled emails by Mail-Scraper are correct! It can verificar emails after extraction and only shows accurate and verified emails.