How to do an email address check?

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Email history

You may send and receive many personal and business emails daily and if you do not, ensure that others do! Email is the economic and secure way of text and files transformation. Why not use it!?

Previously we had to use a computer to be able to check our email but today we easily can do it via smartphones. Most of email users are checking it through mobile devices instead of PC.

According to Study.com, in 1965 “The first email appeared at MIT in the form of a computer program called Mailbox. This program allowed someone to leave a message on a computer for the next person logging in to see. However, there was no Internet, so the messages only went to people using the same computer like an ePost-it.”

And in 1971 “Ray Tomlinson invented electronic mail as we know it today, creating a networked email system for ARPANET. Digital messages could be sent and be waiting for someone. People did not have to be online at the same time. To further specify 'where' an email went, Tomlinson developed using the @ symbol, and the formula for an email address was born: username@emailaccount. Previously messages went system-wide.”

Later in 1973, more options were added to email and a new standard of email was invented in which there were two fields of “to” and “from” that respectively shows the receiver and sender of email. Moreover users could forward emails to new recipients.

In 1988, Microsoft Mail was released for Apple computers and in 1989 the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) was created. An important new feature was added to email in 1992 through which files were attached to emails. Email was no more a tool to send only text messages.

In 1993 “The word email replaced the phrase 'electronic mail', and systems for organizing email came into being with programs like Outlook and companies such as Hotmail which offered free email accounts” said Study.com.

Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail were respectively launched in 1996, 1997 and 2004. And in 2007 mobile version of email was introduced, allowing users to check email everywhere with a smartphone without PC.

Main purposes of email

Today email as an economic, flexible, and persuasive digital message is used widespread for different purposes that mainly are in two basic groups:

  • Personal communication
    • Promote business products & services
    • Keep in touch with customers
      • Find new potential clients
      • Communicate with old customers
    • Inform customers of new products, reports, achievements, discounts and etc.
    • making an inquiry
    • providing confirmation
    • introducing a new brand
    • sending advertisement

Email usage is still jumping!

In 2019, email users were 3.9 billion globally according to Statista. It is estimated to bounce to 4.3 billion users in 2023! Remember that 4.3 billion is almost half of the world’s population! That’s why email marketing is recommended by many smart experts. It is an excellent opportunity to be connected with half of the world!

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Oberlo advised “If you’re doing business in the developed world, your customers are using email, and you should be as well. No matter how small your business is, you have the power to reach people through email marketing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This email marketing benefit of reduced time and effort can help you structure your email marketing strategy in a better way, and connect with your audience in an instant.”

It is astonishing to say that in 2019, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day which is expected to boost to over 347.3 billion daily emails in 2022 according to Statista. Believe that email marketing not only have not been disappearing but also will ramp up!

Despite the emergence of many social media like linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and messengers including whatsapp, Imo, Skype, Wechat and etc., email is still considered a great and strong tool for communication, especially business communication and email marketing.

Email address check becomes more & more essential!

Half of the world’s population is going to have email in 2023 and this huge usage of email ascends the necessity of email address check more than anytime! Email address check prevents sending email to fake email addresses and is a big step toward time investment and being connected with real clients faster.

Now the question is that how to perform a perfect email address check? Can we verify email address without sending email? Is there any automatic Email Verification Service? How much time do we need to make a valid email address list with the help of bulk email checkers?

Email address check via Mail-Scraper

If you are looking to verify email, sign up in Mail-Scraper instantly. Mail-scraper made a complete database of emails with over 400 million of verified emails. It has the ability to search web pages in real time to find, collect and verify emails in bulk.

Email address check is done with the email verifier service (email tester, email validator, email checker) of Mail-Scraper within a minute.

  • Domain Name System (DNS) email address check
  • Syntax email address check
  • SMTP email address check

Quality email address check of Mail-Scraper

  • Mail-Scraper’s services: Mail-Scraper is used for email address check and also collecting emails.
    • Company email finder: Mail-Scraper’s email extractor or email finder can convert company names or URLs to company emails. Email address check is performed carefully on all emails to make a valid email address list.
    • Bulk Email Checker: email address check is one the great services Mail-Scraper provides for all users professionally.
    • Employee email finder: Mail-Scraper also gets company name and the name of the person you need her/his email and finds it within a minute.
  • Single & bulk services: It is a bulk email checker that can get a single or thousands of email addresses from the client and test them one by one with the help of artificial intelligence to understand whether they are real and true or not. Both email address check and email finding are done in bulk.
  • Free services: free email validation is available for any prospect. New users can check email address of 25 new companies free of costs.
  • Various pricing plans: Mail-Scraper has provided two main pricing plans for clients as follow:
    • Small team: 5.000 requests both for email address check and email collecting only by paying 29.9$
    • Enterprise: 15.000 requests both for email address check and email collecting only by paying 99.9$
  • Lifetime services: email address check credits are lifetime and have no time limitation. For example a buyer of enterprise plan can verify all his 15,000 emails in one day or till any time he likes!
  • Comprehensive email database: Mail-Scraper has a complete email database to use for email address check.
  • Rapid: Quick email verification is the expertise of Mail-Scraper’ bulk email checker.
  • Verify both company & individual emails: Our bulk email checker can verify both company emails and emails of individuals, especially the persons running a company and decision makers.
  • Worldwide services: Mail-Scraper is a global bulk email checker that supports all types of companies in any part of the world.
  • User friendly website: Users at any age and with any amount of computer knowledge can use Mail-Scraper for email address check. A tutorial in detail is ready. Our site is simple to use, mobile friendly, and all steps of email address check are clear, to the point and well-designed.
  • High accuracy rate: It is worth mentioning that over 98% of the prepared results by Mail-Scraper are true. We do not only claim! One time use of our bulk Email Checker shows the 98% accuracy rate of our services.
  • Daily update: We use the latest technology for email validation and update the procedure daily.