Email Validation

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How much do you know about email validation?

Are you usually working with email? How much of your business is depended on email? Do you use email to find customers? How important is it for you to make most of email marketing and what tools do you know for this purpose?

How much do you have information about email validation? What is email validation? What are email validation rules? Are you familiar with bulk email verifiers? Are email verification services really helpful?

Can you verify email address without sending email!? What is the best tool for email validation? What is email validation API? What is email validation javascript? Do you know email validation regex?

It is highly recommended to check the veracity of any kind of information that you get online in the form of website’s content & articles, analysis, banking information, company contacts like phone number, URL, email, social media pages and so on.

Please read this article carefully. All these questions are answered one by one.

What is email validation?

Email validation or email authentication means to check the accuracy of email and see whether an email exists or not.

In other words, email validation is the process of getting a single email address or many of them and check their reality and veracity by using the latest email verification algorithms.

The technology and algorithms that are used in email validation and the time they become updated really affect the quality of Email Verification Services.

However, the speed of email validation tools and price are the second and third important factors that directly influence on clients’ choice.

What are the tools that perform email validation?

Mail-Scraper is one of the most professional email validation tools of the market which persists on ACCURACY, HIGH SPEED, & LOW PRICE.

What Mail-Scraper email verification service provides for you is the result years of experience and expertise assisting you to get more customers and grow your business.

Is email validation really important!?

The answer is definitely YES!

Not only email validation but also the verification of any client contacts is very vital nowadays!

Email validation tools increases your time as you become connected with real clients and no time is wasted in communicating with fake and unrelated customers.

Email validation tools make your job easier. Email marketing is much easier by using Email Verification Services, as easy as a piece of cake!

Email validation tools has a significant role in decreasing business scams and frauds as they connect the user to real clients not fake ones.

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What else does Mail-Scraper do in addition to email validation?

Email validation is only one of the services of Mail-Scraper. As described before, email validation is the process of getting one or many email addresses and check the reality and correctness of them to find out which are true and which are fake.

Mail-Scraper has also other invaluable tools in the field of digital marketing. Company email finder and person email extractor are the other well established services of Mail-Scraper.

Professionalism and willingness of Mail-Scraper to response whatever requests it takes with minimal interruption is recognized by our clients as soon as they test Mail-Scraper email validation and extraction tools.

No need to be worried of the speed and correctness of the results. Mail-Scraper is amazing at recognizing client’s preferences and needs, reducing the monthly costs and keeping up with ongoing maintenance updates.

Mail-Scraper email validation and extraction services are prompt to make amendments based on users’ requirements. Its automatic tools are recommended for anyone searching company emails for various purposes.

Email Verifier

You can verify any email.

How does company email finder of Mail-Scraper work?

Like its email validation service, it gets the names of one or many companies and converts them to company emails in two seconds.

Instead of company names, you can upload their website addresses (URLs). In other words, any of them you have (company names or company URLs) is doable in Mail-Scraper unlike many similar email finders.

Mail-Scraper’s email finder checks its complete database of company emails and also at the same time investigates web pages of different search engines to detect the correct form of emails and find any new email added to previous emails of a company.

The result is an updated, real and true list of businesses’ emails!

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services for email validation and extraction, arguably found nowhere.

Clients are very impressed by Mail-Scraper’s knowledge of email validation and extraction. We value our customers so much that we've built our business knowing that the client's success leads to our own success.

Mail-Scraper ability to find company employee emails is eminent!

To find the emails of corporation’s employees, user shall write the name of the employee he needs his email and the name of the company in which he is working.

Any of the employees you want his/her email address can be searched in Mail-Scraper, the director, assistant manager, sales executive, accountant, operative employees, secretary and so on.

Just write his name and the company name and click on search button, after only two seconds, all the valid and true emails related to that person are collected and demonstrated.

Person employee email finder of Mail-Scraper is as popular as its email validation services and company email finder. It is a new tool but has many advocates.

Why many business people prefer to send email to company persons rather than official emails of companies?

If you have the experience of sending emails to companies, especially if you are an email marketer, you know better than anyone else that many companies do not check or at least response to their official company email which usually starts with info plus @ symbol, plus the name of the company.

Hence smart email marketers prefer to send emails directly to the people related to their request. Why should you waste your time by sending message to the info emails of companies? In best situation, if your email is read by the relevant employee who is responsible of reading emails, you have to wait until your message be forwarded to the related person and it takes time.

Instead you can directly send a message to your intended person!

Can we test Mail-Scraper services before purchase to ensure quality?

Mail-Scraper has provided a situation in which new comers can test its services free of charge to see the quality and differences of Mail-Scraper with other similar email validation and extraction gadgets.

This opportunity helps you to ensure the quality before any payment and subscription. Each new client can verify 25 emails or find the emails of 25 companies through searching the company name/URL.

Pricing plans of Mail-Scraper for email validation & extraction

Based on your needs and expectations, you can choose any of the following pricing plans you prefer:

Small Team: find the emails of 5,000 companies or verify them. This service is lifetime.

Enterprise: 15,000 requests is available in this plan for email validation and extraction. Enterprise plan is also lifetime.

We love our customers and try to minimize their costs. This is why our services are provided at best economic rates. Both small & large businesses enjoy Mail-Scraper’s offers.

Mail-Scraper services are arguably the most economical way for email validation and extraction.

Providing on time and on budget email marketing services are the art of Mail-Scraper!

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Mail-Scraper surprising list of features!

  • Enjoy from the most comprehensive email database of Mail-Scraper: Over 400 million emails of companies and their employees are in Mail-Scraper email database! Arguably it is the most complete and ever growing source of company emails compared with other email finders and email validation tools. Almost 90% of the searched company email addresses are in the complete database of our email search tool and very rarely it has to check web pages in search of emails.
  • Crawling web pages to find company emails in real time: If a company email address was not available in email database of Mail-Scraper which rarely happens, rapidly and simultaneously, it checks various web pages to find the requested email. B2B websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other web pages are checked precisely. No email is stayed away from Mail-Scraper’s careful eyes!
  • The best email finder and email validation tool of the market that can find emails just by having the name of a company: Most of email validation and extraction tools require the domain of a company to extract its emails while Mail-scraper supports two ways. The first one is to find emails based on company names and the second one is to find emails based on company website addresses (URLs). We try hard to build the simplest way for email validation and finding based on any information you have from them.
  • Reliable results: Most of email finders and email validation services claim to perform a professional email validation and detection but in reality there is a long distance between what they claim and how they really act! Mail-Scraper has the most professional and precise email validation system among all email finders which certifies the accuracy of over 98% of provided emails, a key difference between Mail-Scraper and other similar email finders, helping you to find the right person to pitch. The email assessment process is necessarily value-laden as false emails not only do not lead you to the right person but also makes you far away from success. This is the time which helps the competitors to get ahead!
  • Employees emails are available in Mail-Scraper: Mail-Scraper is not only an email finder able to find company emails but also ready to detect the emails of company employees! The user can mention the name of a corporation and the employee whose email is required, quickly his/her email is provided with the help of Mail-Scraper creative email finder! No difference the user needs the emails of a company’s manager, decision maker or a simple worker, the emails of any employee that the user asks, can be extracted unless that person doesn’t possess an email!
  • Prompt email validation and detection gadget of the market: One of the main differences between Mail-Scraper and other email finders and email verifier s of the market is its ability to both extract company emails and check their accuracy in the blink of an eye. No need to waste your invaluable time while such a fast and high quality email validation and extraction tool is in access. Mail-Scraper checks its comprehensive email database and web searches in real time because we respect the time of our customers and endeavor to save it.
  • A simple to use service! You only need an internet access to be connected to the precise and complete world of Mail-Scraper. It is designed with the purpose of being convenient for all old and young users so there is no need to have any special knowledge of computer, with a few simple clicks of mouse, verified company emails are demonstrated on the desktop. It is a mobile friendly website so working with it on smart phones is really enjoyable and easy.
  • Bulk email validation & extraction is available! Mail-Scraper can detect as many company emails as the user wishes in a matter of seconds, one hundred, one thousand or even more! Just upload the list of company names/URLs in excel sheet of Mail-Scraper. After two seconds, thousands of company emails are provided! Single email search and bulk search are both supported in Mail-Scraper’s email validation & extraction system.
  • Covering all global companies in all types & sizes! Mail-Scraper extracts emails of companies located in any part of the world. The emails of all Asian, European, American, African and Australian corporations are saved in its database. You may be in search of emails of a popular company in France or a small unknown company in China which seems like finding a needle in a haystack! But remember that Mail-Scraper easily finds the emails of small or large business in any location! Mail-Scraper makes every difficult situation simple and achievable. The combination of latest technology, creativity and the responsibility of our experts have changed Mail-Scraper to a modern and revolutionized email finder and email validation tool.
  • Daily updates! Mail-Scraper checks and updates emails of its database regularly to add new company email addresses, delete expired emails and update changed emails. Moreover, the email validation algorithms are updated every day. This is the science of artificial intelligence that helps our engineers to provide such a powerful email verifier and email extractor.
  • Competitive prices! All plans of Mail-Scraper are provided at best competitive prices to assist small and new firms. New established companies are more in need of various business improvement tools and such products like email finders, email validation tools, phone number extractors, URL finders and etc. can play a very effective role on their fast business boost. Mail-Scraper as a premium quality email provider and email validation gadget with best prices can be a fantastic choice for any new company that costs and expenses really matters for it. Eliminate risky cost overruns and additional charges by Mail-Scraper.
  • Free trail! Mail-Scrape provides 25 free company email searches for the potential customers who want to test Mail-Scraper and be sure of its quality. Moreover, if you do not find to find emails, you can verify 25 emails free of charge. We are sure that only one time testing of Mail-Scraper will make you our permanent client!
  • Mail-Scraper supportive team are ready for assistance Days and nights, the experts of Mail-Scraper are available to answer questions, explain ambiguities and solve any potential error as soon as the user asks. We do our best to provide an excellent and promising email finder and email validation service which not only you use but also suggest it to others!
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Remember that only hard work does not certify your business success!

To grow your global marketing business fast, to find more real customers and to have more paying clients, it takes work, a lot of real work!

But instead of working hard, sitting many hours behind PC to check web pages in search of true clients’ emails, isn’t it better to use automatic services designed and created exclusively to detect, collect and verify email addresses!?

Of course it is better!

Smart work instead of hard work!

When there are digital ways to find company emails instantly, why to waste time to search manually?

Email validation service, company & person email extractor of Mail-Scraper changes the long tedious process of email marketing to a five finger exercise!

If you're a business owner looking to find new clients, it is highly recommended to trust email marketing and use Mail-Scraper’s email validation and extraction tools without hesitant as they are shortest way to real potential clients!

Mail-Scraper delivers you incredible value!

The search engine used in Mail-Scraper’s email validation and extraction tools is powerful enough to extract email addresses from various online sources like websites, linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, B2B sites and etc. Also it is capable of automatically detecting and eliminating duplicate emails and verifying them to see whether they are legitimate or not.

Mail-Scraper guarantees to provide the most trustworthy, new and exact list of emails at the shortest possible time with affordable prices to boost your business.

Instead of wasting your time and energy for searching in websites and other social networks and checking them one by one to discover reliable emails or using free email extractors which never certify to provide the correct and legitimate emails, simply ask Mail-Scraper as the best email finder and email validation tool of international markets!

You're absolutely invaluable to us and we look forward to continuing to work with you as strategic partners in the years to come!