With Mail-Scraper, Email Marketing Is a Piece of Cake!

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In this article, we are going to talk a little more about email, email marketing and the digital innovative tools (company email finder, person email extractor , and email verifier) created to change the labor-intensive process of email marketing to kids’ stuff!

Launched decades ago by Ray Tomlinson, email is still of great importance and used globally as a means of private and business communication. This article concentrates on business email that is used to offer products, enquire price, introduce a company, share pictures of products and any other activity to develop company achievements and profits.

In addition to email and email marketing , the new computerized tools like email finder and email verifier that are applied to simplify email marketing, are the second significant point of this paper. If you are familiar with email marketing, you know that to have a valid email address list (How to validate email ) is indispensable for any email marketer! In fact, verification is not only required for email, generally contact verification (Email Verifier Free) is necessary for any person active in marketing to concentrate only on real clients, save time & energy and stop ineffectual tasks. How to check email account!? Is it possible to verify email address without sending email? What to do for quick email verification? How can we check Gmail account as one of the most used email domains? What is Email Verifier? How does email finder work? These and many other similar questions are answered in this article, helping any person active in the field of marketing to simplify his job, save time, and reinforce the result and profitability. Read this paper carefully to take a big step forward in email marketing! We guarantee your business to rank higher, beat competitors faster and stand where it has never been before!

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When Ray Tomlinson (Verify Email Address) created email , I guess he himself did not think that one day this magic tool will become one of the unforgettable technologies worldwide and even decades later, the majority of businesses are satisfied of using it! You can read some of the benefits email usage Here (email verification)! However, as we all are familiar with email and had used it so much, I think all of us can write a long list of its advantages! I always see the glass half full but the defects of email cannot be ignored too. BBC in addition to the major advantages of email like high speed, affordability (list of free email accounts (verificar email)) and so on, has explained the problems that email usage may make including:

  • Users can get access to email only through internet connection. No other way unfortunately! Without internet connection sending and receiving messages as well as uploading and downloading files is impossible. However, all other messengers and social media channels likeWhatsApp , LinkedIn , Facebook, Skype, Twitter and etc. are the same!
  • Virus attack! I do believe that this is the most challenging problem that every email receiver is concerned about. Email providers (Gmail, ProtonMail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Zoho and so on) try to do their best to minimize the danger of viruses and relax the mind of email users. Protection against viruses is one of the key features every email provider is trying hard to achieve and if be ignored, simply users will ignore that email system!
  • “Phishing - sending an email to a user falsely claiming to be a legitimate company to scam the user into providing information, such as personal information and bank account numbers on a bogus website. The details will then be used for identity theft” as mentioned in BBC .
  • Spam emails that is also known as junk email is unsolicited messages sent in bulk. The receiver can report spam emails and email system does not allow other messages coming from the same source to remain in inbox. It sends them directly to junk/spam folder.
  • There is no guarantee that your mail will be read until the user logs in and checks his/her email inbox.
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Email history (Bulk Email Checker (990421))

The first electronic message was sent in 1965 at MIT university . It allowed users to share files and messages on a central disk, logging in from remote terminals. Then in 1971, Ray Tomlinson developed email sending in a network. He added the “@” sign to allow messages to separate the names of the user and the user's machine. New features were added to email in 1973 and its first complete version was introduced to the world in the same year. In 1988, Microsoft mail was created for Mac OS. The first online service to offer internet connectivity via dial-up phone connections was launched by CompuServe in 1989. The next important feature was the ability to attach files which added to email in 1992. 1993 was the start of Aol & Outlook . Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail were created respectively in 1996, 1997, and 2004. Yahoo Mail is older than Gmail but is has much more advocates today! As soon as smart phones became popular, mobile email was established in 2007. Loading emails on cellphone lets the user to connect with clients anywhere he is, at workplace, home, even on vacation or in a trip!

check email address, email address checker, check email

Email is still breathing!

Why email has not been disappeared though social media has become widely popular? How many messengers and social networking sites were you active in ten years ago? Compare it with today! I myself have accounts in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, WhatsApp, Skype and active in almost all of them! It means email is so powerful that after decades still is used! Among all these social websites, I persist to send business messages through email. Of course this is not only my preference! Taking a look at company websites, you see that almost 99% of them have mentioned at least one email address but most do not add their social media links. I believe the reason is clear! Most companies have email but there is no certain app that most companies have account in! Take a look at these bellow diagrams and statistics to see that email not only is not dead but also is competing severely with other communication tools:

What is email marketing? (confirm email address)

Change prospects to real customers with email marketing assistance!

Email marketing (Verify Email) as a highly practical and powerful digital strategy helps marketers to benefit from the popularity of email and send commercial messages typically to a group of customers and prospects fast.

Email marketing is used for various goals including sales, brand awareness, retention, lead generation, acquisition, engagement and so on which are explained more in the article of validate email address . Let’s talk a little about cold email as a famous strategy in email marketing. Cold email (Email Verification Service) is a strategy used to send an important message like brand awareness to thousands of companies or individuals. Do not confuse cold email with spam email. In spam emailing, no research has been done on the receivers but in cold email, many email addresses related to the purpose are collected first. So the message is sent to relevant people and companies. For instance, a fruit sales executive who wants to find new buyers can collect emails of companies that are active in the field of fruit export (with the help of email extractors) and send cold emails to them. In other words, unlike spam emails, all gathered emails for sending cold emails are related to the sender’s goals.

email marketing - the ticket to success!

Email helps businesses to uncover limitations and change restrictions to golden opportunities! Email marketing helps to boost both leads and conversions (verify email address online).

Read an example about email’s purposes and flexibility Here (Check to See if Email is Valid )to see only one of the extensive uses of email in business.

I was working as a marketer in a trading company for several years. Email was the first digital tool I preferred to advertise products through it. In addition of sending new products and offers to old clients, it was also a useful means for sharing company resume with new potential customers. Cold email was a great way through which I was able to introduce our company and products to thousands of new clients. It should be noted that for collecting reliable and relevant emails, I used email extractor tools. With the help of email and email extractors, email marketing had become as simple as ABC! Moreover, email content (Find Email Addresses in Seconds) is another important factor. The email writer should know to whom he is writing, what to mention and what to ignore. What you choose to mention in an email, the way you find and verify emails, and the fast reply to emails all help you to make most of email marketing.

Email marketing tools

How do you usually find emails of companies and individuals? Do you still persist on Googling or the method of guess and check to find company emails? How much time do you spend or it’s better to say “you waste” to find company emails!? And more important than this, are you sure of the email’s correctness and reality!?

Is there any way to Find Email Addresses in seconds (Find Email Addresses in Seconds) ? Yes, there is.

Artificial intelligence (email verifier online) has developed digital tools to ease email marketing. The most famous of them are:

  • Email finder
  • Email verifier

As their names suggest, the first one (email finder) detects and collects emails of companies and individuals and the latter (mail verifier) checks the accuracy of email addresses. Do not lose the rest of this article to become familiar with the best provider of emails extractor and email tester in digital market: Mail-Scraper!

email tester, email checker, email validator

Mail-Scraper is a masterful provider of various email marketing tools to find email addresses of any company (Find Email Addresses of Any Company) and verify them in real time. It is the best method to get fresh doze of emails!

Mail-Scraper had brought the best engineers and experts together to design and create contributory tools for email marketers to stop work stress and relieve office tension.

The result of their endeavors was wonderful! A fast & reliable email checker (Email checker), company email finder and person Email Extractor.

Mail-Scraper is a perfect choice for business people that want a prompt and creative, yet trustworthy and highly professional email extractor . Clients know Mail-Scraper as an incredible email lookup tool which can extract thousands of emails in a blink of an eye! It is always quick to respond to queries and fast at both email extraction and verification. Next parts explain all features available at Mail-Scraper from scratch for smart business people!

Company email finder

What is company email finder ?

How does Mail-Scraper’s email finder work?

  • You can read the total process of email extraction Here ((mail validation) Briefly Mail-Scraper gets a company name or its website URL from the user and checks in web pages and its complete email database. The next step is to perform a complete verification on founded emails (syntax check, DNS lookup and SMTP verification) to ensure the correctness of emails. Very fast a complete list of all valid and reliable emails related to a certain company are demonstrated with the help of this wonderful email finder.

Can Mail-Scraper find the emails of many companies in real time!?

  • Yes, of course it is a bulk email finder. The user can upload an excel file of company names or URLs. There is no restriction in number of names. All the names/URLs then are checked in web pages and database in real time. Within a few seconds a spreadsheet file full of company emails is appeared and ready to download. Most of clients are looking for bulk email extractor not a simple one that can convert only one company name to email address. Especially in cold emailing, senders are dealing with more than one recipient and looking for thousands of relevant company emails.

Are the provided emails really reliable?

  • Sure! The fame of Mail-Scraper’s email finder is mainly because of the reliable and valid data it provides. At least 98% of them are correct and trustworthy! Isn’t it fantastic!?

How much time is required to find emails in Mail-Scraper?

  • Whether the user wants to find a single email or thousands of emails, no difference, both are done within two seconds.

Person email finder

  • What is person email finder? Person or employee email finder is a new feature of Mail-Scraper that has made Mail-Scraper superior than competitors. It allows user to detect the emails of any employee of a company he needs. The email addresses of any person that has active email is available via this person email finder.
  • How does person email finder of Mail-Scraper work? Check out Here (email detector) to get more information about the complete process of finding employee emails within seconds in Mail-Scraper. In brief, it gets a company name and also the name of the employee working in that company whom the user needs his/her email, the boss or a simple employee, no difference. For instance, I need the email of Mr. Jack Miller working at Sunflower Trading Co. What I should do to get his email is to write his name and company name in the relevant section of Mail-Scraper (link to the section of person email finder of the site). The person email finder checks web pages and its comprehensive email database. Also it performs an evaluation on emails to ensure their trueness. All sections of this process are done in a few seconds and as many email as the intended person have are demonstrated!
  • How fast is the person email finder of Mail-Scraper?: Undoubtedly it is the fastest way to find employee emails. As soon as the company and person name are added, the result is shown! Frankly, the required time is less than the time you spent to read this paragraph!
  • Can we trust the gathered emails of Mail-Scraper’s person email finder? As the verification algorithms and strategies of Mail-Scraper are updated daily, it certifies to provide real and true emails. Over 98% of the collected emails in Mail-Scraper are correct. Fake emails have no place in our email finder!

Email verifier

  • What is a valid email address? (Check if email address is valid) Every email address is made of two main parts: Email prefix and domain. The first one refers to the parts written before the @ symbol and domain is related to what appears after the @ symbol. For instance in example@gmail.com , “example” is the prefix and “gmail.com” is the domain. A valid email address is the one in which both parts are correct, a real domain and correct prefix like: abc@mail.com
  • How to test emails automatically (test email)? Automatic tools are created to test email (test email) which are known as email verifier, email checker, email tester, or email validator. They are the shortest way to get valid emails. In next parts more information about these wonderful tools is given.
  • The urgency of using email verifier:: Remember that business data verification has never been as important as today (mail verifier) . The necessity of contact verification is not a secret! Anyone working as a marketer is faced with bulk of data and contacts every day and if he ignores to check their reality, serious dangers may threaten his business. This is why such tools like Email Verifier, phone number verifier, URL verifier, and so many others have been created. To check email address (Check Email) or any other client’s contact before use guarantees to be in touch directly with real potential clients, stop frauds and save time.
  • What is email verifier ? Emil verifier is a simple but useful tool which brings valid emails at your fingerprints email validator! Email verifier is known with many other names too including Email Checker, email tester, email validator and etc. The experience, knowledge, and expertise of Mail-Scraper’s engineers let marketers to send emails with confidence (Email Tester) and do not be worry of any of them to return back.
  • How does Mail-Scraper test emails(test email) ? Professional email verification algorithms are used in Mail-Scraper to check emails. These algorithms are updated daily to add new features. The user should copy & paste one email address or upload a list of many email addresses in Mail-Scraper. The result is a spreadsheet file which shows the correct form of any false email and tell the user which emails are fake! A complete SMTP verification, DNS lookup and syntax check are performed on all emails. The interesting point is that all emails are verified in a matter of seconds. Here (link to the field of email verification in nail-scraper site) you can test emails in two seconds and with the highest quality. Try it!
  • Is bulk email verification possible in Mail-Scraper? Yes, of course! Why not!? Mail-Scraper is a bulk Email Checker(Bulk Email Checker) , ready to verify thousands of email addresses in a few seconds. Many email verifiers only let the user to check one email in real time while Mail-Scraper does not follow this rule. As many email as you have can be verified in Mail-Scraper website in real time. Mail-Scraper tries to remove the limitations users face in other similar tools and make a more professional environment. Nothing is impossible in Mail-Scraper! Your friend of all time, Mail-Scraper, is ready to survive the ups & downs of your business!

How to ensure the quality of Mail-Scraper services before paying money?

As many of email finders and email verifiers are not reliable unfortunately, it is difficult for the users to trust them. Therefore, Mail-Scraper allows every new user to test 25 free request! After signing up in Mail-Scraper, you can find the emails of 25 companies or verify 25 emails free of charge to see the quality and reliability of our email verification and extraction tools.

Who are the main clients of Mail-Scraper?

Mail-Scraper’s customers include various trading companies, manufacturers, buyers, sellers, service providers and so on. In other words, any kind of company looking for buyers or sellers can benefit from Mail-Scraper. A list full of the names of fruit exporters can be converted to their emails via this email finder or a list of importer’s names can be changed to their emails fast. Do you know an easier way to find trustworthy emails!?

How much do email verification & extraction services of Mail-Scraper cost? (link to the section of prices in website)

Both the single and bulk email finder and email verifier of Mail-Scraper are provided at best competitive rates for customers. Mail-Scraper is working hard and endeavors to help startups and new marketers; so has reduced costs and offers the best rates as you see below:

  • Small team: 5,000 request in both email finder and Email Verifier by paying only 29.9$!
  • Enterprise: 15,000 request in both email finder and email verifier by paying only 99.9$!

Do not forget that all these packages are lifetime! Is there any other thing you expect from an email finder & tester and Mail-Scraper does not provide yet!?

Boost your business or stop it, the choice is with you!

What you choose can make the future of your business flourished or hinder advancements! All things considered, never forget that your business depends on your selections! It is the reflection of what you pick out! All decisions that the manager of a corporation makes whether big or small from the first day of company establishment, affect the company destiny! Do your best to use only professional and valid services like email finder and email tester of Mail-Scraper to certify success and profit.

Mail-Scraper has done its best. It is the time that you prove your cleverness!

The last word

Today data verification(Mailchecker) is vital from different aspects. To be sure of the correctness of contacts is to pass half of the way! When you have access to correct emails of the companies, no need to be worry of scams and losing time. The more valid and reliable data you choose; the more consistent opportunities are prepared for you and your company! Mail-Scraper (mailtester) is a combination of great automatic tool (email finder and email verifier) to discover the emails of companies and individuals and also check the veracity and reality of emails. What Mail-Scraper provides for you is a world of easiness, speed, comfort and affordability. Contact us (link to contacts of the site) today, tomorrow is late!